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  • Oakley Sunglasses Review
    Review: Oakley Performance Golf Sunglasses

    Pros: Lightweight, comfortable sunglasses that meet the high standards in precision optics and impact resistance. They’re available in more than a dozen styles with Oakley’s golf-specific G30 iridium lenses and most styles are further customizable. Cons: They’re $110+ per...

    • Posted 8 days ago
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  • IMG_2486
    Review: Sunfish Animal Headcovers

    Pros: Sunfish’s head covers are 100 percent hand-knit in New Zealand, but you’d think they were hand sewn in your grandmother’s living room. With the look of sock puppets, these playful wool headcovers add more personality than...

    • Posted 8 days ago
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  • Kikkor-Golf-GreySun-1024x1024
    Review: Kikkor Selects Golf Shoes

    Pros: Lightweight, stylish and durable, the Kikkor Selects are an excellent casual golf shoe for the money at $120 MSRP. Color schemes range from straightforward white or black to some more adventurous blue, black-and yellow and red...

    • Posted 16 days ago
    • 8
  • Arccos golf
    Arccos: The real time shot-tracking system for your phone

    Professional golfers have all kinds of systems and tools for tracking their performance so they can identify their strengths and weaknesses and work on improvements. For the amateur golfer, there really was no such tool a few...

    • Posted 16 days ago
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  • IMG_2591
    Review: Oakley Carbon Pro 2 Golf Shoes

    Pros: These offer the complete package: they’re comfortable, good-looking, unbelievably stable, totally waterproof and have great traction. No break-in period required, either. Cons: They’re $200 a pair and only available in three colors on Oakley’s site: white, ivory and...

    • Posted 43 days ago
    • 11
  • clic1
    Review: Clicgear Model 8 Pushcart

    Pros: Very stable. Easy rolling and handling. Dual front breaks operate with one lever. Folding and unfolding is as simple as it gets. More aggressive look than other push carts, eliminating “shopping cart” comparisons. Cons: Designed for...

    • Posted 51 days ago
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  • nike golf ng360
    Nike releases NG360 app for iOS devices

    Nike Golf has released of the latest version of its NG360 golf app for iOS devices. Nike’s foray into this evolving world combines both fun and instructional capabilities in a neat package. Features include: Score and stat...

    • Posted 68 days ago
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  • G/FORE
    Review: GFORE Golf Gloves

    Pros: Extremely soft, comfortable fit with distinct, colorful styles. Cons: Price ($35 each). No children’s sizes. Bottom Line: They’re pricey, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a wider selection of colors and styles from another golf...

    • Posted 96 days ago
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  • 2014 bushnell
    Review: Bushnell Pro X7 and Tour Z6 Rangefinder Shootout

    Pros: E.S.P. 2 and new “JOLT” technologies offer faster, more accurate readings. Bushnell’s brighter screens, made possible with its Vivid Display Technology (VDT), makes it easier to read all the data. Cons: These will speed up your pace of...

    • Posted 104 days ago
    • 18
  • The Pill Review
    Review: The Pill

    Pros: The Pill is idiot-proof; you set it on its edge to practice your putting or on its side for chipping and bunker shots. If your stroke is off, The Pill won’t lie. It’s affordable, portable and easy...

    • Posted 167 days ago
    • 18
  • Orange Whip Putting Wand Review
    Review: The Orange Whip Putting Wand

    Pros: Intuitive and familiar device. Its overall weight and flexible shaft force users to pay attention to the length and pace of their strokes, as well as where they contact the ball on the face. Works for...

    • Posted 168 days ago
    • 8
  • post-1164-0-36207400-1389725452_thumb
    Review: FootJoy DNA Shoes

    Pros: The FootJoy DNAs are an excellent all-around shoe, comfortable enough that you won’t be disappointed if you find yourself lingering in the pub post-round without street shoes, and functional enough to wear in a casual round with...

    • Posted 190 days ago
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  • Delilah Club Covers
    Review: Delilah Club Covers

    Don’t let the website name fool you. Delilah Club Covers are for everyone. I was in desperate need of a putter cover for my new flat stick, and my husband’s putter cover needed an update as...

    • Posted 234 days ago
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  • Club Crown american flag
    Review: Club Crown

    Confidence and comfort win the day. It’s a simple partnership to envision, but not always a cinch to incorporate. When you tee up a golf ball, any number of notions serve to distract your thoughts from the...

    • Posted 238 days ago
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  • GolfSense Swing Analyzer
    Review: GolfSense Swing Analyzer

    There is no shortage of swing analyzers on the market today. They come in different flavors and styles, some focusing on showing every data point possible and others focusing more on delivering simple visuals. Each one promises...

    • Posted 250 days ago
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  • DSC_0248
    Review: Callaway women’s golf apparel

    Recent lines of Callaway apparel seemed to have been aimed at my parents, not me. But the company has really stepped up its game with its new line, which targets a younger, more athletic crowd. Outfit 1 Take...

    • Posted 275 days ago
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  • TRUE Linkswear Ladies Golf Shoes: Editor Review

    When you’re the original barefoot golf shoe company, you just don’t set out to make another barefoot golf shoe — you want to master it. Thankfully for me, True Linkswear’s quest to master the barefoot golf shoe...

    • Posted 305 days ago
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  • bushnell-pro-1m-xl
    The Best Golf Rangefinders of 2013

    Golfers are always looking for new technology to help them play their best. While rangefinders don’t have the cool factor of a new driver or set of irons, they’re one of the easiest way for golfers to...

    • Posted 310 days ago
    • 45
  • DSC_0002
    Just4Golf Headcovers for Ladies: Editor Review

    If you want to add a feminine and personalized touch to your golf bag, you might want to take a look at Just4Golf headcovers. Founder and President of Just4Golf, Linda Faye, started her company because she was...

    • Posted 345 days ago
    • 2
  • GSA Putt Featured Image
    3BaysGSA PUTT: Editor Review

    All golfers inherently understand that to score well, they need to putt well. We all know the cliché, but we don’t always listen to the voice in our head telling us to go to the practice green...

    • Posted 359 days ago
    • 4
  • golf-mtrx-cover
    Golf MTRx: Editor Review

    Legendary golf instructor Harvey Penick compared the sequence of a golf swing to that of lopping off the heads of dandelions with a weed cutter to convey the right sensation to his students. Many of us still...

    • Posted 384 days ago
    • 2
  • Swingbyte 2
    Swingbyte 2 Golf Swing Analyzer: Editor Review

    When Swingbyte, a lightweight swing analyzer that provides robust data and 360-degree views of your swings, burst onto the scene at the 2012 PGA Show, I wrote that it would be the best new golf instruction product...

    • Posted 395 days ago
    • 74
  • skycaddie WATCH
    SkyCaddie WATCH: Editor Review

    Pros: Very accurate. Simple and intuitive to use. Auto hole locator works great. Scoring built in. Good battery life. Cons: Yearly subscription (cost) required. Non-watch wearers may take time to adjust to wearing the unit during a round. ...

    • Posted 405 days ago
    • 19
  • darkskyfeatured
    Dark Sky and Weather Apps: Editor Review

    This app saved my round, it is as simple as that. As golfers, we have control over the courses we play, the ball we play, the clubs we play and hopefully, the shots we play. We have...

    • Posted 434 days ago
    • 5
  • ProT
    ProT offers alternative to the classic tee

    Most people don’t put a lot of thought into what tees they’re using on the golf course. They find the right length and move on. But I recently discovered a company called ProT that offers high quality, classy...

    • Posted 442 days ago
    • 24
  • golfswingshirt
    The Golf Swing Shirt: Editor Review

    Pros: A great training aid for golfers who struggle with the “flying elbow,” or staying connected during the swing. The Swing Shirt is simple and easy to use, eliminating the learning curve we see with some training aids....

    • Posted 461 days ago
    • 31
  • IMG_5478
    Rocket Tour Headcovers: Editor Review

    Now more than ever, it seems golfers are ditching their OEM headcovers in search of a more stylish, color-coordinated alternative.  Whether looking to match their bag, school colors, or simply looking for a retro look, there are...

    • Posted 479 days ago
    • 15
  • OptiShot Review
    OptiShot Golf Simulator: Editor Review

    Pros: OptiShot is simple to install, set up and use. It’s also extremely portable. And because it can be used with a golf ball, foam ball or no ball, it can make just about any space where...

    • Posted 498 days ago
    • 14
  • SwingReader Featured
    Review: Ubersense SwingReader Video App

    It is often said that feel and reality don’t always agree.  People also say pictures are worth a thousand words. By that logic, video, especially as it relates to something as complicated as a golf swing, must...

    • Posted 520 days ago
    • 8
  • Golfshot App
    Review: Golfshot Golf GPS App

    Touring pros have caddies, detailed yardage books and a wealth of course knowledge to give them the confidence to hit their best shots. For many of us mere mortals, we simply have yardage stamped on sprinkler heads...

    • Posted 528 days ago
    • 17
  • true linkswear
    TRUE linkswear adds to its collection with Proto

    Rob Rigg, president of TRUE Linkswear, and the rest of the TRUE team dusted off their high school biology education to help build a better golf shoe. “Our thought process in making the shoes was if humans...

    • Posted 538 days ago
    • 12
  • IMG_2250
    CamCaddy Phone holder: Editor Review

    Sometimes it’s the simple things that makes all the difference. Capturing your swing with your phone on video is something that is relatively new in golf. In the recent years, cell phones have become so good at...

    • Posted 542 days ago
    • 11
  • adidas-samba-stand-bag
    adidas Golf SAMBA Stand Bag Review

    Looks: The new SAMBA stand bag looks very clean and basic.  There are four color choices: Black/White, Blue/White, Green/White and White/Black.  There’s no third accent color like in many bags today. While TaylorMade tends to employ more...

    • Posted 545 days ago
    • 9
  • Stitch
    Stitch Golf Leather Headcover Review

    “Think New, think Pure, think Modern styling with a classic retro American feel” This is how Cary, NC-based Stitch Golf describes their products. The ‘Racer Collection’ (black & white, pictured) is modeled after golf headcovers from the persimmon era.  The ‘Baseball...

    • Posted 591 days ago
    • 10
  • DSC_3951cropped_201206211205431
    Swingbyte Review

    By Don Smith GolfWRX Contributor ____________________ Tested: Swingbyte mobile swing analyzer I’m always looking for the next swing improvement tool, because it is often the Indian, not the arrow, who causes most errant shots. I was excited...

    • Posted 673 days ago
    • 12
  • 2Y9G5163_resize

    Editor Review by: Richard A 7/9/2012 Pros: Easy to setup, great quality, does what you want it to without hassle. Front/center/back of the green with a flick of the wrist. Nice. Cons: If you dont wear a...

    • Posted 745 days ago
    • 40
  • 2Y9G5010_resize
    Tiger Woods New Shoe- Nike FREE Review

    Editor Review by Richard 6/30/12 Inspired TW ‘13 shoes Pros: Got to have them if you watch a lot if golf and look to Tiger for a win. What Tiger plays many want to have. He wears...

    • Posted 753 days ago
    • 13
  • 2Y9G4352_resize
    Iliac Golf Leather Headcover Review

    Review by Richard A Vintage Leather head covers for drivers, Fw metals, Hybrids and putters. Simply awesome. Functional Leather covers are easy to get on and off. They do not fall off and look awesome. Not every...

    • Posted 809 days ago
    • 9
  • post-397-0-76885400-1307990690_thumb
    iPing Putting App Review

    Review by Todd Hibbert and George Campbell What is it? New iPING putter app targets consistency for improved putting. iPhone mounted on shaftThe iPING app is a free download from the App Store™ for the iPhone® 4...

    • Posted 809 days ago
    • 6