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  • Does your height affect putting?
    Are shorter golfers better putters?

    It is generally accepted that taller golfers have an advantage when it comes to driving distance on the PGA Tour. All else being equal, the thought is that taller golfers will have the edge in comparison to...

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  • Above: There are not enough degrees of separation between these two outfits.
    5 golf fashion trends that hopefully get left behind in 2014

    It’s safe to say that the current PGA Tour also moonlights as a grass runway for designers and their sponsored golfers to broadcast a wide array of fashion styles. Gone are the days where fellas nonchalantly donned...

    • Posted 322 days ago
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  • red 1
    Bifurcation: Fixing golf’s indigestion

    Of the issues that dominated golf’s conversation in 2013—Tiger’s drops, Brandel’s report card’s, Keegan’s belly putter, Sergio’s jokes, and oh, sure, slow play—let me suggest another that will resonate far beyond this season. It speaks directly to...

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  • Tiger Woods 3 wood v. driver
    Hit driver, not 3 wood for better scoring on tight holes

    The following column is an excerpt from my recently published annual e-book, 2013 Pro Golf Synopsis. There is a link below in my profile data for those whom would like to purchase the book for only $10....

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  • image
    Preview: “The Short Game” Netflix Documentary

    I’ve worked in the film business for some time now I have access to an abundant amount of great stories. Rarely does something come along that unexpectedly smashes me over the head and leaves me with a...

    • Posted 328 days ago
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  • Screen Shot 2013-12-06 at 8.52.33 AM
    Rory McIlroy pals around with another sports superstar in a Nike…soccer ad?

    Don’t worry; your browser has not mysteriously sent you to That video you see below is indicative of the state of golf at the end of 2013, even if it, strangely, is not a golf ad....

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  • ScreenShot2013-08-01at11.44.41AM_crop_north
    See JFK’s golf swing

    As you may know, Friday, Nov. 22, 2013 marked the 50th anniversary of former U.S. President John F. Kennedy’s assassination in 1963. America commemorated and honored his life with television shows, stories and ceremonies.  In appreciation of...

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  • Adam_Scott_Masters_Featured_
    3 Things from the 2013 PGA Tour season I’m thankful for

    As Americans settle around their dinner tables for Thanksgiving feasts, and golf fans start to take a look back at the year that was, it seems fitting to blend a countrywide tradition and a common impulse among...

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  • tiger woods usga decision
    A Closer Look At Decision 18/4

    The United States Golf Association and R&A Rules Ltd.– the rule-making bodies of the PGA Tour — announced on Tuesday that players would no longer be penalized when a ball’s movement could only be detected through the...

    • Posted 344 days ago
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  • 9th Hole at Bass River
    A golfer’s dazzling Cape: Golf along Cape Cod

    When a sandy strand extends out into the ocean, it doesn’t take long for golf to establish itself as a primer recreational and fiscal entity. Cape Cod’s proximity to the Atlantic ocean extends its golfing season on...

    • Posted 348 days ago
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  • Adam-Scott-Wins-Australian-Masters-2013-
    Adam Scott: Twice a Master in 2013

    Adam Scott has won his second Masters of 2013. The golfer defended his Australian Masters title Sunday at Royal Melbourne, besting a charging-then-faltering Matt Kuchar by two strokes. Scott’s even-par 71 secured his second victory in as...

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  • front_page_flags_globe
    PGA Tour strengthening Tour ties everywhere… except the U.S.?

    Give credit where credit is due: the PGA Tour is to be commended for recent measures that have helped expand its reach across the globe. It has brought the Canadian Tour into the fold in the form...

    • Posted 351 days ago
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  • David_Lynn_Cocktail_FEATURED
    Tweets of the week: cocktails, Movember and bad grammar, too

    The Silly Season is in full swing. Quality golf is being played, yes, but do golf fans really still have an appetite for it, as they hunger more for football than fairways? Tiger Woods made a strong...

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  • ryo-hideki-cover-wide
    A pair of Japanese stars emerge on the PGA Tour: Which one will shine brighter?

    The number of Asian golfers who have played on PGA Tour are few. Of those, the ones who have achieved significant fame are even fewer. With Hideki Matsuyama and Ryo Ishikawa playing concurrent schedules in the U.S.,...

    • Posted 357 days ago
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  • IMG_6464
    Big purses, big doings: PGA of America and PGA Tour announce joint initiatives

    On Wednesday, while the PGA Tour geared up for the first round of the McGladrey Classic at Sea Island Golf Club’s Seaside Course on St. Simon’s Island, Ga., the Tour and the PGA of America made a...

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  • CubeSpace
    Improve your game at your cubicle

    Are you wasting valuable time at work, daydreaming about golf when you could actually be using this time to lower your scores? If you’re like me you probably catch yourself staring at a golf calendar in your...

    • Posted 358 days ago
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  • Joe_La_Cava_
    Carry on: Tour caddies make the right move in organizing APTC

    So this is what happens when they cancel the caddie races. Many of the most high-profile caddies in professional golf, as well as members of the rank and file, have banded together to form the Association of...

    • Posted 358 days ago
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  • Photo_Ernie_Els
    Els gives up cash to make a point to the European Tour

    There’s not much that upsets the “Big Easy,” but European Tour officials have done just that. The four-time major champion has decided to skip next week’s DP World Tour Championship in Dubai in protest to of new...

    • Posted 360 days ago
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  • 179227_170477669664690_271740_n
    DeFrancesco: My beef with Brandel, and why I criticize TV announcers

    After reading through the GolfWRX forum thread “Brandel Chamblee Says Some Idiotic Things” ( ) and seeing my name come up multiple times I thought I might take a moment to explain why I take the time...

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  • Suzann+Pettersen+CME+Group+Titleholders+Round+fmMayEBfc1gx
    Relative success of the world’s top golfing nations

    The United States is still a powerhouse in the world of professional golf. As we witnessed during the 2013 President’s Cup – when American players are on their game, they’re as hard to beat as anyone. However,...

    • Posted 360 days ago
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  • Brandel Chamblee
    Chamblee apologizes again to Tiger, but what is he apologizing for?

    How many times can you apologize without actually apologizing? For Brandel Chamblee, the number is now two. The Golf Channel analyst appeared on Golf Central on Wednesday and spoke with Rich Lerner about a article he...

    • Posted 366 days ago
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  • Chamblee Tiger
    Chamblee sticks to his ‘F’ for Tiger, then apologizes

    Update: 9:05 p.m. ET: Brandel Chamblee issued a series of apologetic tweets starting around 8 p.m. ET Tuesday. They are included at the end of the piece. Golf Channel analyst Brandel Chamblee insinuated that Tiger Woods cheated and...

    • Posted 374 days ago
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  • nick_watney
    Fantasy Cheat Sheet: CIMB Classic

    Passports and vaccinations are required for this week’s PGA Tour stop in Malaysia, where Nick Watney will defend his title after putting everyone on “59 watch” last year. Watney ended up shooting a 61, which was good...

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  • DSC_0321
    Four key factors for success on the PGA Tour

    It is a common practice in statistical analysis to seek out commonalities for successful or unsuccessful relationships in order to more accurately forecast future events. For example, if I own a store known for selling lemonade, I...

    • Posted 375 days ago
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  • tiger f
    Chamblee takes on Tiger: Brandel, meet Bayless

    These days, the observation that sports writers and pundits seem especially eager to make waves from time to time with controversial statements or positions is hardly revolutionary. But in general, golf has been immune to those sensationalist...

    • Posted 378 days ago
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  • 8466_im_____0_gsi
    Stronger iron lofts don’t always create more distance

    The most common complaint I hear from golfers looking for new irons is that all the lofts are “jacked strong.” If someone is playing an iron set, for instance, from the late 1990′s or earlier they will...

    • Posted 380 days ago
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  • Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 12.03.27 PM
    Tweets of the week: Lizards, grammar police, bad greens, worse sunglasses

    This past week, Lexi Thompson, one of the most prolific posters on various social media channels amongst professional golfers, captured her second career victory at the LPGA Malaysia, and Jimmy Walker (less of a presence on social...

    • Posted 381 days ago
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  • LPGA Tour Golf
    Lydia Ko: the Next Wie? Next Thompson? Or More?

    For the first time in a while, there might be a bit more competition for the top ranking spot in women’s amateur golf. Australians So-Hyun Oh and Minjee Lee will battle for the top spot from this...

    • Posted 384 days ago
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  • golf balls picture
    Analyzing the logos of the six most recognizable golf brands

    If a picture can be worth a thousand words, a logo can be worth a fair bit more. Like millions. Or billions. The total golf economy of 2011 was responsible for nearly $70 billion in spending. As...

    • Posted 385 days ago
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