Exclusive video: Rickie Fowler joins Cobra, see WITB

by   |   January 23, 2012
Rickie Fowler

Cobra Golf and Rickie Fowler made it official today, with Rickie joining the Cobra Professional Staff. Rickie dropped by for quick interview at a rainy Del Mar Country Club. Check out the new sticks! Cobra AMP Pro Proto blades. WOW!

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  1. Kasey Yardley

    January 28, 2012 at 10:26 am

    Though I’m a huge Titleist supporter and it’s sad to see him go, I think this is a good move forward Rickie. He is sort of a brand pioneer; has been for Puma and will be for Cobra. He’s going to bring masses of people over to Cobra golf, which that brand has needed for a while.
    I don’t think the switch will hurt his game at all because they practically built his Titleist blades with a Cobra logo on them, so the change shouldn’t be too significant. And he’s still putting with the Scotty and hit the Vokey’s, so he’s feeling pretty comfortable from what I gather.
    All in all, sad to see Rickie leave TItleist, but proud of his courage in making his own path.

    …and finding a brand that will let him put orange on everything. It’s getting to be a little much, just saying.

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