Sometimes it’s the simple things that makes all the difference.

Capturing your swing with your phone on video is something that is relatively new in golf. In the recent years, cell phones have become so good at shooting video golfers can use them to capture high-quality swing video and later analyze it with a pro or another application like V1 Software.

CamCaddy is a simple $30 device that attaches to your alignment stick and makes recording swing video much easier. It adjusts to different heights and different cell phone sizes, making it a breeze to use — no more asking your mates to hold your phone. This is a simple idea that just flat out works with little fuss. It will be a must-have for those who want to work with their instructors remotely, or golfers who like to analyze their own swing.

In our coverage of the Tour, we have seen Charles Howell, Kevin Na and some other players out on the PGA Tour using the CamCaddy. So far, the reviews are very good — here are a few comments from members:


I’ll say I used this thing for the first time yesterday and, holy cxxp, was it useful. I have a super hd slow motion camera but I can’t set it up to record unless I prop it up on a bench or something. I found this among other training aids and just propped it up at just the right angle and slid my iPhone in there. East to move and adjust too. Was actually super convenient.

Below is an interview with PGA Tour player Kyle Thompson, a player on the Tour, and Dale Lynch about CamCaddy:

[youtube id=”vzDFcEPCNA0″ width=”600″ height=”338″]

And this one from “Playbo44″

I just got one, and it is awesome makes videoing with my cell phone easy and simple. Also alot of tour players are using them. The camcaddy one works with all phones also. Ive got this and the Protosports Holster and bought the camcaddy. Just easier.


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  1. There’s actually another device that I use, the Swing Monitor from GolfReflection. It also holds any smartphone for you. It can be attached very securely to your golf bag or your furniture if you want to use it indoor. Besides holding a smartphone, it also has a convex mirror which allows you to check your set up or swing plane quickly without having to pop in a smartphone. Top qualify product, you should check it out.

  2. They are close (couple of months) to releasing one for your I-Pad also. Saw it at the show. Tri-pod stand looked very stable with angling options as well…I plan to purchase it once it comes out!

  3. Got mine last August and use it regularly. Easily supports my Galaxy S3. The attached stick goes in quick and only high winds will move it, but no big deal. Slide it down the stick near the ground and use it on the putting green. Great buy.

  4. Saw it. Bought it. Love it.

    Simple to use. Keeps the smartphone still (unless in a gale) & simultaneous swing videos can be compared from same place on Terra firma. If you’re serious about your golf swing or just want to capture video / images by yourself it’s indispensable. Perfectly fills a need.

    PS_Don’t work for ‘em but got mine at Edwin Watts Golf.

  5. Thanks for the review,

    I’ve experimented with a few different golf swing devices. The hardest part about most of them is they need someone to hold them or balance on a chair right behind you.

    The CamCaddy looks to have solved that problem perfectly.

    It will be on my shopping list shortly.