Over the next several weeks, Tom Stickney will be presenting a series called, “The Swing In Pictures” on GolfWRX.

Each Monday a different swing position will be coupled with thoughts you (as the player) should pay attention to based on your current handicap level. I would suggest printing each of these articles out and placing them in a binder, as the series will take you from address through the finish from the front and down the line views.

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This article is meant to be used as a general reference for the most common swing model used in today’s game. As with any golf swing, there are personal idiosyncrasies that will alter the look and/or actions of the club shaft and body motions back and through so there will always be exceptions. Please keep this in mind as you read each section. As Homer Kelley identifies in “The Golfing Machine,” there are 446 quad-trillion stroke patterns, or ways to swing the club. You only need to find the one that works best for you.

Golf Swing Follow Through Front View

The Finish (Forward View)

The finish position is the end of your golf swing regardless of where it stops length-wise. This position will give you all the clues you need to understand what happened during the previous swing. Always hold a full-balanced position so you may audit your ball’s flight as well as check for faults within your own motion during the swing.

For the Beginning Player:

  • The nose, sternum, belt buckle, forward leg and forward shoe are all in line.
  • All the weight is on the forward foot allowing perfect balance.
  • The club shaft has rotated into a full finish around the body and is resting on the top of your back if a full swing was employed.
  • The hands have finished in-line with your head.

For the Intermediate Player:

  • The head is looking upwards but still slightly to the right of your ball’s original target line.
  • The forward foot is still flat on the ground restricting excessive hip rotation through the ball.

For the Advanced Player:

  • The shoulders are fully finished and the forward arm is slightly bent.
  • The rear heel is up.

For the Professional Player:

  • The chin is up allowing the shoulders to rotate under without hesitation.
  • The forward knee is straight but not locked-out.
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