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    Ranking the 2013 major championships: The significance of each victory

    When Jason Dufner gently tapped in his final putt at the PGA Championship at Oak Hill Country Club, he both secured his first major victory and ended the 2013 major season. Dufner’s cruise-control final-round 68 made the...

    • Posted 345 days ago
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  • US Senior Open Championship - Round Three
    Norman offered job as Fox golf analyst

    The Discovery Channel’s “Shark Week” (for reasons beyond my understanding) often grabs a lot of attention and interest. Well, the world of golf may soon have its own Shark weeks and, more importantly, Shark weekends. Greg Norman...

    • Posted 347 days ago
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  • Screen shot 2013-08-10 at 8.51.03 PM
    Robber dressed as golfer hits Baltusrol, other courses

    Here’s a news item from the “truth is stranger than fiction ” file: A thief, dressed as a golfer, infiltrated several clubs along the east coast, making off with credit cards and cash pilfered from unlocked lockers....

    • Posted 348 days ago
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  • PhilTiger
    Tiger v. Phil is more likely than ever at Oak Hill

    The 95th installment of the PGA Championship carries a number of intriguing story lines into Oak Hill Country Club in Rochester, NY. Will another “best without a major” candidate rid himself of the proverbial monkey like Adam...

    • Posted 352 days ago
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  • golf sunset
    “It’s a shame that all of our golf life can’t be spent like this night”

    If you are reading this, we have a lot in common. I suspect that like me, you are a boomer, reasonably intellectual, middle to upper middle class, and a golfer. You are probably pretty good at our...

    • Posted 352 days ago
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  • 58184418
    Golfers who could shed the “best without” title at Oak Hill

    Every time a major championship rolls around, debate rages over which player is the best in the world without one. So far, 2013 has been especially kind to those players, removing the likes of Adam Scott (Masters)...

    • Posted 353 days ago
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  • Learning the mental approach to golf

    I have taken a lot of lessons in the 22 years since I started playing tournament golf. A few were from of some of the “best” teachers in the country, controversial as that term may be. Interestingly,...

    • Posted 353 days ago
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  • Brandt Snedeker
    Surprises Who Could Win The PGA Championship

    The final major of 2013 — the PGA Championship — is just days away, giving one last chance for players to claim major glory. Deservedly so, Tiger Woods is commanding most of the attention after his runaway...

    • Posted 353 days ago
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  • Tiger_Woods_WGC_Bridgestone_
    What Tiger’s win means heading into the PGA Championship

    Tiger Woods was the heavy favorite entering the Masters earlier this year. Depending on your sportsbook of choice, TW’s chances of winning a fifth green jacket were pegged between 7-2 and 3-1. Following his win at the...

    • Posted 354 days ago
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  • Jack AOG
    Nicklaus honored as “Ambassador of Golf”

    Jack Nicklaus’ career at Firestone Country Club began in 1958 at the Rubber City Open. In Nicklaus’ own words, he was a “scared little kid in the first true tournament I ever played,” walking the fairways with...

    • Posted 355 days ago
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  • The Greatest Golfers Ever Spotlight
    Top 10: The Greatest Golfers Ever

    Mickelson’s final-round charge that led to his win at The Open Championship, as well as another runner-up finish at the U.S. Open in June and his win at the Scottish Open in early July have a lot...

    • Posted 356 days ago
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  • Mental-Zingers-Signature-Button
    18 hints of joy in golf

    Joy in golf, really? Can you really find joy in golf? There is no joy in a score that approaches or exceeds triple digits, hitting a bunker shot that sails over the green into another bunker or...

    • Posted 357 days ago
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  • Time vs Practice_pic
    How much time do you really have to practice golf?

    Do you have the time you need to practice your golf? I have had too many clients that come with the excuse, “I have no time with the golf training because of….” or “There are never enough...

    • Posted 357 days ago
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  • The myth behind the “one-way miss”

    We often hear from professional golfers how important it is to have a “one way miss’”and to be able to “take one side of the golf course out of play” in order to drive the ball more...

    • Posted 360 days ago
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  • Scotty Cameron Newport2
    My $41 Scotty Cameron putter

    When it comes to putters, Scotty Camerons are about as good as it gets. Phil and Tiger used to use one, and even after signing a lucrative endorsement deal with Nike, Rory McIlroyhas spent most of 2013...

    • Posted 360 days ago
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  • Hunter_Mahan_
    Did you really expect Mahan to keep playing?

    It’s become something of a standard bit in recent years: A golfer, whose wife is quite pregnant, is asked in a press conference if he’d withdraw from a tournament if he found out his wife was going...

    • Posted 362 days ago
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  • Landscape-Pebble-Beach-7th-Hole
    What makes a good golf course?

    What is the best golf course you’ve ever played? What is your favorite course? Your least favorite? After you take a minute to ponder those questions, consider this: Why? What is it about the course you chose...

    • Posted 364 days ago
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  • Phil-Mickelson-Open-Winner
    Mickelson’s tax math wasn’t so crazy after all

    Auditing firm KPMG, one of Phil Mickelson’s primary sponsors, couldn’t have expected the golfer’s tax situation would make headlines during the 2013 golf season. However, for the second time this year, the share the second-ranked golfer is...

    • Posted 364 days ago
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  • Jin Park RBC Canadian Open Nick Boyd
    GolfWRXer caddies for Jin Park at the RBC Canadian Open

    July 23 was a day I had been looking forward to for weeks — I was going to be inside the ropes with PGA Tour player Jin Park at the RBC Canadian Open. As my cousin and...

    • Posted 366 days ago
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  • Smallsdgfds
    Tiger’s major problem? It may be bigger than anyone thinks

    These days everyone’s a know-it-all in regard to Tiger Woods’ 0-for-17 slump in major championships. Tiger’s struggles in major championships continued yesterday in the final round of The Open Championship at Muirfield, prompting ESPN Golf Broadcaster and...

    • Posted 367 days ago
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  • Michael Kim at the 2013 U.S. Open
    Walker Cup Five named by USGA

    The United States Golf Association gave precious little notice that it planned to reveal half of its Walker Cup side for 2013 on Wednesday. The media was alerted less than two weeks ago that John “Spider” Miller...

    • Posted 369 days ago
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  • 3brit072113
    5 Players who can win The Open on Sunday

    It’s the final round of The Open Championship, which means the once lush green hues at the Muirfield property have been baked out by the sun and wind-blown into a more diabolical light brown. The Open Championship...

    • Posted 370 days ago
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  • Nike Tiger 2013 contract spotlight
    Nike extends contract with Tiger

    In the immortal words of Dan Hicks, “Expect anything different?” When Tiger Woods’ agent, Mark Steinberg, confirmed to the media on Wednesday that Nike had re-upped (for an undisclosed dollar amount and length) its sponsorship agreement with...

    • Posted 371 days ago
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  • Peter Dawson
    R&A Chief toes the party line on men-only clubs

    R&A Chief Peter Dawson toed the party line at a pre-Open Championship news conference. Regarding the issue of single-sex golf clubs, Dawson laid out a buffet of dubious and predictable quotes in defense of the right of...

    • Posted 372 days ago
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  • harold hilton
    Harold Hilton: The Brit behind American golf

    Golf history is full of amazing stories of pros and amateurs alike. If you’re into golf, you probably already know the most common stories of great players and their most memorable moments. In the second half of...

    • Posted 373 days ago
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  • British Open Longshots 2013
    Five long shots who can win the British Open

    The Open Championship is played on a style of course with a style of golf that the players and fans don’t often get to see. It gives golf fans in North America a chance to watch things...

    • Posted 373 days ago
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  • Muirfield
    Muirfield as seen by an amateur

    In 1891, Old Tom Morris designed Muirfield, a new private course to become home for the Honourable Company of Edinburgh Golfers. Over the subsequent 122 years, the exclusive traditions of the golf club have changed very little....

    • Posted 374 days ago
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  • Phil-Mickelson-Scottish-Open_r640
    Mickelson finally wins in Europe: Is he Open ready?

    Phil Mickelson is not the greatest golfer in history, but he is almost definitely the most exciting. Golf fans love Mickelson for the same reason they cannot get enough of shows like “Homeland” and “Breaking Bad” —...

    • Posted 374 days ago
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  • sp_nrgolf7
    (Sort of) Playing by the rules

    The USGA handicap system is often misunderstood. Those of you who play baseball or bowl know exactly how your averages are calculated: The number of hits divided by the number of at-bats; or the total pins divided by...

    • Posted 378 days ago
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  • Protracer spotlight
    Forsgren helps revolutionize golf on TV with Protracer

    One of my favorite parts of watching golf on TV is when the Protracer is brought out. You know that special camera that tracks the ball’s flight path? Something about it is just so exciting, and beautiful. It...

    • Posted 378 days ago
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  • Carl Spackler Caddyshack Golf Swing
    POLL: Who Has The Best Golf Swing?

    Recently, I was working on some new DVDs for Swing Man Golf. During the process I reflected back on my journey, and noticed how my choice of a favorite golf swing has evolved over the years. I...

    • Posted 381 days ago
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  • Steve Stricker Fairway
    Hunt: Breaking down the best players on tour by category

    I’m often asked by my readers what current PGA Tour player’s game I would prefer to have based upon my statistical research. To answer their question, I decided to look at the data and split the game...

    • Posted 381 days ago
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  • HappyGilmore
    Four golfers to avoid at the driving range

    In a previous article, I highlighted the four golfers to avoid when playing a round of golf. The list provided a basis to enhance the enjoyment of your weekly game, and keep you from quitting forever. However,...

    • Posted 386 days ago
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  • Longest driver in golf spotlight
    Case #5589: The campaign for the longest driver in golf

    Mark Twain is often given credit for the assertion, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies and statistics.” Were he still alive today, Twain would no doubt be intrigued by the current state of advertising...

    • Posted 390 days ago
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  • waiting
    Well… We’re waiting

    One of my favorite scenes from the best golf movie ever, Caddyshack: Judge Smails: “Ty, what did you shoot today?” Ty Webb: “Oh Judge, I don’t keep score.” Judge Smails: “Then how do you measure yourself with...

    • Posted 391 days ago
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  • Rory McIlroy vs. the machine
    McIlroy Presents New Ways to Tackle Practice

    The European Tour brings you the latest and greatest in golfing competition, and its name is Jeff. In a video posted Thursday, Rory McIlroy went up against a Golf Laboratory Computer Controlled Hitting Machine (aka Jeff) to...

    • Posted 391 days ago
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  • Gary Player The Body Issue Spotlight
    Player not the only golfer to go “naked”

    It has been widely reported that 77-year-old golfing legend Gary Player will appear in the coming “Body Issue” of ESPN the Magazine. For those not familiar, the Body Issue features athletes in the buff and highlights their...

    • Posted 393 days ago
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  • Inbee Park
    Watch the U.S. Women’s Open!

    This weekend, it’s time for all of us to watch the women’s U.S. Open. The NBA Finals and the Stanley Cup Finals are over. Baseball’s all-star break isn’t for another few weeks, and the NFL hype hasn’t...

    • Posted 393 days ago
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  • Regripping
    Getting started with basic club repair, with tips from Tom Wishon

    My journey into tinkering with golf clubs started small. A bottle of nail polish, nail polish remover and a simple “how-to” video on how to add new paint fill to a golf club. Soon after, I found...

    • Posted 394 days ago
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