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    Review: Cleveland Classic Collection HB 1 Putter

    Pros: The Cleveland Classic HB 1 costs only $99, yet it offers the clean look and soft feel of more expensive putters. It’s available in two finishes, black pearl and the satin chrome. Cons: No removable weights, but...

    • Posted 104 days ago
    • 19
  • TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver Review
    Review: TaylorMade JetSpeed Driver

    Pros: Consistent launch and carry on strikes anywhere on the club’s large sweet spot, particularly those low on the face. Impressive distance for a driver with this level of forgiveness. Sleek, subtle look and an attractive $299...

    • Posted 106 days ago
    • 28
  • SuperStroke Flatso, Flatso Mid and Flatso Ultra putter grip revie
    Review: SuperStroke Flatso, Flatso Mid and Flatso Ultra putter grips

    Pros: The wide, flat section on the front of the grips helps fill up a golfer’s hands, which can add stability to their stroke and help relieve tension. The pistol-style backing provides more “reminders” for hand placement than...

    • Posted 124 days ago
    • 20
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    Review: TaylorMade JetSpeed Fairway Woods

    Pros: Higher spinning than the SLDR fairway woods, which will help JetSpeed’s target audience (golfers who need to hit the ball higher) hold greens. Muted appearance, subdued crown graphics. Consistently long and forgiving fairway woods. Cons: Absence of a...

    • Posted 127 days ago
    • 11
  • All headcovers are made with New Zealand wool.
    Review: Sunfish Golf Headcovers

    Vintage style is a popular look today in marketing, social media and fashion. The golf equipment industry is not immune to this and many companies find themselves adapting trends for a very traditional sport. Sunfish Golf knows...

    • Posted 132 days ago
    • 3
  • IMG_6790
    Review: Axis 1 Joey Putter

    Pros: The Joey putter has a great weight and a nice, responsive feel when struck. It gave me one of the purest rolls I’ve ever had. Cons: The unique style can take a little getting used to visually....

    • Posted 133 days ago
    • 11
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    Review: TaylorMade SLDR fairway woods and hybrids

    Pros: The SLDR fairway woods and hybrids offer a low-spinning trajectory in a clean and refreshingly understated package. The next generation of “speed slot” technology is marginally better, and the “real deal” TP shaft options are big selling...

    • Posted 140 days ago
    • 4
  • Delilah Club Covers
    Review: Delilah Club Covers

    Don’t let the website name fool you. Delilah Club Covers are for everyone. I was in desperate need of a putter cover for my new flat stick, and my husband’s putter cover needed an update as...

    • Posted 142 days ago
    • 2
  • Club Crown american flag
    Review: Club Crown

    Confidence and comfort win the day. It’s a simple partnership to envision, but not always a cinch to incorporate. When you tee up a golf ball, any number of notions serve to distract your thoughts from the...

    • Posted 146 days ago
    • 46
  • Adidas Climawarm+ golf jacket
    Review: Adidas Climawarm+ Jacket

    Pros: Unbelievably lightweight for the warmth it provides. It’s loose in the shoulders for mobility, but tighter around the midsection. That keeps it out of harm’s way during the swing. Cons: The sleeve cuffs fit a little loose....

    • Posted 153 days ago
    • 6
  • GolfSense Swing Analyzer
    Review: GolfSense Swing Analyzer

    There is no shortage of swing analyzers on the market today. They come in different flavors and styles, some focusing on showing every data point possible and others focusing more on delivering simple visuals. Each one promises...

    • Posted 158 days ago
    • 3
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    Review: Cleveland 588 Altitude Driver

    Pros: With a 270-gram total weight, the 588 Altitude is one of the lightest drivers on the market. That, and its high-MOI design can give golfers with slow-to-moderate swing speeds more distance when they pure one and when...

    • Posted 160 days ago
    • 12
  • ping s55
    Review: Ping S55 irons

    Pros: A little more forgiving than the S56 irons, with a slightly softer feel. They also fly a bit farther than the previous model. A lot of technology in a small package. Cons: Purists will be disappointed that these...

    • Posted 166 days ago
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  • Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 4.53.08 PM
    Review: Nike Lunar Bandon golf shoes

    Pros: The three-part closure (laces, zipper and flap) locks down the foot and ensures that moisture will not seep in. The three-quarter high sides provide a dry, comfortable fit, and don’t inhibit movement in the slightest. Cons: The martian green...

    • Posted 168 days ago
    • 8
  • Titleist 714 CB and MB Review
    Review: Titleist 714 CB and MB irons

    Pros: Titleist’s 714 CB and MB offer no-nonsense looks and a soft, forged iron feel for all the feedback accomplished golfers need for precision iron play. Cons: Not much difference between these and the 712 CB and MB irons....

    • Posted 173 days ago
    • 25
  • Antigua review
    Review: Antigua golf shirts

    Pros: Lightweight, moisture-wicking design keeps golfers cool and comfortable. Plenty of different color options and styles that have great crossover appeal. Cons: Antigua’s shirts have gotten “hipper,” but they still might be too conservative for golf fashionistas....

    • Posted 175 days ago
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  • Mizuno JPX-EX-Forged
    Review: Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Irons

    Pros: The JPX-EZ Forged irons are larger than Mizuno’s popular MP series irons, but they’re made with the same “Grain Flow” forging process and have a similar buttery soft feel. The distance consistency of the irons is...

    • Posted 177 days ago
    • 24
  • 5d190e7171be29251b4cf3336ad1d8f1
    Review: Aldila Tour Blue and Tour Green shafts

    Pros: Cool graphics and a smooth feel that’s consistent in both models. Cons: High price ($349). Bottom Line: Need to hit it lower? Try the Tour Green. Need to hit it higher? Try the Tour Blue. Overview The Aldila Tour...

    • Posted 181 days ago
    • 7
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    Review: Kenny Giannini G-4 “No-Neck” putter

    Pros: The slightly thicker body and single sight line make the G-4 easy to square up to the target line. The glare-free PVD Black finish is easy on the eyes. Cons: Off-center hits are not as forgiving...

    • Posted 181 days ago
    • 4
  • DSC_0248
    Review: Callaway women’s golf apparel

    Recent lines of Callaway apparel seemed to have been aimed at my parents, not me. But the company has really stepped up its game with its new line, which targets a younger, more athletic crowd. Outfit 1 Take...

    • Posted 183 days ago
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  • titleist ap2
    Titleist 714 AP1 and AP2 Irons: Editor Review

    Pros: The ultra forgiving long irons and compact short irons make the new AP1′s one of the most attractive sets in their category. The 714 AP2 irons offer even better looks and feel than previous models, and their progressive...

    • Posted 187 days ago
    • 43
  • speedblades
    TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons: Editor Review

    Pros: At address, SpeedBlades are an absolute confidence booster with a thin(ish) top line. They have a great trampoline-like feel when flushed, and mishits won’t punish your joints. The ball flight with the long irons can look...

    • Posted 189 days ago
    • 40
  • af17c7ce57d8d5aacee007ef6959d0db
    Cleveland Smart Square Putter: Editor Review

    Pros: Square alignment aids make it incredibly easy to aim, and the face insert feels soft and rolls the ball well. There won’t be any glare issues, even on the brightest of days, thanks to the matte black finish....

    • Posted 198 days ago
    • 6
  • Mitsubishi Diamana White Board W-Series
    Editor Review: Mitsubishi Diamana W-Series Shaft

    Pros: Mitsubishi’s Diamana W-Series has similar launch and spin characteristics to its predecessor, the ‘ahina. Its newly designed butt section that gives the shaft a smoother feel, and it’s is the first White Board shaft to be available in...

    • Posted 198 days ago
    • 8
  • taylormade_GHOSTputter2013
    TaylorMade Ghost Tour Putters: Editor Review

    Pros: The heavier weight of the putter combined with a new, softer insert gives the new Ghost Tour putters a fantastic feel. The site lines parallel to the dominant alignment line assist with set up, and the...

    • Posted 200 days ago
    • 16
  • 71taZKfJmRL._SL1500_420
    Callaway HEX Black Tour and HEX Chrome + Golf Balls: Editor review

    Pros: The HEX Black Tour is one of the longest, lowest-spinning tour balls on the market. The Chrome + feels a little softer and produces more spin on full shots. Both models are exceptional in the wind and...

    • Posted 209 days ago
    • 23
  • Puma Outfit
    Puma Ladies Golf Apparel: Editor Review

    We’ve been seeing hybrid golf shoes for awhile now. You know the story: Not only can you wear your golf shoes on the golf course, but they’re now so multifunctional and you can even go running in...

    • Posted 209 days ago
    • 2
  • Trendy Golf Lyle and Scott
    Lyle and Scott Apparel (from Trendy Golf): Editor Review

    Pros: The shirt, sweater and pants are slim-fitting, comfortable and provide warmth in brisk/cold conditions, and they do not sacrifice flexibility in movement or breathability. The designs are chic and smart, utilizing color and throwback designs to provide...

    • Posted 211 days ago
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  • TRUE Linkswear Ladies Golf Shoes: Editor Review

    When you’re the original barefoot golf shoe company, you just don’t set out to make another barefoot golf shoe — you want to master it. Thankfully for me, True Linkswear’s quest to master the barefoot golf shoe...

    • Posted 213 days ago
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  • Adams Tight Lies and Tight Lies Tour review
    Adams Tight Lies and Tight Lies Tour: Editor Review

    Pros: Hittable from any lie, most notably from the light rough. Great versatility and distance on off-center strikes. Finds the middle ground between a hybrid and off-the-tee fairway wood. Forgiveness across the face even with shallow, smaller-sized...

    • Posted 217 days ago
    • 5