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  • Bubba 2014 Green jacket
    Practice Habits that won the Masters

    What can average golfers learn from two-time Masters Champion Bubba Watson? Here’s a short video that covers a lot of what has made him so successful on the PGA Tour and such an exciting player to watch....

    • Posted 2 hours ago
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  • Stickney fitting yardage gaps
    Why you’re not good enough not to get fit

    Since the beginning of custom golf club fitting, players have always wrestled with the question “should I get custom fit?” or “am I good enough to get custom fit?” While these seem like valid questions, I tell...

    • Posted 2 days ago
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  • rev-sp-top-bk-sw-port
    Three Common Swing Faults: Reverse Spine Angle

    In this third and final instalment of my three article series, I am going to look at reverse spine angle. Click here to read the first instalment: Hunched Set Up Posture Click here to read the second instalment:...

    • Posted 6 days ago
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  • maxresdefault
    Use launch monitors to rediscover the lost art of shot making

    I’m always amazed at what I learn about my own game every time I hit a few shots on my Trackman. As a full-time golf teacher, I don’t get to practice like I used to in college,...

    • Posted 9 days ago
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  • photo
    The Truth About Aim and Alignment

    Ever think about this? If the clubface is aimed left of the target, we call it closed. If the body is aligned left of the target, we call it open. If the clubface is aimed right of...

    • Posted 14 days ago
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  • Phil Mickelson Shell Fantasy 2014
    Fantasy Golf Cheat Sheet: Shell Houston Open

    Since 2007, the Shell Houston Open has been the springboard to the Masters. Normally played the week prior to the year’s first major, it is the last chance for someone to get to Augusta, and the only...

    • Posted 15 days ago
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  • How much do mishits matter in putting?

    Whenever you impact a putt, the ball is programmed with all its directional data. It is at that point that a golfer’s consistency is either compromised or enhanced by the actions of impact alignments. Impact alignments will...

    • Posted 16 days ago
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  • The Six Biggest Myths in Golf Fitness

    As a golf fitness professional, I spend most of my waking hours writing programs and protocols to help golfers perform better. The moment when a golfer starts to move and feel better, swing better, or post lower...

    • Posted 16 days ago
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  • early extension w arrows
    Three Common Swing Faults: Early Extension

    In this second instalment of three articles I am going to look at early extension, a common swing fault that we see in many of the students that come to our academy, often regardless of scoring ability and...

    • Posted 19 days ago
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  • Pratt Iron Byron
    How to hit the sweet spot more often

    Most golfers would love to have more distance, especially if they can get it without any more effort. Good golfers don’t want to swing hard, and beginning golfers shouldn’t. For 99 percent of all golfers, I advocate...

    • Posted 19 days ago
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  • Getting off the back foot

    Do these swing tips “Get on your left side,” “Get through the ball,” and “Finish” sound familiar? They should, because they are some of the most familiar admonitions in the game and for good reason. There is...

    • Posted 21 days ago
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  • Putt_forward_press_article_featured
    What happens to loft when shortening or lengthening a putter shaft?

    During a round of golf, the percentage of all putts made is 43. I have mentioned in my earlier articles that the putting technique should be efficient and adjusted to your mobility limitation. With increased efficiency, the...

    • Posted 21 days ago
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  • Stickney Three Ways
    Three different ways to set up to the golf ball

    Over the course of time there have been several different setup positions that people have used to play successful golf. The most frequently taught setup position, which I call the Right Tilt, has golfers leaning away from...

    • Posted 23 days ago
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  • 5 Ways 620 x 420
    5 Easy Ways To Cut Strokes Next Round

    In this article, we will take a look at five easy ways to cut strokes from your next round. The nice thing about these suggestions is that they require no swing changes and can be implemented immediately....

    • Posted 26 days ago
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  • Dave Davis Deadlift Golf Fitness
    Improve your deadlift to help your golf game

    While getting ready for the spring, many golfers are in the gym doing some form of rotational twisting with their upper body with a weighted core bar. Then they do a few sit-ups and hit the treadmill...

    • Posted 27 days ago
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  • 5 Principles to Perfection
    Palozola: The 5 Principles of Putting

    So, your putting is pretty good. What? Really? Is that what you actually tell people? Well, that means that you must be averaging in the high 20′s for putts per round, because that’s what the leaders on...

    • Posted 27 days ago
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  • David_Leadbetter_GolfWRX[1]
    Lessons with David Leadbetter by Callaway Golf

    Callaway Golf launched “Lessons with David Leadbetter,” an eight-part series of instruction vignettes to help us all shake off the winter rust and play better golf. With the first installment below, renowned instructor David Leadbetter explains how...

    • Posted 30 days ago
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  • Stickney spotlight timing signatures
    Charting the putting stroke differences in different handicap golfers

    One of the most troubling parts of putting for many golfers has been the relationship between line and speed. Most golfers know that the proper line is determined by the speed at which a putt is hit,...

    • Posted 30 days ago
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  • Are your expectations killing your progress?

    Self-inflicted expectations hold back golfers of all levels. They turn an enjoyable round of golf into a tiring, difficult stretch of time, thinking “I should be able to do this” or “I wish I had a more...

    • Posted 33 days ago
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  • Like to hit it low with your driver? You must like shorter drives

    Ricky Barnes has the PGA Tour’s lowest average launch angle with his driver in 2014, 7.45 degrees, a little more than half that of launch angle leader Jeff Maggert (14.62 degrees). So despite Barnes’ above average clubhead...

    • Posted 35 days ago
    • 34
  • hunched posture
    Three common swing faults: The hunched setup posture

    I work in a busy golf Australian golf academy, so I get to train with a lot of different golfers who come to us for instruction. They vary greatly in abilities, and range from professionals to plus-figure...

    • Posted 40 days ago
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  • rotation FI
    Strong, Flexible Core = A Safe, Solid Swing

    Rotation in golf is a fundamental skill. You know, standing and spinning from the core and using the hips as a counter balance and power producer. How many of you had, or still have, slice issues when...

    • Posted 41 days ago
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  • b9956695z.1_20130717205828_000_gfg1l2h5.1-1
    Adjust your setup and swing for better bunker shots

    The easiest shot in golf should be a greenside bunker shot. I say that because golfers can be much less exacting from the sand than other lies. A bunker shot can be hit anywhere from 0.5 inches...

    • Posted 41 days ago
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  • PHOTO 02
    Which putting grip improves the average golfer’s alignments?

    I’ve found that the most damaging flaw within a golfer’s putting is the breakdown of the lead wrist through impact. This flaw causes many more problems than anything else for the average golfer’s putting such as adding...

    • Posted 44 days ago
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  • fade draw fi
    Fade or draw? Three reasons you should pick one

    All of us, myself included, started playing the game and quickly learned a majority of the shots we hit curved one direction or the other. Slowly through practice we learned to control the curve to some degree...

    • Posted 48 days ago
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  • 10 simple drills to correct complex faults
    10 simple drills to correct complex faults

    There is certainly no shortage of golf training aids on the market, and some are quite good. I have used a few over the years, but mostly I stick to drills that can be done anywhere with...

    • Posted 48 days ago
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  • 7302d73e369b53e792d825e1a19e1729
    Ask the right questions to make sure you’re with the right coach

    I have been teaching golf for more than 10 years, and I have given a lot of lessons. In that time, I’ve learned that golfers choose to play golf for many good reasons: maybe they like the...

    • Posted 49 days ago
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  • photo-41
    Keep control of your shoulders to turn it over

    Hitting a draw is the most coveted shot for most beginning and high handicap golfers and with good reason. Draws tend to go farther than fades, and everyone wants more distance. But they’re tough to produce unless...

    • Posted 49 days ago
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  • Featured Image
    What golfers should see in swing videos with proper camera alignment

    In my last article, you learned how to properly set up your camera to record video of your golf swing. Before we talk about what you will see from each angle, I want to briefly discuss the exact...

    • Posted 51 days ago
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  • Stickney putting teaching feel
    Teaching feel in putting

    One of the most enigmatic portions of putting has been the relationship between line and speed. Golfers know that their lines are determined by the speed in which they hit a putt, but how do they know...

    • Posted 51 days ago
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