Let’s face it, the weather in unpredictable. One minute, it could be perfectly sunny and 30 minutes later, clouds could take over most of the sky.

That can create a problem with your sunglasses, but Oakley Golf has come up with a solution for that.

With its Switchlock Technology, wearers can switch out the lenses in their sunglasses to coordinate with how bright it is on the course. Simply put, this technology can gently lock in lenses without bending or scratching them, while also makes it easy to remove them.

This feature can be found on two of Oakley’s most popular sunglasses models: Fast Jacket and RadarLock. Each pair of those glasses are available for $220 on Oakley’s website.

In partnership with Transition Lenses, each pair of lenses can adjust to the amount of light. But each pair of glasses come with at least two sets of lenses that are created specifically for different conditions.

[youtube id=”vqKeYRtBx9U” width=”620″ height=”360″]

The Fast Jacket comes with two sets, one for bright sun and the other for lower-light conditions. The RadarLock also comes with two different lenses, each a different shape.

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