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  • solheim_470
    PING’s Solheim Proposes Ball Rating System

    An interesting bit of golf equipment news just rolled across my desk. See it in full here: PHOENIX (December 19, 2011) – John Solheim, Chairman & CEO of PING, is proposing that golf’s rule making bodies consider...

    • Posted 1033 days ago
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  • TM_Social_Media_Lockup_2012_550
    WRX EXCLUSIVE! TaylorMade Experts Talked 2012 Product with GolfWRXers

    TaylorMade recently announced the arrival of their new metalwoods and irons for 2012, including more images and information about the incredible new RocketBallz franchise and the next generation of the R series drivers in the R11S. After...

    • Posted 1036 days ago
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  • tom_wishon1
    Tom Wishon Talking to WRX Readers- 10 Myths About Shafts factual info about shafts to help you all

    Before you read Tom’s posting in GolfWRX, if you didn’t know “who Tom is”… Tom Wishon is a golf club designer and researcher. Tom Wishon is a former member of the PGA of America who chose to...

    • Posted 1046 days ago
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  • 2Y9G2582_resize
    GolfWRX Visits TMag in Carlsbad- Trip report

    Special thanks to TaylorMade and Adidas Golf for the invite, inspiration and the time for the visit. About a month ago when planning for Greg’s trip to cover the Chevron World Challenge we contacted a few OEM’s...

    • Posted 1047 days ago
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  • index
    KBS CUSTOM SERIES! 3 Finishes in Black Pearl, Silver Pearl and White Pearl. Check them out!

    Whoa baby! These are some early pics of the upcoming KBS Custom Series, slated for release early 2012. These will soon be available on KBS Tours (Taper Only), all flexes. The finishes, as you can see, are...

    • Posted 1048 days ago
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  • outfitted
    WRX Swag!!! Store is OPEN!!!

    It only took us 7 years to do it but on the 5th of December GolfWRX opened its online store that will sell WRX swag!!! Branded accessories with the “GolfWRX” logo on it. Currently there are 3...

    • Posted 1050 days ago
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  • OH1C
    COBRA PUMA GOLF HOSTS GOLFWRX- ROBO’s Official Golfwrx visit

    WHAT IS UP GANG ….. ROBO is back in ZA HAUUUUUSSSSSSSS Written by ROBOPTI GolfWRX Staff Writer To see the original thread in the forums written by the editor that made the visit with hundreds of pics...

    • Posted 1050 days ago
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  • new look
    New Look- Frontpage and Forums refreshed

    Launching the new look today. Tell us what you think! For those of you that come every day or close to, you will notice a lot of changes. Frontpage and news portal have been totally refreshed and...

    • Posted 1050 days ago
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  • golfwrx logo 1
    The best and largest online golf community –

    GolfWRX is a golf website founded in 2005. Its mission is to cover the latest golf news as well as provide in-depth stories and reviews from both our editors as well as our members. Every month hundreds...

    • Posted 1051 days ago
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  • bettinardiq
    Bob Bettinardi – 2011 BMW COG HILL

    Enjoy this one on one interview with Bob Bettinardi from the range at the BMW Cog Hill.

    • Posted 1051 days ago
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  • post-1027-0-09043800-1321079387_thumb
    Picking the perfect putter

    Picking the perfect putter By Zak Kozuchowski GolfWRX Staff Most golfers own many more putters than they do club championship trophies. But there’s good news for those that would rather sooth their putting woes at their pro...

    • Posted 1053 days ago
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  • index
    Odyssey 2012: Interview with Austie Rollinson

        When Keegan Bradley raised his arms to celebrate his first major championship victory at the 2011 PGA Championship in August, he reached higher than any major champion had ever before — literally. Along with his...

    • Posted 1053 days ago
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  • url
    Why White Worked for TaylorMade

    By Zak Kozuchowski GolfWRX Staff Writer What company has the best new driver? Ask the three players in your foursome, and you’ll probably get three different answers. But if you ask them which company has the most...

    • Posted 1053 days ago
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  • post-1-0-10351200-1320624539_thumb-300x200
    New Callaway Shoes Pics- New Del Mar and RAZR

    Callaway retail 2012 line of golf footwear for men and women. The 2012 line introduces several new styles, including the Company’s most advanced performance golf shoe to date, the RAZR. Combining the most advanced comfort and stability...

    • Posted 1072 days ago
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  • post-35-0-42281800-1320795712_thumb
    Finding Their Groove — Edel Golf’s new wedge and the James Patrick controversy

    When it comes to wedges, bounce is a golfer’s friend. Legendary wedge designer Roger Cleveland will tell you that. Yet the majority of golfers use wedges that have much less bounce than the wedges Tour players use....

    • Posted 1077 days ago
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  • MitsubishiRayonDiamanailima
    Ask Mitsubishi Answered

    Some time ago I started a thread in the forums that posed this: “If you could ask the engineers behind Mitsubishi shafts a technical question (or questions) about their product what would you ask?” The board answered...

    • Posted 1967 days ago
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