Golfers hear a lot about “staying connected” during the golf swing. Meet The Golf Swing Shirt, a lightweight spandex-like shirt that brings meaning to the concept.

The Swing Shirt is endorsed by Padraig Harrington and legendary instructor Jimmy Ballard, and has a single, forward-facing sleeve that allows golfers to slide both arms through to keep their arms from separating too much during the swing. The company says it helps golfers engage their large muscles and become less reliant on their hands.

“The package ties you down and gets your elbows down,” Ballard said, who told us that The Golf Swing Shirt is one of the best training aids he’s ever used in the 50 years he’s been teaching the golf swing. “[With The Golf Swing Shirt] you use your big muscles — you use your core.”

Like many training aids, the swing shirt looks a bit awkward to wear, but it’s actually very comfortable. After trying it, you can definitely feel the “connection” it creates in the swing.

It’s an ingenious “why didn’t I think of that?” design that is sure to help players understand what their instructors have been trying to get them to feel for years.

Look for this to be a hot training aid for 2013. Check out the photos below, as well as the video with former long drive champion Art Sellinger and Ballard that discusses the product in more depth.

[youtube id=”P4ORQb1NC6w” width=”620″ height=”360″]

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  1. Isnt the Swing Jacket similar to this? Keeping your arms connected to your body. I used the Swing Jacket and still found myself getting across the line at the top even though I felt more connected? This looks like it wouldnt allow that.

  2. The only drawback that I see with this shirt is the embarrassing appearance and the fact that you really can’t use it as you play a round of golf. Keeping the leading arm straight in the back-swing and forward through to impact is so important. GOLFSTR is another training aid introduced at the PGA Show which reminds you to keep the leading arm straight and you can easily play 18 holes while wearing it. Looks great, so easy to use and one size fits all.

  3. Does anyone have any feedback on sizes? I looked on their website and do not fit into any of the categories. I am 6’3″ and weigh 250lbs. I am not sure if I should order the size 7 or 8. Appreciate any feedback.

  4. I like the Idea!! I’m just curious how restricted the matterial is in your arms at address, top of te back swing and in the follow through? Not everyone is built the same (i know there are different sizes) and how stretchy is this material as I think you would want to feel connected but not restricted, hopefully there is enough give in the material so that you still feel the swing and not so restricted that the swing feels just to constricted. For those who have tried it what do you think?

    • It is a different version but MUCH improved in my opinion. I have used both and I find the golfshirt to be the better product. The video really spells it out…it gives you great feedback that you can take the course as mentioned by a few you can use it for putting and chipping as well.

    • A bit restrictive at first but, you get over it pretty quickly. I am 5’9″ and weigh 170…I have a size 5 which fits just right…provides great feedback as stated by others.

  5. This type of innovation is something that golf needed years ago. Becoming disconnected is one of the common faults I see amongst golfers every weekend.

    The ‘Swing Shirt’ can help many golfers particularly during the downswing and through the impact area when they usually ‘chicken wing’ most of their shots.

  6. I purchased a Swing Shirt several weeks ago after my instructor said I needed to work on “being connected”. It works. I use it for 5-10 minutes during my practice routine then hit balls. I will go back and forth to ingrain the feeling. Easy transition from using it to not using it. Made me swing more upright and helps prevent casting and the dreaded over the top move. Well worth the money I spend on it. My pro in Southern Pines NC liked it too. Highly recommend it. Hcp: 9

  7. Love the swing shirt and Jimmy is about the coolest dude around. While no one training aid can fix everything, the swing shirt does a really good job of keeping you connected. What many people don’t realize is that it is equally good for chipping and putting practice.