Pros: The removable tungsten weights in the sole allow golfers to fine tune head weight, and the grooved hitting area on the 303 Stainless Steel heads gets the ball rolling quickly.

Cons: Those who forward press the putter defeat the purpose of the Rifle Scope technology.

Bottom Line: They’re not cheap ($395), but they’re not supposed to be. These are the fresh, high-tech versions of SeeMore putters that the company’s fans have been asking for.


The Z Series Tour Limited is the newest line in the SeeMore family, and feature the company’s Rifle Scope Technology that ensures square alignment and consistent hand position 100 percent of the time.

With six new designs to choose from, the golfer has the option of a blade-style head or a compact mallet. All of the putters in the line are 100 percent milled using 303 stainless steel, and have two removable tungsten weights in the sole that will allow golfers to fine tune putter head weight from 340 to 360 grams.


The  Z Series putters come in two head shapes, Z2 and Z3, which are available in heel-shafted, center-shafted and offset models. The Z2 is a notchback blade, while the Z3 is a notchback mid-mallet.

“The vision for the ZSeries was to fulfill the need for a blade and mid-mallet putter that each feature the optical benefits of a large SeeMore mallet style,” said John Higgins, national sales manager for SeeMore.

Andre Shmoldas, vice president and head of R&D for SeeMore, said the reason his company decided to release another line of ultra-premium putters, which cost $395 each, was so that the putters could be made using the best materials and the best machines to achieve the best possible result.

The Z-Series Tour Limited putters are available at and in right-hand lengths of 30 to 37 inches. All SeeMore customers can receive tour treatment as the company will customize a putter for length, lie, grip and head-weight for no additional charge.


Simply put, my Z3c putter got my putts started on line and kept them there.


The alignment lines, in combination with the Rifle Scope technology, make alignment very simple for me. My typical miss is a slight push on 5 to 10 footers, but with the SeeMore Putter 99 percent of my misses were speed related.

I was also very impressed with the distance control on longer putts. The alignment aid made trusting my stroke that much easier, which enabled me to free up and really just focus on speed. The heavier head which came in at around 360 grams also allowed me to regulate any flinching at impact.

Looks and Feel

The Z3c I was sent has very crisp lines and a compact head, which is complimented by the signature SeeMore shaft that flows nicely into the top line.

I have been putting with an Odyssey Tri-Hot for the past 12 years, which has very soft face. The one thing that took some getting used to was the crisp feel and sound coming off the face. But while the ball comes off the face quickly, it still has the solid sound golfers associate with a blade.

The Takeaway

In my years in and out of golf shops, I have passed the SeeMore display more times than I can count. I always felt like the technology of the putter only lent itself to a certain type of putting stroke, but man was I wrong.

SeeMore PGA Tour Rep Ted Gallina took me thru a questionnaire that examined my ball flight on full swings, miss tendencies with the putter, glove size, iron specs, etc. to give him the information he needed to fit me for a putter. Not only did the putter perform flawlessly, but it is literally a piece of golf art. The craftsmanship is second to none, and when you get one of these putters in your hands you will understand the $395 price tag.


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John Wunder was born in Seattle, Wash., and grew up playing at Rainier G&CC. He moved to Southern California when he had the rare opportunity of working in the Anaheim Angels clubhouse and has been living in Cali. ever since. He has a severe passion/addiction for the game and has been a member of GolfWRX since 2005. He now works as the Director of Development and Production for The Coalition Group in Los Angeles, Calif.


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  1. Picked up the Z2C recently and I feel it is well worth the price paid. The Z2C has a great solid feel at impact and the alignment aid really helps with consistent ball position. Your ball position won’t be a half inch off with one of these. My stoke has become much more fluid and my hands, arms and shoulders are more relaxed.

  2. Did you put this in your bag? I am debating about a center shafted Odyssey for the very soft feel or the SeeMore z3c.

    Is the feel clicky or solid? I am very interested in these SeeMore Putters, but I lose all feel in my putting when it is a clicky feel.

    Let me know if I make any sense and what your thoughts are. Thanks

  3. Nice review. I’ve always liked Seemore putters, excepet for the light headweights. Nice to see there is some ability to increase it with this series. Would also love to see these offered in their classic black finish.

  4. Great pictures and great review – John. Awesome work. Offerings in z Series for z3 heel (straight) shaft, z3 heel (offset) shaft, blade – z2 heel (straight) shaft, z2 (offset) shaft. Enjoy the entire site – Thanks for all the great information.