Bushnell’s new Tour V3 rangefinder has plenty of buzz

by   |   January 16, 2013
Bushnell Golf Tour v3 Rangefinder

Every golfer who has used a rangefinder has done it — they’ve shot a flag, got a number and hit a great shot…only to watch their ball sail 20 yards over the green.

Despite how accurate today’s rangefinders are, it’s sometimes very easy to pick up the yardage to a tree branch or hill in the distance, not the flag on the green. That’s why Bushnell’s latest rangefinder, the Tour V3, has a new technology called JOLT, which emits short vibrating pulses that confirm that the rangefinder has locked onto a flag.

The Tour v3 replaces Bushnell’s Tour V2 rangefinder. It offers the same 5-to-1000 yard range that is accurate to +/- 1 yard, as well as a 5X zoom, Posi-Thread battery door, waterproof construction, three-volt battery and two-year warranty. But it’s been redesigned to be easier to hold and comes with a new carrying case.

“At Bushnell, we pioneered the laser rangefinder for golf and we continue to develop breakthrough technologies that revolutionize the electronic measuring device market,” said Jordan Vermillion, product director at Bushnell. “The new Tour v3’s ergonomic design makes it unbelievably comfortable to hold, and will provide the golfer with extremely accurate distances to any object on the course,”

The Tour v3 is legal for all tournaments and retails at $299. The Tour v3 Slope — which adds Slope Technology to adjust its measurements for elevation — will retail for $399, but is not legal in tournaments.


Andrew Prezioso is an assistant editor for GolfWRX as well as a freelance sports reporter and photographer (http://amprezioso.smugmug.com/). You can follow him on Twitter @AMPrezioso. He currently lives in Lebanon Township, NJ after graduating from the University of Richmond in 2012.

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  1. Brad

    April 7, 2013 at 11:45 am

    The “jolt” technology is very cool. It sold me.

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