Greg Hopkins, who resigned as the CEO of Cleveland Golf/Srixon in September, has established his own wedge company, Hopkins Golf.

Starting June 1, golfers will be able to get a set of the wedges that company calls “PGA Tour caliber.”

“For years, the ability for golfers to acquire Tour-authentic equipment has been very difficult, if not impossible,” Hopkins said in a company press release. “In fact, if people did find a way, it proved to be extremely expensive and they waited a long time before they could play with their new clubs.”

According to Randy Romberg, vice president of marketing for Hopkins Golf,  the wedges will be available in seven different grinds, although all seven will not be available for each club. For example, the 50-degree wedge will have three different grinds available, whereas the 54-degree will have six different grinds.

Full details on the wedges, such as the price of the wedges as well as some of the technical aspects, have yet to be finalized. While a specific price has yet to be set, Romberg promised the wedges would sell for less than what is currently available on the market.

Romberg estimated that there are “20-something” different wedge varieties, each with the ability to be customized to include a player’s initials, preferred paint-fill color and hand stamping.

These clubs will only be available through Hopkins Golf’s website, which will help keep the cost of them down.

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  1. I really like what Mr. Hopkins has to say about tour quality equipment. The low handicapper needs to have access to better equipment without paying an arm and a leg for it. I’m all for getting better stuff wnd joining the exclusive club!