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  • SergioTee
    Analyzing golfers’ “favorite” shots on Trackman

    In a previous article, I showed you how the face and path interact in order to produce curvature on a golf ball. In this article we will examine the numerical data from the Trackman while I hit...

    • Posted 3 days ago
    • 15
  • Strano7
    NFL Quarterback gets a lesson in athletic posture

    A quarterback in the NFL and a PGA Tour level player face a similar challenge. Although golfers aren’t dodging a blitz, players from both sports can create dynamics that alter performance and results without the player knowing...

    • Posted 6 days ago
    • 2
  • Screen Shot 2014-08-14 at 4.51.57 PM
    How increasing mobility can help your golf swing

    How do you increase consistency and accuracy through mobility? OK, you are doing the lessons, you have great clubs and you are engaging in golf fitness; the trinity of going low for a round of golf. But...

    • Posted 6 days ago
    • 18
  • DrDan1
    Focus on what you can control

    Every golfer I work with wants one thing: more confidence. It doesn’t matter whether they are a touring professional or an amateur striving to break 100, every golfer wants confidence. At the Gary Gilchrist Golf Academy, we...

    • Posted 7 days ago
    • 5
  • Tiger2001
    Is trying to get better always a good thing?

    “I don’t want to be the golfer I was in 2001, I want to be better,” Tiger Woods once said. Golfers sometimes fight too hard to make improvements, and find themselves doing more harm than good. Rory...

    • Posted 8 days ago
    • 84
  • Bubba-Watson-PGA-Championship-2014
    Are you curving the ball too much?

    As a teacher, I have to admit that the invention of the Trackman has been one of the most amazing additions to the golf instructional world; however, as with any type of technology, it can be utilized...

    • Posted 10 days ago
    • 28
  • TigerLean2
    Chamblee, Nobilo get heated over Tiger’s swing changes

    Tiger Woods missed the cut at the 2014 PGA Championship, finishing at 6-over par for the tournament, but it was an argument between analysts about his golf swing that had everyone’s attention. Click here to see what...

    • Posted 12 days ago
    • 164
  • Create a swing that’s built to last with help from Tom Watson

    Tom Watson continues to prove that solid fundamentals can withstand the test of time in the game of golf. Now 64, Watson continues to exhibit the consistency of a golfer decades younger. He’s made the cut in...

    • Posted 13 days ago
    • 10
  • IMG_3162
    Posture: The key to good swing dynamics

    If I had to choose, I would say that the grip is the most important fundamental in golf. I say that because the grip controls the club face, which controls the direction of the shot. And the...

    • Posted 16 days ago
    • 13
  • 5 fundamental positions to improve your game

    There’s no one perfect way to swing a golf club, but there are specific positions that have proven to be consistently successful. In this article, I would like to show you five, time-tested positions that we can...

    • Posted 17 days ago
    • 18
  • gary-player
    Review: Gary Player’s Instructional DVD Set: A Game For Life

    It may not be fair to hold a legend in one aspect of life to a similar standard in another. When such a prominent figure makes an effort to repeat his/her achievements in another realm, there is...

    • Posted 18 days ago
    • 5
  • BandsFeat copy
    5 exercises to avoid during the golf season

    In a previous story, I explained my reasoning behind developing an improved approach to training during the season. A transitional approach gives you the best opportunity to avoiding overtraining while potentially maintaining performance gains made in the...

    • Posted 22 days ago
    • 30
  • ImpactPointsFeat
    How a cure for athlete’s foot can lead to longer drives

    Impact is arguably the most important part of the golf swing. It’s the only point in which the golf club meets the golf ball and it’s where the ball is programmed with all the information necessary to...

    • Posted 24 days ago
    • 18
  • Tim Clark swing
    Winning Swings: Tim Clark, don’t sweat the small stuff

    Tim Clark is a world-class player who has built his swing around a physical condition that doesn’t allow him to rotate his palms upward. In the video above, I take a look at his mechanics and swing plane,...

    • Posted 24 days ago
    • 13
  • divot2
    Find the bottom of your swing arc by learning to read your divots

    Golfers can learn so much about their swings and how to improve from looking at their divots. If we look at the depth of a divot, it tells us a story about the angle of attack at...

    • Posted 29 days ago
    • 24
  • McIlroy Winning Swings 2014 Open
    Winning Swings: See how Rory McIlroy drives it so far

    Rory McIlroy stands only 5-feet 9-inches tall and weighs a mere 160 pounds, yet he’s able to drive that ball longer than all but a handful of the golfers on the PGA Tour. What’s his secret? In...

    • Posted 30 days ago
    • 23
  • StickneyInside
    Identifying the two types of inside takeaways

    Aside from a lucky few, every golfer at one time or another has gotten into the habit of taking the club back too far to the inside, which causes the club to get “behind” a golfer’s hands...

    • Posted 31 days ago
    • 19
  • low-back-pain
    Preventing Low Back Pain: A Golfer’s Guide

    Whether you’re a once-a-month golfer or one who hits balls every day, there is a good chance you’ve experienced some kind of discomfort in your low back as a result of swinging a club. A host of...

    • Posted 33 days ago
    • 14
  • Montgomerie and Harman Swing
    Winning Swings: Comparing Colin Montgomerie and Brian Harman

    How can two very different swings both produce championship results? That’s the topic of this week’s “Winning Swings” segment, which compares the swings of John Deere Classic winner Brian Harman and Colin Montgomerie, a 31-time European Tour...

    • Posted 35 days ago
    • 15
  • Stickney driving irons
    Are you a candidate for a driving iron?

    A few weeks ago I wrote an article comparing the performance of my 5 wood, hybrid and 3 iron on Trackman to better understand the pros and cons of each club. It wasn’t that hard to guess...

    • Posted 36 days ago
    • 34
  • Will static stretches decrease your driving distance?

    It looks goofy, but Miguel Angel Jimenez’ dynamic pre-round warm up helps him hit longer drivers and avoid injuries.  In golf, static stretches were once considered the best way to increase your range of motion. I don’t follow this belief,...

    • Posted 37 days ago
    • 12
  • RangeFeat
    Take your range game to the course with this practice routine

    I constantly come across golfers who tell me something along the lines of “I hit it great on the range, but I can’t do it on the course!” So, what’s really going on here and how can you...

    • Posted 42 days ago
    • 14
  • 4577050619
    Tips to get the most out of your swing changes

    If you believed everything you read in golf media, it would be easy to assume that a few small swing changes or the adaption of a new technique is all that is required to play your best...

    • Posted 43 days ago
    • 3
  • DenniClarkFEAT
    Know what’s right for you: The dangers of unsolicited swing advice

    Golfers, in their never-ending quest to improve, will listen to almost anything if it means knocking strokes off their score. They should be aware that this practice can be really dangerous for their game, because not all...

    • Posted 44 days ago
    • 21
  • Are you wasting your time practicing putting
    Are you wasting your time on the putting green?

    As a teacher, I’m always investigating ways to help my players become more proficient both on the golf course and within their practice time. That’s why I am so excited to have come across one of the best...

    • Posted 44 days ago
    • 53
  • Summer camp full swing
    Two secrets to improve your ball flight

    In recent years, advances in golf technology have shown that there are many variables that go into a desired ball flight. Doppler radar launch monitors like FlightScope and Trackman have proven that the club face’s position at...

    • Posted 48 days ago
    • 12
  • Dr. Dan smart goals
    The Mental Game: Go Beyond SMART Goals

    In my last article, I discussed how to kick-start your focus and create positive actions through the use of goal setting. Due to the positive reception and requests for more details about SMART goals, I would like...

    • Posted 50 days ago
    • 3
  • 1173
    Club Test: Should you carry a fairway wood, hybrid or long iron?

    I was teaching a lesson the other day and a student asked me what would be better for his game: long irons, hybrids or or higher-lofted fairway woods? While we discussed this, I defaulted back to the...

    • Posted 51 days ago
    • 59
  • missed-putt-pain
    Custom Fitting: The most overlooked club in your bag

    Golfers have learned that custom fit clubs are necessary to lower their scores, but they often neglect a crucial scoring club in the fitting process: the putter. Last year, I was able to perform close to 50...

    • Posted 55 days ago
    • 12
  • golf fitness costa 1
    A Transitional Mistake: Are you still training like it’s the off-season?

    Both off-season and in-season training share equal importance when it comes to building and maintaining swing speed, power, efficiency, recovery and consistent performance. There is a distinct difference, however, between how you should be training for both...

    • Posted 55 days ago
    • 26
  • Stickney
    What do top teachers think about the current state of golf instruction?

    Photo from A few weeks ago, I was on a plane heading back from a corporate outing I do every year with about 20 other teaching professionals. All of us were either a Golf Digest Top-50 Teacher...

    • Posted 59 days ago
    • 42
  • View More:
    Beat the yips with these simple tips

    The yips is a disease that affects the cognitive process of the brain and disrupts fine motor movement of the body. Golfers are predominantly affected by the disease on short putts, but can also be affected on...

    • Posted 64 days ago
    • 27
  • maxresdefault
    Three slice patterns and how to fix them

    Nothing makes golfers more aggravated than hitting the dreaded slice: a shot that moves left to right for a right-handed golfer when they don’t want it to do so. Many slicers think their doomed to slice forever,...

    • Posted 65 days ago
    • 13
  • rsz_1joe_kb
    Use the right golf fitness program at the right time

    The kettlebell swing (above) is an exercise that can be utilized in all three seasons. It is designed to condition the core, lumbar spine, lower body and most importantly engage the dynamic pelvic thrust, a movement that...

    • Posted 69 days ago
    • 54
  • How do you win a U.S. Open? Perspective from a mental game coach

    The U.S. Open is at the majestic Pinehurst No. 2 this week, where for the first time in history, the men and women will play our country’s national championship in back-to-back weeks on the same course in...

    • Posted 72 days ago
    • 1
  • Get a better understanding of spin loft

    One of the most misunderstood facets of the Trackman is the measurement of “spin loft” and what it means for a golfer’s game. I want to take a few moments of your time to help you understand...

    • Posted 73 days ago
    • 11
  • 101 2
    Backswing 101: Tips to get the club on plane in the backswing

    While Flightscope offers my students a host of swing data, one of the most common statements that I hear is: “I don’t know how to consistently get to the top of my backswing.” The old saying, “The...

    • Posted 77 days ago
    • 44
  • Examining the best ways to hit lower-flying shots

    On a windy day here in Southern California, I was goofing around on the Trackman before one of my lessons hitting the ball higher, lower, curving it, etc. I love seeing what the numbers do as I...

    • Posted 78 days ago
    • 13
  • putting
    Drills to hit the best putts you possibly can

    I had just hit a 6 iron pin high, about 15-feet right on No. 17. I was about to play my second-to-last hole in the 108-hole European Tour Qualifying Tournament, and was either right on the cut...

    • Posted 79 days ago
    • 10