Check out the photos of Adam Scott’s new Scotty Cameron long putter — a Futura X Prototype — that he’s using this week at the Northern Trust Open.

Scott resurrected his career when he made the switch to a 49-inch Scotty Cameron Kombi-S long putter, but after the announcement of the USGA’s plan to ban anchored putters was spotted practicing with a short putter at the 2012 Australian Open.

The Futura X Prototype appears to have a similar body structure to the Kombi, which was rebranded as the “Big Sur” in 2012, but has a u-shaped rear section that holds two “Circle T” weights in the extreme heel and toe areas. The original Futura has a similar stainless steel bar in the rear section of the putter head that held 75 percent of the putter’s weight. But the bar was thinner, held no removable weights and was positioned in the opposite direction as the one on Scott’s putter head.

Could this be the next mallet released from Mr. Cameron? We wouldn’t doubt it, but we’re sure if it is released it won’t come with the Tour only Circle T weights.



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  1. How long is it going to take all the Scotty followers to realize that all he is doing is copying successful Putters and charging an arm and a leg for them. His design, the Futura went over like a lead balloon. Of course as he says, I just make them look better, and laughs all the way to the bank.

  2. What kind of originality do you people want? I’m no Scotty Cameron addict like I know many are (equally as many hate for whatever reason…I think jealousy)… There’s not a whole lot more anyone can do to a putter to add technology or originality…but maybe Adam Scott requested a putter head that’s like a tm spyder or bobby grace, it’s just an extremely high moi mallet with as much weight to the back corners as possible. He’s a titleist guy if he wants that thing painted white and had a good reason I’m sure Scotty would do it because that’s what he’s there for, to pamper his tour pros, not to make overprice “knockoff” putters, in fact it’s mostly a product of us wrxers that assign such value to this “circle t” stamp and thus yield a high price tag….anyway the reason I don’t like Adams new putter us because he should be having Scotty make him some prototype shorties and keep practicing, not go further in the opposite direction.

  3. Wow, a Scotty Spyder…. Sweet! Keep your eyes peeled, there will be one on EBay for a bazillion dollars by next Thursday! Everyone get their Paypal loaded! It looks like s***

  4. i woudn’t care if i win and teased by people that i dont know. im $1 million richer and they are not. who cares about what others saying? he is making more money than ever with his long putter.