Dan Carraher

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I currently teach at Hidden Hills Country Club in Jacksonville, Fla. I began teaching golf in 2001 and have had PGA Tour teaching credentials since 2009. I have been lucky enough to work with players on the PGA, Web.com, LPGA and Symetra tours as well as top amateur and collegiate golfers, including multiple NCAA national champions. I've had two students in the last two years graduate from the Web.com Tour to the PGA Tour. I am constantly trying to push myself to learn as much as possible about golf and many other areas of life.


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  • Golf Sync 3

    Get your arm swing and pivot in sync

    One of the largest problems most golfers face is the hands and arms not moving in sync with their pivots. This causes all kinds of issues with both how they will pivot and the ball flight that...

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  • Hunter Mahan

    Where should my shoulders be at impact?

    There is a lot of conflicting advice about whether the shoulders should be open, square, or even closed at impact. The real answer, like most things in golf, is “it depends.” The key to shoulder position at...

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  • Rory McIlroy Backswing

    Top of the backswing: Cupped, bowed or flat?

    Should a golfer have a cupped, bowed, or flat left wrist position at the top of swing? The answer is it doesn’t matter. Now that’s not 100 percent true, but I will explain why you shouldn’t be paying...

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