Golf Pride has been a leader on tour in golf grip usage for decades, but they’ve lagged behind their competitors recently by not providing many bold color choices in their lines. For 2013, Golf Pride is introducing the brightest grips in company history, its Niion grips.

The rubber grips, which are pronounced “Neon,” are available in five different colors — dark blue, white, green, yellow and orange — and use three different textured surfaces to make the grip stable and durable. One of those sections, which has a 3-D hexagonal texture that is located in key areas where the upper hand is placed, is stiffer than the other parts of the grip to reduce torque. What many golfers will probably like most about it, however, is that it’s painted a different color than the rest of the grip, giving it the cool factor that many golfers have been looking for from a Golf Pride grip.

Golf Pride has also refreshed two of its older grips — the New Decade MultiCompound and Z-Grip models.

Golf Pride’s New Decade grips were already available in six colors, black/white, black/dark blue, black/orange, black/yellow, black/green and black/red, as well as five “Whiteout” models, which trade the black upper hand section for a white upper hand section and were available in white/black, white/red and white/dark blue.


For 2013, Golf Pride has introduced a black/black model with just enough white paint in the lower section of the grip so that it’s not mistaken for one of the company’s Tour Velvet models. There’s also a white/green Whiteout model with a hint of yellow that will be popular with Masters fans.

Golf Pride’s red, white and blue Patroit grip has been reborn as an all-rubber Z-Grip, which has a red cap, blue body and white Z-Grip channels. As always with Golf Pride’s Patroit models, a portion of the sales for the Z-Grip Patriot will be donated to the Folds of Honor Foundation that provides scholarships and other assistance to the children and families of soldiers disabled or killed in service.

Check out the video below for more information on the new grips:

[youtube id=”fRR9fgZgTic” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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  1. bought new Niion grips for my irons. 11 handicapper. I don’t use a glove. I’ve used several differant styles of Golf Prides for years, and replace grips twice a year due to 125 plus rounds per year. Just tried the new Niion for two rounds and hated the feel. Too slippery in humid conditions. Let go of two clubs. Never happened before. Removed them after 2 rounds and went back to Tour Wrap.

    Very disappointed with the performance of the Niion grips, even though they looked great. Bad choice for me.

  2. I’ve played Golf Pride tour velvet for most of my life as a golfer and had the opportunity to hit balls at the golf pride tent on demo day with the Niion Grips, the blue grip to be more specific. Shot feedback was definitely enhanced and overall I felt very comfortable with this grip. Very cool design and look forward to regripping with Niion this spring. Does anyone know when these grips will be available in stores and where they can be purchased?