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  • adams xtd forged
    Review: Adams XTD Forged Irons

    Pros: A forged blade-type iron with a little bit of a size advantage for extra forgiveness. Tungsten weighting offers excellent feel, and the presence of KBS C-Taper shafts and Iomic grips as standard options reinforces the XTD...

    • Posted 34 days ago
    • 14
  • post-1-0-46750200-1377607242_thumb
    Review: Fourteen Golf FH-1000 Irons

    Pros: Blades that are playable for a willing single-digit. Beautiful shaping and top-quality satin finish. Cons: They’re pricey, about $1200 for a seven-club set. Bottom Line: Even professional golfers are moving away from blades toward more forgiving irons....

    • Posted 63 days ago
    • 9
  • Miura MB-001 Irons Review
    Review: Miura MB-001 Irons

    Pros: Unmistakable Miura feel. Very workable, and knife-like out of the rough. Cons: Righties only, and each iron costs $235 per head. Like all muscleback irons, they’re not forgiving. Bottom Line: If you’re a blade lover, these are some of...

    • Posted 77 days ago
    • 46
  • ping s55
    Review: Ping S55 irons

    Pros: A little more forgiving than the S56 irons, with a slightly softer feel. They also fly a bit farther than the previous model. A lot of technology in a small package. Cons: Purists will be disappointed that these...

    • Posted 167 days ago
    • 57
  • Titleist 714 CB and MB Review
    Review: Titleist 714 CB and MB irons

    Pros: Titleist’s 714 CB and MB offer no-nonsense looks and a soft, forged iron feel for all the feedback accomplished golfers need for precision iron play. Cons: Not much difference between these and the 712 CB and MB irons....

    • Posted 174 days ago
    • 25
  • Mizuno JPX-EX-Forged
    Review: Mizuno JPX-EZ Forged Irons

    Pros: The JPX-EZ Forged irons are larger than Mizuno’s popular MP series irons, but they’re made with the same “Grain Flow” forging process and have a similar buttery soft feel. The distance consistency of the irons is...

    • Posted 178 days ago
    • 24
  • titleist ap2
    Titleist 714 AP1 and AP2 Irons: Editor Review

    Pros: The ultra forgiving long irons and compact short irons make the new AP1′s one of the most attractive sets in their category. The 714 AP2 irons offer even better looks and feel than previous models, and their progressive...

    • Posted 188 days ago
    • 43
  • speedblades
    TaylorMade SpeedBlade irons: Editor Review

    Pros: At address, SpeedBlades are an absolute confidence booster with a thin(ish) top line. They have a great trampoline-like feel when flushed, and mishits won’t punish your joints. The ball flight with the long irons can look...

    • Posted 190 days ago
    • 40
  • TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour Editor Review Spotlight
    TaylorMade RocketBladez Tour Irons: Editor Review

    Pros: Clean and classy at address, with no visible bulk behind the top lines. These launch higher and faster than most irons their size, and they’re one of the best at delivering forgiveness on mis-hits. Cons: Sound and...

    • Posted 287 days ago
    • 40
  • 2Y9G9915 copy
    Ping G25 irons: Editor Review

    Pros: The G25′s are more compact than the G20′s in every way — especially the short irons, which our reviewer called “downright svelte looking.” But despite the smaller size, Ping managed to make the G25 irons longer and...

    • Posted 299 days ago
    • 18
  • Cleveland 588 TT irons
    Cleveland 588 MT and TT irons: Editor Review

    Pros: The higher-launching, more forgiving MT irons and lower-launching TT irons blend together nicely to allow a player to mix and match a set. Both sets have better performance on mishits than most players irons, and a solid...

    • Posted 308 days ago
    • 8
  • mizuno 2013
    Mizuno’s 2013 Iron Lineup: Function and Feel

    Mizuno makes a full line of golf equipment, but the company is best known in the golf world for its premium irons. Most of the buzz comes from Mizuno’s compact forged irons that are popular with tour...

    • Posted 363 days ago
    • 11
  • best irons
    Best Irons 2013

    very year brings an opportunity for golf companies to release products that make us want to kick out our current gamers for something new. But golfers are a fickle bunch. Some of us play the same equipment until...

    • Posted 382 days ago
    • 18
  • callaway x forged
    Callaway X Forged Editor Review

    For golfers who don’t want to play a blade but also can’t bare to look down at a shovel GI iron, we have a option that impressed the editors at GolfWRX. Callaway X Forged cavity back irons...

    • Posted 410 days ago
    • 22
  • TaylorMade RocketBladez Irons
    TaylorMade RocketBladez Iron (Non-Tour) Review

    Summary: The RocketBladez irons incorporate a slot in the sole of the iron, which gives golfers more ball speed and a higher launch. TaylorMade introduced this “speed pocket” in 2012 with its RBZ fairway woods and hybrids....

    • Posted 488 days ago
    • 16
  • 2013 Ping Anser Forged
    Review: Ping Anser Forged irons

    In golf, Ping is known as a company that produces high-quality cast irons for golfers of all ability levels – everyone from high handicappers to 2012 Masters champ Bubba Watson. Despite the fact that five of the...

    • Posted 510 days ago
    • 18
  • mizuno 825 pro 2013
    Review: Mizuno JPX-825 Pro Irons

    Pros: Classy, satin-like finish. Fantastic forged feel. Scoring irons are have thinner toplines than previous JPX series. Excellent forgiveness for their size and better-than-average playability. Versatile triple-cut sole design. Cons: Not a distance iron. Long irons do not...

    • Posted 532 days ago
    • 34
  • mizuno mp64 review
    Mizuno MP-64 Irons Review

    Review by: J13 – Updated 1-17-2013 Pros: Mizuno has hit a home run with these irons. I can’t stress it enough that along with Luke Donald’s help, Mizuno has taken a page out of the old play book...

    • Posted 568 days ago
    • 64
  • Cobra AMP Forged
    Cobra AMP Forged Irons Review

    GolfWRX Editor Review 6/12 Looking for some interesting and hot looking irons this year? Looking to set yourself apart from the same old irons you might have seen on the course or on TV for the last...

    • Posted 604 days ago
    • 8
  • amp1-1

    Editor Review by: Rob Opti WHAT UP GANG … Just got done watching a lil Celebrity Apprentice. Scarfed a few million pounds of crawfishies today … and now I’m moulting in the man cave .. Catching up...

    • Posted 619 days ago
    • 10
  • DSC00590
    Scratch Tour Department DW 1-Off Custom Muscle

    By: Pure745 So it’s almost been 2 years since this I got my first set of custom DW SB1′s. There have been a lot of really great irons that have come out, and none of them have...

    • Posted 619 days ago
    • 11
  • titleist ap2
    Titleist AP2 Forged 712 Review

    Pros: Soft feeling, great to look at, perfect spin and forgiveness in a players body. Considered “Game Changers” to many top club fitters interviewed. One of the most popular models for Titleist Tour Players and well as...

    • Posted 634 days ago
    • 20
  • post-51-0-66526400-1341645147_thumb
    Miura CB-501 Irons: Editor Review

    by Reid Ogata aka pitbull808 For those who have seen my forever rotating and updating WITB you probably noticed I like to try a little bit of everything. I doubt there’s been many brands since GolfWRX started...

    • Posted 652 days ago
    • 12
  • adams cmb irons
    Adams CMB Forged Iron Review

    GolfWRX Editor Review by: LeftRev, and Jim Cardo Pros: Solid feel at impact, very versatile sole grind that will help for swings that produce a good divot, perfect overall size and minimal offset. Cons: Very blunt leading...

    • Posted 669 days ago
    • 16
  • DSCN0746
    Mizuno JPX-800HD Iron Review

    by tbowles441 GolfWRX and Mizuno deserve a bunch of thanks for allowing me to play and review a bit more than I thought.  Mizuno was gracious enough to review not only their JPX 800 HD irons, but also...

    • Posted 692 days ago
    • 9
  • mp-59
    Mizuno MP-59 Editor Review

    Review by GolfWRX Editor Chisag PROS: With their thin topline and minimal offset, the MP59′s are one of the best looking irons in the address position on the market, if you like the look of a traditional...

    • Posted 701 days ago
    • 19
  • 8f94909e5adbaa08b02b3f78c8ed0f43
    Mizuno MP-69 Irons Review

    by floyd Introduction: This in my non-biased review of the Mizuno MP-69s.  First I must say that I have played Mizuno blades on and off for many years. I have played the MS/MP-9s, MP-11s. MP-14s, MP-29s, MP-33s,...

    • Posted 704 days ago
    • 17
  • 2Y9G2927_resize
    Ping i20 Iron Review

    By Editor Todd Hibbert GolfWRX was invited to test drive Ping’s i20 irons in late 2011, and after hitting them I told the design team they had a decided winner here. An iron that will compete with...

    • Posted 705 days ago
    • 17
  • post-7653-0-63946200-1336744940_thumb
    Mizuno JPX-800 Irons Review

    by golden hawk Reviewed: Mizuno JPX-800 Irons, 4 to GW, Project X 5.0 Shafts About Me: I am 41 years old, playing to a 15~16 HC. I get out about twice a month during the golfing season....

    • Posted 713 days ago
    • 0
  • Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 Irons
    Wilson Staff FG Tour V2 Iron Review

    Editor Review- Pros- A good blend of forgiveness and workability, the V2 Irons are designed for the golfer wanting it all. The 8620 forging gives a player’s feel while the cavity construction provides added forgiveness. The rounded...

    • Posted 719 days ago
    • 1