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JoFit Ladies Apparel: Review



With a lot of golf apparel companies you can tell exactly what age group the apparel for is geared for, but Jofit isn’t like that. As long as you get a proper fit, JoFit apparel can work for any age group.

The company’s sizes range from XS through XL and sizes 0 through 16. A little insider information; next year they will be adding XXL’s in select styles. If you’re wondering how the clothes run, I’ve found that they are very true to size.

Jofit shirts are designed with darts in the back to give your waist shape. The tops also have a scooped bottom hem that lengthens your leg line so you can swing with confidence. The shirts I received were not overdone at all. The Gracie Sleeveless Top is simple with a subtle pop of color that can be paired with a matching belt that ties it all together. The Performance Polo in cobalt blue is so vibrant and has such a clean and cool feeling to it.

I’m cold all the time, so if I’m wearing a long-sleeved tops I’m constantly pulling the bottoms of my sleeves over my hands to try to get just a little warmer. The jackets Jofit offers have the thumbhole cutouts that are becoming increasingly popular. They eliminate my need to try to pull the sleeves down, so problem solved! I will warn you that you might not want to have the sleeves pulled all the way down when you’re actually swinging, however. You’ll likely lack some stability in your grip.

At first glance, the bottoms I received didn’t have that “Wow!” factor that I typically look for. I was actually a little nervous I wasn’t going to like them. However, when they were paired with the right tops everything came together perfectly. The fit of the bottoms was impeccable. With wide contoured waistbands designed to smooth and flatten your waistline and abdomen, the company’s bottoms are sure to be a real crowd pleaser.

The length of the Belted Golf Shorts is spot-on, measuring in at 16 inches — not too short and not too long. The rear patch pockets are not only the perfect size for a scorecard, they also give your toosh a lift. The Signature Golf Skort is along the same lines, measuring just a little longer at 17 inches in length. The skort is tight enough that it flatters you, but loose enough to be functional when bending to tee your ball up or crouching to read a putt.

Worth mentioning: if you are on the petite side, the company’s one-size-fits-all Jo Belt might not be for you. The end of the belt went all the way to the middle of my back.

Another nice thing about Jofit is that the items it offers can easily crossover to other sports or activities. I read on JoFit’s website that founder and CEO, Joanne Cloak, a.k.a. “Jo,” is a former physical education teacher and lifelong athlete. So she knows that when a woman feels her best, she can perform at her best. My thoughts exactly!

After close review of the items I received, I have decided that they make me feel trendy yet sophisticated at the same time and I want to stock my closet with more Jofit.

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Kimberly Baresel is a long-suffering golf aficionado. She began playing the game at age 16, married into it with her husband Greg, who is a teaching pro, and has worked on the business side of the industry in merchandise for the last 12 years. Working in a pro shop, doing the soft-goods buying has allowed her to examine apparel in an intimate way. Having a petite frame and being unable to find comfortable, stylish apparel is a motivating factor in her writing. Outside of golf, Kimberly loves being a mother to her two adorable little boys. For more apparel reviews, go to



  1. Kimberly Baresel

    Aug 5, 2013 at 1:22 pm

    For 10% off your next purchase enter PROMO CODE AMBGWS at Happy shopping!

  2. Andy

    May 29, 2013 at 6:24 am

    Thanks Kimberly for going to such lengths to help, that’s all really good information.

    You are spot on with LoudMouth. I’m not sure that we can get the custom fit in the UK (will check) but my girlfriend does already own one pair (purchased last year) and they do fit reasonably well. So LoudMouth must be one of the few companies that do make a long leg option. I’m pretty sure that she purchased directly from the LM website in the UK.

    The only problem with LoudMouth is that they are aren’t the trousers for all occasions 🙂 and you might want something a little less offensive in the locker for those more “proper” occasions.

    I will pass all this information on. Thanks again.

  3. Andy

    May 24, 2013 at 5:31 am

    Morning Kimberly. This isn’t related to the article I’m afraid, but I hope you don’t mind.

    My girlfriend has real trouble in finding ladies golf trousers in longer sizes and I wondered if you might be able to help with any ideas of supplier / brands / etc.?

    She’s 5’11”, 9st 4lbs and trousers would need to have a 34″ Leg (minimum). Any recommendations would be appreciated. We live in the UK, but sure we can get any US stuff shipped over. So far all she’s found that fits are selected Chervo ranges (can be expensive) and Mens gear (with obvious disadvantages).


    • Kimberly Baresel

      May 24, 2013 at 10:07 am

      Hi Andy, I’ve done a pretty good amount of research and I can’t seem to find anything. I actually have the same issue and I’m only 5’7″ so I feel for your girlfriend! I’m only 110 pounds so when companies actually do make pants long enough to fit me they usually don’t have them for more petite frames like mine. I actually don’t own one pair of golf pants! I have a couple suggestions. I’m sure they aren’t what you’re looking for but at this time they’re the best I have.

      I think these serve the purpose of keeping her warm on a chilly morning and they’re also cute. And with this length she doesn’t have to worry about them being too short:

      I also sent out an email to all of my current clothing apparel company contacts and the people at Jofit were kind enough to get back to me quickly. Tina with Jofit says “Our pants are 32” inseam length. But I’ll tell you something – I’m 5’9” and I ADORE our cropped pant. We have them in navy and heather charcoal right now. They look like their supposed to….cropped and not just “too short” because we made them long enough to be hemmed if you’re not that tall.”

      I really hope this information helps, Andy. Again, I know it isn’t exactly the answer you were hoping for but I assure you I will keep my eyes and ears open and let you know if I find anything else out.

    • Kimberly Baresel

      May 24, 2013 at 10:33 am

      Also, the people at Nivo just got back to me and apparently their inseam is 33″ and the pants fit their models who are 5’10”. If they were still too short she could look at having the hem let out a little. They don’t have an online store so they might be a little more hard to track down. Here is their store locator:

    • Kimberly Baresel

      May 24, 2013 at 12:03 pm

      I just got word from Loudmouth that they offer up to a 36″ inseam in their Made-to-Order section on their website:

      I hope all this information helps!

  4. Kimberly Baresel

    May 17, 2013 at 11:13 am

    UPDATE: The belts are adjustable, military style. You unbuckle it, pull it to your size, and cut the canvas. Then it fits all!

    Oops!… I’ve never owned this style belt before so I didn’t realize that.

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Apparel Reviews

WRX Spotlight: Etonic Stabi-Loud shoes



Product: Etonic Stabi-Loud shoes

Pitch: From Etonic: “Throughout the years Etonic continued to achieve recognition for its footwear throughout the entire sports industry. From partnering with tennis legend Fred Perry to releasing the signature shoes of NBA All-Star Hakeem Olajuwon, Etonic has shown a passion and dedication to supplying athletes everywhere with the highest quality athletic shoes. Etonic continues to follow its commitment to athletes around the world by producing industry-leading activewear that allows you to achieve your best while feeling your best.”

Our take on the Etonic Stabi-Loud shoe

If you were to think of one Tour player which you would expect to wear the Etonic Stabi-Loud shoe, then who would you pick? I’m confident you all got it right. John Daly is partnered with both Etonic and Loudmouth who collaborated on this shoe, and you’d be hard pressed to find a golf shoe which represented his flamboyant style more than the Etonic Stabi-Loud shoe does.

Looking to create the loudest shoe in golf, Etonic did just that, with bold colors in a zebra style pattern. According to John Holst, VP of Sales for Etonic Golf,

 “The Stabi-Loud shoe is truly one of a kind. If you’re looking for an ultra-comfortable, high performance shoe that will stand out on the course, then look no further!”

What’s more, the color sequences they’ve paired together work excellently. The classic zebra look, the black and orange and particularly the companies deep red and black pattern which looks electric.

The shoes come in four different color schemes and are fully waterproof. The shoe also features a microfiber material which makes the shoe extremely comfortable as well as durable.

The shoe hits the retail market in May, and for those who admire the styles of John Daly, Ian Poulter etc. then you’re likely to love Etonic’s Stabi-Loud Shoe. It covers all the bases in terms of comfort, and if you’re looking to stand out on the course, this shoe will undoubtedly help you achieve that.


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WRX Spotlight: Puma polos



Product: Puma polos

Pitch:  From Puma “A world leader in high-performance sports clothing, Puma launched their first golf collection in 2004 complete with Puma golf shoes and clothing. The collection has gone from strength to strength ever since its creation, with tour pro golfers wearing the range out on the course. With bold colorful clothing to classically sporty and smart pieces, Puma golf is a versatile collection certain to appeal to golfers of all preferences.”

Our take on Puma’s polos

It’s difficult to look past Puma’s 2019 polo collection without seeing its Paradise golf shirt. Showcased by Rickie Fowler during the Island stretch of golf to begin the new year, the unconventional all button up shirt may not be to everyone’s taste, but anyone who pulls the shirt on will likely agree on its comfort. The shirt will channel your inner Ned Flanders, “feels like I’m wearing nothing at all,” and the ultra-lightweight feel combined with the looseness makes it an ideal summer shirt for swinging the club freely on the golf course.

Puma has a lot more polos on offer in 2019 than its Paradise shirt though, and one of the most visually striking shirts of theirs is the Aletknit Radius Golf Polo. The shirt comes in three vibrant colors (blue, white and green), and its camo inspired pattern is subtle and discreet which gives the shirt a cool look without being distracting. Also a lightweight polo, the Aletknit Radius Golf Polo features a clean three button look, as well as a very comfortable fit, and its dryCell technology means you won’t be drenched in sweat this summer.

Then there’s the Rotation Golf Polo which comes in both solid and stripes styles. The shirts offer a very modern feel and look, and you certainly won’t be disappointed with the selection of colors which the shirts come in, with an abundance on offer.

On the throwback front, Puma has you covered with their Nineties Golf Polo, with a striped shirt style and color. There are five different color blocks to choose from which are about as representative of spring/summer as I’ve seen, and the shirts also come with Ultraviolet Protection Factor, which is a nice summer touch.

The Faraday Polo is according to the company itself “one of our best”. Lightweight and one of the softest shirts they provide, it’s hard to disagree with them in terms of comfort level. The only off-putting feature of this shirt for me is the odd unfinished lining around the pocket.

The exhaustive selection of golf polos provided by Puma is impressive, and they’ve covered everything you’d want in a golf shirt in each of their styles. Prices range from $50-$70, and no matter what your taste, you’re bound to find a great summer golf shirt to add to your collection from their 2019 lineup.


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WRX Spotlight: 2UNDR performance underwear



Product: 2UNDR performance underwear

Pitch: From 2UNDR: “Inspired by the kangaroo-pouch, we set out to create a high performance men’s athletic underwear, with the versatility of everyday use. Using the most advanced construction techniques and materials, we were able to separate your equipment from your body to reduce unwanted skin-on-skin contact. With more support than a standard brief and improved airflow to keep you cool, the 2UNDR™ products provide the best fit, comfort and style a man could ever need.”

Our take on 2UNDR underwear

There was a lot of big news made this year when Rickie, you know THE Rickie on tour, changed balls, switching to the all-new TaylorMade TP5, and winning only a few events later. BUT another switch for Rickie this year flew way under the radar…and under his fitted Puma pants. It had everything to do with balls, but nothing to with urethane or five layers: I’m talking his 2UNDR Performance Underwear.

From desk jockeys to runners, and everything in between (including golfers) we all want down there comfort. With 2UNDR you get exactly that, thanks to their JoeyPouch technology, which keeps everything together yet spaciously separated for comfort and moisture wicking. I know it seems silly, but speaking from experience: after switching to 2UNDR over six years ago, I have never looked back to the days of plain old cotton, for both day to day and especially on course.

There is a lot of technology packed into each pair of 2UNDR. That, along with some serious attention to detail, make sure you are comfy all day long. The tech in each pair of 2UNDRs includes a reinforced and roll-resistant waistband, precisely placed seems around the garment to prevent any “rub zones,” and, of course, the patented JoeyPouch to keep the precious goods (OK, fine I’ll just say it, we’re all adults: testicles) right where they should be.

For the sake of argument I think having used a product for more than 6 years puts this into the category of “long-term review,” and from this 2UNDR loyalist I have nothing but glowing things to say. The durability I have experienced from the many pairs I have has been excellent, and I take ZERO special care of these; washer and dryer every time and they are the same fit and comfort wear after wear, including a nice fit around the thigh where undies usually lose shape the quickest. The only complaint I could have had was tweaked a few years ago from their first iteration which had the tag on the front sewn on in a little patch. It it now built right into the waistband so it has zero chance of ever falling off.

On the course for me is where these stand out. I’m a Swing Shift user and can’t begin to tell you how many times on a hot summer day my 2UNDRs make that last walk up the 18th hole just a comfy as walking off the first tee four hours earlier. To be real frank they hold everything in place and eliminate the need for that layer of baby powder that you may be used to applying with traditional boxers. The waistband never bunches, even with a shirt tucked in with a belt, which might seem like a small thing but with all the twisting and bending we do as golfers around our midsection, even if you are a cart rider, gives you one less thing to worry about.

Speaking of worrying, just like with so many things with not just golf, but in life, its often the small details that can make or break any product — the expensive shoes that just rub your heel the wrong way, the hat that doesn’t sit “just right,” the location of the second button on a dress shirt (please do yourself a favor and watch Seinfeld if you don’t get that reference). It’s only the things we never think about that are really the most comfortable; like your favorite pair of jeans, or in my case wearing anything but 2UNDR Swing Shifts. The only thing you’ll have to think about is which colors or patterns to choose — there are A LOT!!!

I don’t really say this about too many products, but if aren’t wearing 2UNDR undies, you might need to seriously take a look in the mirror and evaluate your underpants situation. You can find 2UNDR available at most golf shops that know what’s up, or online through their website.



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