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Callaways first venture into the adjustable weight and face angle driver category. Out the box the driver comes loaded with 12g and 2g removable weights in the sole in the toe and heel positions. Face angle is adjustable from S (standard) C (closed 1.5 degrees) and O (Open 2.5 degrees).

In addition to being Callaway’s first adjustable driver, the RAZR fit also has the latest technology in a newly designed and optimized hyperbolic face. This new face is designed to maintain ball speeds outside of the main sweetspot and work with the new overall weighting redesign of the head.

· Clean design from address (no alignment aids)
· Not sure how many CC’s but does not seem like 460cc
· Face is adjustable and it’s noticeable when changed
· Familiar feel and sound to FT9-TA (my favorite driver over the years)
· Headcover is nice and easy to use and protective.
· The face angle is adjustable independent of shaft rotation *thank you*
· 12g and 2g weights make noticeable difference as well.
· Golf Pride Dual Multicompound as stock grip
· Can use other MFG wrenches

· Less adjustments then competitors
· Designed for shaft
· .350 sleeve
· What took you so long

This driver is very close to becoming my gamer and unseating the Callaway FT9-TA that I have had in the bag going on 3 years plus. The ballspeed is nearly equal to the FT9-TA, the forgiveness is superior and right now all I need to do is bring down my spin and landing angle degree which I think I will be able to do with some shaft tweaks. The driver is very playable as is, but being how I am….well I am very particular to the ballflight I want to see. In the words of Tiger Woods “I’m close ”

Click here to see more pics and read the discussion in the forums

LOOKS ( 4.5 Stars)
All business from address, the way it should be. Callaway in my view was very smart to keep it simple with no alignment aids and all black. Yes I prefer the overall shape from the top of the FT9-TA since the RAZR Fit seems ever so slightly elongated to the rear, but I no longer have to look at a glued seam so it’s a trade off that I am willing to live with.

Now to the face which of course has some funny shaped hyperbolic symbol in the center which Callaway in one form or another has been using for years. Do I like it ? Of course not, boy I would just love some simple scoring lines straight across the face, but that’s me. The overall face shape is similar to my FT9-TA with the exception of the heel area which seems to have gotten smaller. The face is not quite as deep as other drivers as well, which should help with launch conditions.

The sole is pretty simple to me, couple weight ports and plenty recognizable emblem for those hawkeyed GolfWRX members that watch TV coverage for equipment changes in SuperG slo mo.

You can tell from what I have written about this driver so far, I like it. For me the driver is the most important part of the game and it’s what I struggle with the most. If I hit fairways or minimize the misses I can score. I guess that comes with all the years of having to get myself out of terrible positions because of my weak driving accuracy..ala the late Seve.

Direction: I am not a big worker of the ball with the driver.. maybe 5-10 yards in either direction max. This driver is very straight and I like it. Sure I can move it a little if I try, but honestly it moves it fine by my standards and more important than that, it goes more of less where I am aiming.

Forgiveness. This is where I feel this driver excels the most at. In the 4 rounds I have played with the driver my fairways hit is between 60-65% which for me is extremely good. As mentioned earlier this is a big weakness in my overall game. Now you can’t spray it all of the face and expect any driver to work, but with no change in my normal routine and the percentage up 10-15%… speaks volumes to me.

Ball flight. With the stock RIP’d NV in stiff ball flight was high and a tad spinney compared to what I am used to. Moved on to the Tour AD Di-6s (tipped 1 inch) and ballflight remained high, maybe even slightly higher than the RIP’d NV, but the spin was reduced with the Tour DI and my average drives increased by a few yards. Recently went for shaft #3 just to see and wow !…this might be a winner. I still need to get this combo on the course but I am pleased with what I see . Overall my summary would be higher than stated loft ballflight wise with mid to midhigh launch conditions.

FEEL ( 4.5 stars )
So much of feel for me is attached to the sound and this club does not disappoint in that regard. It’s not loud, it’s not overly muted..Just very very solid sounding. The ball shots off the face and you know instantly where you hit it. Definitely one of the better feeling and sounding drivers I’ve hit in recent memory. Granted you strike it near the center J Extreme heel and toe shots will be punished feel wise as expected.

Now on to the shaft, the club comes stock with Aldilia RIP’D NV which is weighted around 60g. On the frequency meter it just reached the stiff area on the chart. The shaft is pretty good for a stock offering and will probably fit a good number of people looking for mid launch and mid spin characteristics. It held up pretty well to my overswings and had a good overall weight and release at impact. Sure there is always better, but it’s a good overall start.

OVERALL (4.5 stars)
Nothing is a 5 for me.. so 4.5 is just about as high as I could rate any driver or club for that matter. Gone are the worries about melting a seam on their flagship drivers and for someone who changes shafts often this is a welcome design change. Callaway indeed does deliver the good with this new bigstick. The Razr Fit to me combines the best combination of looks, forgiveness and distance performance I’ve seen to date in a driver and was worth the wait.

The Callaway FT9-TA has long been the king of drivers in my bag and this may soon change with my latest shaft change to the RAZR Fit. Expect more FT-9 TA’s to be hitting Ebay soon, I have already sold all my backup FT9-TA already…..

Click here to see more pics and read the discussion in the forums

The retail driver will be available sometime in the first quarter of 2012 for a price estimated to be $399 US and be available in lofts of 8.5, 9.5,10.5,11.5 and come shafted with an Aldila RIP’D NV Shaft.

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  1. Thanks , I have recently been searching for info about this subject for a
    long time and yours is the best I have came upon till now.
    But, what in regards to the bottom line? Are you sure concerning
    the supply?

  2. I absolutely love my taylormade superfast 2.0 BUT today it took a back shelf to the callaway rzr fit.
    I went to local pro shop today with my brother to help him pick out a new driver, I have golfed longer then him and know a bit more and have a better swing so he wanted me along to help him compare clubs for him. The pro shop was having Black Friday sales going on so we went to outdoor heated range and indoor track man system. I started out with the TM 2.0 (my club) to get a base line was swinging good also tried cobra amp, tm rbz one and stage 2, off set cobra amp, callaway hawk,cleveland black? Also adams? R 1 all in stiff shaft and 10.5 degree I hit about 10 to 11 degree angle ave 108 mph swing and the callaway rzr fit was by far for me the winner I would hit around 255 with a 270yard poke once in awhile with mostly straight with a fade now and then with my driver the TM 2.0 all the other drivers we tried today gave the same results some more consistent straight but not as far thought I had the best driver for me then I got to the callaway and used a 9.5 adjusted closed to 10.5 degree also tried a 11.5 degree opened to a 10.5 degree and the 11.5 was slightly better all around then my current club but not enough to buy it then I tried the 9.5 and gained about 15 real yards no bull crap like most people say in these reviews I really averaged 15 yards more and so straight it was very easy to hit this club I turned the club to its original 9.5 and it got better I always struggle with 9.5 and truly believe most guys should hit a 10.5 or higher for accuracy but would ever reason the ball flight was killer low and long I played with the weights and I could draw it the adjustability really works. I’m 6 foot tall 240 pounds and swing smooth but fast 105 average and I can hit this one 275ish over and over I can hit it 10.5 degree or 9.5 degree both straight or draw this club does what it says love it by now I’m sure you figured out I walked out with one on sale for 117.00 highly recommend doing the fitting track man thing It made a big difference in finding my club and degree and extra yards that were always there but I was not set up with proper equipment. Funny thing is my brother couldn’t find anything that he liked. When we walked out to outdoor range and started hitting the select few that track man recommended it was clear to booth of us the callaway fit was the winner very straight very long love it highly recommend you try it before you buy other club at least throw it in with the others you try.

  3. I just bought this driver for just $99 after reading this review and the comments. Before i had a 10.5 stiff driver with 300cc of 7 years old. I have an average of 220 meters with that. Tomorrow i will hit the Razr Fit for the first time with 11.5 and stiff flex. I will let you guys know the difference between old and this modern driver…

    Man, Handicap 18.2 and 33 years old

  4. I recently switched to the Razr Fit around 6 months ago. I originally purchased the 9.5 degree, but have since switched for an 8.5 degree head. I also switched the stock stiff shaft our for an Accra shaft. This driver is outstanding (long and very straight). I am literally out distancing my Supertri, G20, and K15 by 20 to 35 yards on every drive. I also tried the Razr Extreme, and the Fit was far superior for me.

  5. I’ve been playing the RAZR Fit for 6 months now. I recently tried all of the “new” drivers is a simulator (RAZR fit extreme, R1, RBZ Stage 2,Ping g25, and others). None outperformed my RAZR Fit. The closest was the RBZ Stage 2, but it launched a little too high.

    I’m a 5 hcp and use the 9.5 degree set open with the stock weight placement, stiff RIP’D shaft. I absolutely love the feel of the RAZR Fit. When you hit it solid you know it. It’s muted and just sounds perfect. Ball flight is mid to low and runs out great. I would recommend anyone buy this driver while you can still find it.

    • I bought the R1 from my buddy, and the Razr FIT just jumps off the face. I was just hitting again today (I hve a 103 MPH swing), and the R1 seems just dead when I hit it. The Razr FIT smoked it. My driver is my crux, and I have tried everything. Nothing is better than the Razr FIT.

  6. Just tried my Razrfit driver 10.5 r flex (that I bought before the Wisconsin winter) – added at leases 35 yards to my distance.. Normally I’m a 220 – with this I have for the first time ever consistent been on 250+, some instances 269+
    Feels good too.

  7. This club is unbelievable long and accurate. I hit some bombs yesterday absolute bombs when you hit the center of the club watch this bad boy go go go go go g oooooooooooooooooooo………. 5 STAR..

  8. I bought one of the RAZR’s and played it for a while. I really liked the distance but couldn’t shape the ball nearly as well as I can with my R11s. Also I couldn’t find anywhere that sells it “stock” with an x flex shaft. The stiff was supposedly rated to 110mph which is only slightly lower than my swing speed. However I found that when i reached back for a few extra yards it always produced a horrible slice. I liked the few extra yards it gave me but in the end was not worth the extra $300 I was going to have to pay to get a nice shaft that fit my swing and get it installed.

    I am a 10 handicap and play a R11s with an Aldila RIP beta 70g xflex

  9. I just bought the Razr Fit driver last week and had my first couple of games with it. Feels great over the ball and the head is not too large compared to others on the market today.

    Still experimenting with the weights to find out what is right for me. So far though I really love this driver.

  10. I just bought the Razr Fit and I couldn’t believe the difference. Hitting more farways and about 20 yards futher. I like the sound at impact. It does not seem like it is going to go futher but it just keeps going. The different adjustments make a huge difference also. I am hooked it is the best driver I have ever hit.

  11. I purchased the Nike mach speed back in December and have struggled ever since, i’ve been looking for a driver that will hit the slight draw which gives consistent distance and shape. I’ve tried out the titleist 910d3 9.5 stiff with aldila rip and found it to dip to quickly thus resulting in less carry and distance. Basically, just want to know from people who have the razr fit driver and have swing speed of around 95-98 if it Flies further than your previous drivers and what shafts you have in it?

    • I too had the Nike machspeed srt8 driver. Didn’t like when you adjust it the grip is out of place. So I bought the Calloway RAZR fit driver and Wow!!!!! 280 of the bat. I have a natural draw and tend to hit a hook. Changed the face to open and was hitting straight shots with light draw. But I got more flight and more roll with the RAZR fit. Plus I use pro v1x and with that ball it just flys off the face. Plus I added to the wight. I put some zinc washers in the top wight. Went to range and wow straight as an arrow . Hope this helped.

  12. John the revue was very informative – but you failed to mention the 3rd shaft option that you ended up going with – please let me know what it was and what it did to your ball flight – cheers.

  13. I purchased this driver and it came with 6 and 2 weights. I am really having trouble with my drives going to the right now. What adjustments can I make? More weight on the toe? Change the face? I have it on open. I have the 11.5 loft and that is working well. Every shot is going right. What the heck am I doing wrong?

  14. I ended up with Razr tour and the project x stiff. Just cannot get Aldiss shafts to perform for me. Had played the r11 for about a month and couldn’t keep it in the fairway. My last 6 rounds with the Razr are all in the low 80’s because I am I. The fairway and not punching out for the trees. Previous rounds with the r11 were I the high 90’s.

  15. I too switched from a Taylor Superfast and I am not sorry. This club has given me 27 more yards consistently. It’s just an amazing driver. Now if they developed a razr putter hmm.

  16. Like Joe S I started with an R11S. In store I hit it fine, but on course it went right and farther right. Hit the Razr Fit at PGA Superstore in the PING simulator. I hit PING G20, Titleist D2. Didn’t hit either well, fadey, and not great distance. Could not get comfortable with either one. Finally
    I hit the Razr Fit in all varieties. My swing speed was about 95 mph. 2400 RPM spin on average, 14 degrees of launch angle. For me the best fit was a 10.5, Stiff flex standard shaft. Hit it 260 in store with some draw (light weight in the toe). On Saturday I played 18 and hit the ball ( new Callaway Black) about 250-270 with a little draw. I hit 12 fairways. I need to dial it in a bit, but the club worked very well for me. I am 57, 5’9, play to a 5 handicap with driver being my weakness. Play twice a week.

  17. Nice review. I originally purchased the r11s the week it came out. My local Roger Dunn shop lets me play it for 90 days or I can swap it if I don’t love it. As my 90th day was fast approaching, I figured I did my self a dis-service by just assuming TMade was the best. I took out the Cobra, RBZ-Tour, my r11s, and the RAZR fit. Quickly I narrowed it down to the RAZR – RBZ Tour was junk. I hit 5 with r11s, 5 with RAZR, and back and forth for 30 balls (after I was already warmed up). My misses (probably about 10% of the time) with the r11s were horrible and have been horrible during regular play – snap hooks that barely left the ground, the miss hits with the RAZR just turned into pulls, but still got out 240 and would have been playable for sure. This alone made me want the club, but the pure distance increase was ridiculous. My buddy (5 handi) was with me. Hitting the r11s on the screws, 245 carry, probably 260 roll out at the range (there was a hill and on the hill was a 250 flag). The r11s made it over the hill maybe 4 times in my 20 shots. The RAZR fit was over the hill EVERYTIME. The carry was at least 10 more yards. I wouldn’t believe me if I wasnt there either..I know. My friend was freaking out that the r11s was so weak compared to this. Needless to say, I switched.

    About me:
    RAZR fit Stiff 9.5. I am a 11 handicap, but have shot in the mid 70’s on occasion. I play weekly. Live in Orange County, CA…hope this helps

  18. This is the absolute best driver ever made. I bought mine this morning, and the difference between my drives today vs my drives using my previous driver (Taylormade Burner Superfast) was ASTONISHING!!!

    The Razr Fit is EXTREMELY long and accurate. The off center hits are very forgiving and the ball keeps flying decently.

    This is a MUST BUY for everyone. Trust me, you won’t regret it! This is the ONLY club for which I would say “it helps improve your game”. Even if you have a lousy swing such as I do.

  19. Speaking of shaft tweaks…how do you feel the club would perform with a Bassara ultra-lightweight shaft. I produce a 95mph swing on average with a slight slice. I’d like to add some distance to my drives while reducing spin. Any suggestions on a good shaft?