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  • Wind and Sling Ski Boot Cover
    Improve your swing on the slopes this winter

    Winter weather means golfers are moving their clubs aside and picking up skis and snowboards. But springtime will be here before you know it, and there are still things we can work on indoors during the winter...

    • Posted 2 days ago
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  • SwingModel
    Do golf swing models work?

    It’s a question that will always linger in the instruction world: do swing models work? Many great teachers have taught a particular model to their students with great success — Jimmy Ballard, David Leadbetter, for example. Others...

    • Posted 6 days ago
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  • ojVnZ9Sn2PvhBzs2D7AKAZptIWo6TKozkcnsKvLDZOo
    What is a golf fitness assessment?

    This story is part of our new “GolfWRX Guides,” a how-to series created by our Featured Writers and Contributors — passionate golfers and golf professionals in search of answers to golf’s most-asked questions. We’ve all spent countless...

    • Posted 10 days ago
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  • Tiger Woods chip yips
    What Tiger taught us about hitting pitch shots

    Watching Tiger struggle around the greens at the Hero World Challenge was both astonishing and enlightening. It was astonishing because it was Tiger Woods, and enlightening because it was more proof that feel and technique are equally important...

    • Posted 11 days ago
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  • Furyk low spinner
    How to hit the low spinner

    One of the most frequent questions I get about the short game is how to hit the low spinner — you know, the one that hits the green, takes one big hop and stops. It is the only...

    • Posted 12 days ago
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  • how to carry 70 clubs
    How to legally carry more than 70 clubs in your bag

    Pop Quiz! Fill in the blanks below: I am on the range working on my full _____________. It is a chip _____. It is a bunker _______. It is a flop ________. It is a bump-and-run ________....

    • Posted 12 days ago
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  • RoryMcIlroyGolfWRX
    Squat, Spring and Swing: A new breed of power

    In the video above you will notice that Rory McIlroy, the world’s No. 1 ranked golfer, does three things: he squats, he springs and he swings. These three moves, as I have analyzed in the video, are...

    • Posted 19 days ago
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  • Fork in the road stickney1
    7 questions to ask yourself before you change golf instructors

    Sometimes, a teacher-player relationship just isn’t working out. It’s a natural progression in the career of most avid golfers, whether they want to make a major swing change or simply want a new perspective on their game....

    • Posted 19 days ago
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  • ChrisComoTiger
    What you can learn from Tiger’s new coach, Chris Como

    My colleague on GolfWRX, Tom Stickney, wrote an article recently in which he listed five reasons why teaching golf will never be the same. Tom rightly pointed to recent technological advances and how they have and will impact teaching...

    • Posted 26 days ago
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  • TigerWoodsDivot
    How to hit down on the golf ball

    I have a lot of students who struggle to hit down on the golf ball, which often results from a basic misunderstanding of what it actually means to hit down. Hitting “down” is not something that most...

    • Posted 33 days ago
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  • DustinJohnsongolfswing
    The most difficult swing fix to make without an instructor

    People often ask if it bothers me when I see members on the range working on their golf swing without my help – or anyone else’s for that matter. My job is to be an employee first, a...

    • Posted 34 days ago
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  • GolfWRXguideFitness
    How to Write Your Own Golf Fitness Program

    This story is part of our new “GolfWRX Guides,” a how-to series created by our Featured Writers and Contributors — passionate golfers and golf professionals in search of answers to golf’s most-asked questions. Designing your own comprehensive...

    • Posted 36 days ago
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  • Stickney instruction changes
    5 Reasons Why Golf Instruction Will Never Be The Same

    I have been teaching golf full-time for more than 20 years and during this time I have seen countless training aids, swing theories and new technologies all claim to be the holy grail in golf instruction. Some...

    • Posted 41 days ago
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  • Yur Shoulder Bend
    Understanding How The Body Affects The Golf Swing: Shoulder Bend

    Generally speaking, in all sports, if the head is moving the body is moving with it. In football, if you grab someone’s face mask and pull their head, the rest of the body tends to follow. So...

    • Posted 43 days ago
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  • closethegap620
    Close the gap to shallow angle of attack

    Average golfers produce several different kinds of ball flights, but the most common one I see is a low-launching, high-spinning shot that fades away from the target. It’s a ball flight that I usually see paired with...

    • Posted 45 days ago
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    Use the new ball flight laws to understand your tendencies

    If you are a golfer over the age of 25, you were probably taught the old ball flight laws. You know, the one stating that club path determined the starting direction of the golf ball and that...

    • Posted 48 days ago
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  • PlaySmarter_Formatted-1
    Get your right brain in the game

    You’re sitting at home watching TV, you hear a buzzing noise and see something whiz past your face. You look around to survey the room, then watch a fly land on the wall — what do you...

    • Posted 51 days ago
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  • adam-3
    The 3 most important areas of your golf body

    This story is part of our new “GolfWRX Guides,” a how-to series created by our Featured Writers and Contributors — passionate golfers and golf professionals in search of answers to golf’s most-asked questions. What are the three...

    • Posted 52 days ago
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  • ReleaseGolfWRX
    Find a release that squares the clubface at impact

    The last time we discussed release, we defined it as the point of extension of the lead arm and the golf club. The other part of release we need to concern ourselves with is that of squaring the...

    • Posted 53 days ago
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  • Stickney Top-100
    Stickney: Behind the scenes at the Top-100 Teaching Summit

    Every year, Golf Magazine hosts a “Teaching Summit” for its Top-100 Instructors. It brings together all types of teachers with different perspectives of how golf should be taught to the masses. Some teachers are from the old...

    • Posted 55 days ago
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  • Screen Shot 2014-10-20 at 1.44.56 pm
    What Should Be In Your Golf Fitness Program?

    This story is part of our new “GolfWRX Guides,” a how-to series created by our Featured Writers and Contributors — passionate golfers and golf professionals in search of answers to golf’s most-asked questions. So you are heading...

    • Posted 58 days ago
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  • Sony Open in Hawaii - Round One
    Learn to hit bunker shots like the pros

    One of the most difficult shots for amateur golfers to understand is the greenside bunker shot, yet when you watch professionals, they take dead aim and are looking to hole the shot from any reasonable lie. I...

    • Posted 62 days ago
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  • Lag slowing you down
    Is Lag Slowing Your Swing Down?

    In my last article, “Who is the Greatest Driver of the Ball, Ever?” we introduced the techniques that separate the longest drivers of the golf ball from most amateur and tour players. We established that the turning...

    • Posted 62 days ago
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  • subconcious golf1
    Go lower with subconscious golf

    A philosophy that I believe in is one in which the swing is powered by the subconscious mind and reacts to the image that the conscious mind creates. I am not stating that a golfer’s physical technique is...

    • Posted 65 days ago
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  • IMG_1327
    Why golfers shouldn’t be frustrated by their release

    What’s the “release” in a golf swing? For purposes of this article, I’ll define it as the point in the swing when the lead arm and the golf club begin to become a straight line. Whenever the release occurs...

    • Posted 68 days ago
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  • Stickney How to hit a draw
    By the numbers: How to hit a draw

    Doppler radar launch monitors have proved at least two things about ball flight. The golf club’s face angle at impact controls the ball’s starting direction. The club’s path influences the ball’s curvature. Simply put, this means that...

    • Posted 69 days ago
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  • Adam Scott
    Finding the bottom of your swing arc with weight shift

    You’ve heard it before and you’ll hear it again. One of the most popular tips in golf is for players to “keep their head still.” This is a broad term that’s better understood by looking at what...

    • Posted 74 days ago
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  • Shankar's Flightscope session was part of his coaching program
    Take the coaching route to more successful golf

    Above: Shankar’s Flightscope session was part of his coaching program. I’ve thought for a little while now that the golf industry’s traditional paradigm for game improvement was flawed. I’ve been playing competitive golf for 23 years and...

    • Posted 74 days ago
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  • Body-Language-1
    Every “Body” Can Be Confident

    As a Sport and Performance Counselor and the Director of Mental Training at The Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, I have golfers from juniors to professionals that come to me wanting one thing: confidence. Golfers who have confidence...

    • Posted 75 days ago
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