Phil Mickelson started 2013 with a cut-down SuperStroke 21-inch putter grip on his Odyssey gamer, which better accommodated the “claw” grip he started using in 2012.

A few weeks later, Mickelson ditched it for one of Odyssey’s new Versa putters and went back to his old grip. In true Phil fashion, the new putter only lasted a couple of weeks in the bag before he put a different putter back in the bag, still sans-SuperStroke.

This week at the Arnold Palmer invitation, Phil is back with a Versa putter and a SuperStroke grip, although different versions. Unlike the old SuperStroke grip, which had a 1-inch diameter, Phil’s new SuperStroke “Slim” grip has a diameter of 1.3 inches. It’s also lighter than his previous grip by about 30 grams.

The new Versa putter Phil is gaming has the same “white-black-white” paint scheme, but adds a white sight line in the back flange that is perpendicular to the Versa’s parallel lines and appears to have more offset than any putter we’ve seen Phil use in the past. It also has Odyssey’s slightly firmer “Metal-X” insert, which is anodized to be black instead of its usual silver to keep with the Versa’s black-and-white theme.

That’s not all. Mickelson also added a custom black-colored shaft to the Versa putter, giving it a totally custom look that gear heads will be hard at work trying to replicate in their garages tonight.

Specs: 34 inches, 3.5 degrees of loft and a 75-degree lie angle.

Check out the photos we snapped of Phil with his new putter at Bay Hill below, and Click here to read what members are saying in the forums.


Click here to read what members are saying in the forums.


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  1. I am digging this putter. I don’t know if I buy into the white/black/white sandwich really helping with alignment but it looks great especially with that shaft. Amazing to see the fast ramp on SuperStroke even though the effect doesn’t seem to be lasting for Jason Dufner this year.

  2. Anyone else think Phillip has too much pride to ditch the heel shafted putters in favor of something that actually works with his stroke?

    I have an idea for you Phil– get a Reuter Bullseye with the notch and throw a round grip on it. Problem solved.

  3. Phil mickelson is one of my favorite golf players; hence I’m a left hand golfer as well but…. as uncle si would say “good NIT!!!!” I mean common..I think is going a little over the top with the putter changing this season, I honestly think now it might be a compulsive disorder,…in the back of my head I see Phil talking to odyssey saying I want this with that ,black shaft,verdical and perpendicular alignment aids,1″ thicker super stoke grip, black shaft to reduce glare…odysseys response , umm ok Phil I guess, boys we got some work to do….what else can you put on a putter?

    Phil is great, I just think he is over analyzing the putter, there all # 9 style putters, just work what you have and work on the stroke, + didn’t see much improvement on his putting yesterday

  4. Phil’s got a Versa putter ,with a Metal X insert, a shaft from the Black ProType line and a Superstroke Grip. As an endorser he has the entire putter line in one putter. I thought maybe he would stay with the putter he won with at WM in AZ. Good Luck Phil. Is he back to a forward press too?