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Member cradd110: I had a fitting with a Nike rep this weekend and according to him, Tiger will put the Covert Driver into play this weekend. He says Tiger has been testing the performance model and likes it a lot. I think this rep was just trying to sell me a red driver and doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Can’t wait to see pics from Greg though.

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The USGA Conforming Driver List has two new Covert Tour drivers that we’ve yet to see on any tour. Neither has a weight screw and the sole has been slightly altered, especially around the Flex Loft adaptor. Has the screw been removed in order to create more spin in the tour model for a certain staffer that likes to shape the ball off the tee with a driver in his hands?

For more information on the Covert and Covert Tour drivers, see our Nike Covert Driver Editor Review

Version 3

Covert version 3

Version 4

Covert V4

via Click here to read all the discussion in the forums.

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  1. The drivers are referred to as Version 3 and Version 4. The crown of the club is plain with no swoosh and no graphics. They are for use only by Tiger and he has been demoing both since a November trip to the Oven. The only flaw in them to him is that they go too straight. Tiger likes to work the ball and with the spin rate down he has been having a tough time creating spin and/or aiming straight with the Version 3/4 models. This is as much info as I’ve gained from a source I have who is very close to the matter. He estimates that Tiger will switch at some point, but that time is closer to summer. He just does have the reps on it yet.