It is very difficult to replace a club in my bag that has been ever so faithful to me for the past two plus years. I know that my hybrid never looked at another golfer with envy. I know that I have eyeballed many a possible new hybrid to replace my faithful until the end, Callaway 3H. I find it amazing that I stuck with her for as long as I did. 

You know, I grew tired of her steel core and lusted for a newer, sleeker and avant-garde looking babe to idle away the hours on many a golf course. Being the fickle golfer that I am, I looked at many a new girl, or hybrid. For the time being, I settled on the new Ping Rapture V2 20 degree hybrid. I swear I’ll never date that 3 iron girl again. She just could never be counted upon when you really needed her to take care of your needs. On to my newest love affair, enter the Ping Rapture V2 hybrid. Not only a looker, but a pure performer as well.

According to Ping Golf, they wanted “to ensure forgiving and higher launching results so their engineers relied on the density of a tungsten sole plate in the design of the Rapture V2 Hybrid Series.”

The design features a “sloped crown design and the 112 gram tungsten sole–which represents 48% of the club head’s mass–allows the center of gravity (CG) to be positioned lower and farther back from the face.” The Rapture V2 hybrid’s “larger head profile and longer face increase the moment-of-inertia for improved accuracy and confidence.” All golfers need a lot of both. And me? I’ll take all that I can get. I thought about the Ping G10 hybrid as well, but the Rapture V2 is the one that really caught my eye.

One small thing that I was concerned about was replacing the accuracy of my Callaway Uniflex steel golf shaft. These shafts have always been top- notch performers for a ‘tweener (not regular, yet not stiff) such as myself. No matter how good these steel shafts are, I am always searching for a graphite shaft that I can live with for fairway wood and hybrid shots. Although I really liked the bright green fading into black Ping TFC 939D graphite shaft, I was more worried about what type of ball flight characteristics this Ping graphite shaft would offer me. This Ping shaft offers a very straight and piercing ball flight that really seems to take off and surpasses any expectations that I had for it prior to purchasing it.

I don’t miss my Callaway 3H one tiny bit, not at all. This change is very surprising to me. Why is that?  That Callaway hybrid had been in my golf bag for well over two years. This is a lifetime for a club in my bag! It is now relegated to light duty in my back up golf bag. Compared to the Callaway, the ball really takes off with authority when the V2 hybrid comes into contact with the ball. This is quite pleasing, so much so that I ordered the V2 Rapture 3 wood to replace my Cobra Speed LD-F 3 wood, but I digress, that review is in your future. Because this hybrid is 20 degrees (my old hybrid was 21 degrees) I feel like I can ditch my 19 degree Cobra LD-F 5 wood (and not miss out) and add a wedge if I so desire. In the few rounds that I have played with it, it has become my “go to” club and that says a lot. There is nothing more satisfying than reaching for a club without any doubt. If you are in search of a high performing hybrid, why not check out the new Ping Rapture V2 series, you just might be impressed.

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  1. after hitting a few balls with the Rapture V2 in a proshop I decided to go to my pro and do a club fit along with a product comparison (against my one year-old Callaway hybrid and the brand new Diablos).

    Well the Diablo performed well to say the least but nothing compares to the Rapture. I’ve never felt so excited for a golf club. I had no idea that a specific club could bring my swing to such a level of excellence. The failure rate (missed hit, top, etc…) stands below 20% which is almost impossible to achieve with my current handicap (>95). And I am talking about range balls on the grass, not on a tee.

    This review is *exactly* what I would have written about my own experience. And I am calling the shop right now to order this “magic” club :-)

    Give it a try, you won’t regret it!

    PS: I am going for the regular flex with 20degree

  2. How would you stack up the new TFC939 shaft against the TFC909, and my favorite, the TFC100?

    I’m looking at replacing a 17* G2 5 wood that has the TFC100 shaft (stiff). This Rapture V2 looks like a terrific candidate.

    Thanks for the great review!