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  • kate-upton-outtakes-by-terry-richardson-0
    Kate Upton is upset and misinformed about golf and that’s great

    It’s not often that supermodels get mixed up in the golf news cycle, but just six months after appearing on Golf Digest’s cover with Arnold Palmer, Kate Upton is back at it again. Upton tweeted the following...

    • Posted 198 days ago
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  • cup-flag1
    Team GolfWRX Fall Short in the 2014 Capitol Cup

    A seven-point deficit after Day 1 was too much to overcome for Team GolfWRX as it lost the second annual Capitol Cup to team DC Golf Tour. Two days of grueling match play, played out on two...

    • Posted 204 days ago
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  • Operation-Warrior-Golf-2 (1)
    Caddy for a Cure launches Operation Warrior Golf

    As we celebrate Memorial Day and thank those who have served both past and present, it seems timely that we talk about how the golf world shows its support of service members and their families. One such...

    • Posted 210 days ago
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  • photo
    The Top-16 Myths about Golf Clubs and Their Performance

    The Shaft is the Engine of the Golf Club Actually, you the golfer are the engine, the shaft acts more like the transmission. The weight of the shaft is a key element in the fitting and performance...

    • Posted 213 days ago
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  • maxresdefault
    Are you a swing junkie?

    Recreational golfers are unlike any other recreational sportsman. I know of no other sport where the recreational participants are as wrapped up in the technique as golfers. Visit any driving range and you are certain to see the majority...

    • Posted 214 days ago
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  • unnamed4
    What’s your hidden gem?

    Golf is expensive. I know, quite the earth-shattering observation. But seriously, golf is so expensive that it’s driving people away from the game and keeping newcomers out of it. The last thing a beginner wants to do...

    • Posted 224 days ago
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  • HACK-Golfs-TaylorMade-15-Inch-Hole-Event-600x387
    Our game’s obsession with fast greens is killing us

    The post-Masters buzz, minus some musing about Tiger’s return, was all about 15-inch holes. It was HackGolf’s first initiative, a way to infuse a little more fun into the game and, hey, what’s not amusing about watching...

    • Posted 227 days ago
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  • PGA Tour
    25 different ways to play on the PGA Tour

    The average PGA Tour field size ranges from 132-to-144 players each week, with some tournaments having even smaller fields. The smaller events are major championships, World Golf Championships and invitationals like The Memorial. The field size may...

    • Posted 231 days ago
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  • 02golfdigest2-master495
    Golf Digest puts Jimmy Fallon on its cover

    When Golf Digest teased us on Instagram a few days ago, with a silhouette of who would be on the next cover of the latest issue, I don’t believe many people’s first, second, or even third thought...

    • Posted 232 days ago
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  • Dress like the great Adam Scott

    A game my friends and I occasionally play is “which athlete/movie star/rock star” would you trade places with if given the chance. Usually, we tailor the pool of eligibility towards cream-of-the-crop types from certain sports, time periods...

    • Posted 233 days ago
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  • DAY_2_RAIN
    The 10 Best Things about Playing in the Rain

    Peeling back the curtains on a golf day can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially if the forecast is sketchy. If there are no puddles on the ground and no storm clouds looming above, most players experience a...

    • Posted 233 days ago
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  • icinginjury
    Are golfers wasting their time icing injuries?

    Even in a world of “doctors used to say it was good for you, now they say it’s bad,” this one is a shocker: The doctor who coined the acronym RICE (rest, ice, compression, elevation) in 1978...

    • Posted 235 days ago
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  • David+Duval
    Why David Duval is playing better golf in 2014

    Don’t worry. This isn’t another article about David Duval’s decline. Neither is it speculation as to what went wrong for the world No. 1 and what continues to plague him. Rather, it’s an examination of what’s going...

    • Posted 235 days ago
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  • Screen shot 2014-04-15 at 6.49.01 PM
    Jordan Spieth: Great, but young Tiger he is not

    Standing on the eighth tee at Augusta National on Sunday, Jordan Spieth was the Masters leader by two strokes. It was looking very much like the 20-year-old could supplant Tiger Woods as the youngest winner of the...

    • Posted 248 days ago
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  • seaside-golf_00261736
    Study: Golf courses actually aren’t bad for the environment

    Historically, golf courses haven’t had the greatest reputation among environmentalists. For those concerned about the impact of these recreational venues on their surroundings, some news out of the University of Missouri ought to quell their fears: Researchers...

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  • Masters always gets it right
    The Masters gets it right

    No matter what happens on the back nine of Sunday at the Masters, viewers are left with a lasting image and a memory that is unique from golf’s three other major championships. While Sunday’s rendition of Augusta’s...

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  • 12 - teeing off
    The back nine of Augusta… in Bangkok?

    I had heard of a Bangkok course that had replicated some of the great holes of the world on the front nine, and for the back they had just lifted the most famous stretch of holes in...

    • Posted 249 days ago
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  • Bubba Watson wins 2014 Masters
    Bubba’s second Masters win establishes him as a major force

    It was shaping up to be a potentially all-time-special Masters Sunday. The 54-hole leaderboard had a bit of everything: 15 players within five shots of the lead of all ages and experience levels. The final pairing of...

    • Posted 250 days ago
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  • solo golf
    The 10 best things about playing golf alone

    A rarity in sports, golf can be properly played and thoroughly enjoyed when utterly alone. There is something alluring — romantic even — about heading to your local course and playing 18 holes by yourself. It’s a...

    • Posted 250 days ago
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  • Hole-By-Hole: The Best and Worst Shots in Masters History (Back 9)

    Everyone has their favorite moments from the Masters. But what are the best and worst shots in Masters history for each hole at Augusta National? From shots that directly impacted the outcome of the tournament, to others...

    • Posted 252 days ago
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  • Augusta 18 tee
    Augusta’s 18th hole favors the long hitters

    The Masters is just days away and the golfing world is abuzz with guesses on who will win. Can Adam Scott repeat? Will Phil Mickelson find his game? Will one of the young guns break through? For...

    • Posted 254 days ago
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  • Mickelson and Woods 2014 Masters
    Who will succeed Woods and Mickelson as multiple Masters winners?

    As you know, Tiger Woods isn’t participating in the Masters this year as he recovers from back surgery. Phil Mickelson, hampered by injuries of his own, is limiting his practice in preparation for the season’s first major....

    • Posted 254 days ago
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  • Mickelson Best and Worst shots at Augusta
    Hole-By-Hole: The Best and Worst Shots in Masters History (Front 9)

    Everyone has their favorite moments from the Masters.  But what are the best and worst shots in Masters history for each hole at Augusta National? From shots that directly impacted the outcome of the tournament, to others...

    • Posted 255 days ago
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  • Hunt 23 players who can win the masters 2014
    The 23 Players Who Can Win The Masters

    Last year, I created a filter to help predict the golfers that were most likely to win the Masters. I got the list down to 23 players. In the end, eight of the top-10 finishers were on...

    • Posted 256 days ago
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  • adam scott-greg norman
    Scott has an opportunity to shed Norman comparisons

    Now that Tiger Woods has officially withdrawn from the Masters, Adam Scott has an even better chance to reach the No. 1 spot in the Official World Golf Rankings, and quite soon. After Scott’s Players Championship victory...

    • Posted 256 days ago
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  • Adams Pro Hybrid Review
    Review: Adams Pro Hybrid

    Pros: A scorching hot face for boring, penetrating shots off the tee. They’re very workable, and have a sole shape that glides through rough nicely. Cons: Hoisting a high, soft shot can be a challenge. Also, the...

    • Posted 261 days ago
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  • Pebble Beach is one of five locations in North America offering the RoboGolfPro.
    Robots to take over top golf academies?

    There’s one goal for anyone hoping to be a top-tier golfer: develop a repeatable swing. It’s not easy and teaching professionals have tried just about everything to help their students. If you’ve ever taken golf lessons, you’ve...

    • Posted 262 days ago
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  • 12 things you don't know about the mini tours
    12 Things You Don’t Know About The Mini Tours

    Many people think playing professional golf at any level is glamorous, but I can tell you after more than four years of professional golf that’s often not the case. Don’t get me wrong. I had a lot...

    • Posted 263 days ago
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  • Tiger Woods back isn't the problem
    Tiger Woods’ back isn’t the problem

    I started to write: If you think Tiger Woods is through, you’re a doofus. In retrospect, that seemed a bit harsh. What I really meant to say was, if you think Tiger’s bad back spells the end of...

    • Posted 264 days ago
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