Titleist introduced their PGA Tour players to their new 913D2 and 913D3 drivers in late June at the AT&T National. Every two years like clockwork, Titleist launches a new model. According to Titleist VP of Marketing Chris McGinley, the new 913 driver adds more length over the older 910 Driver. That had to be hard for them to do, because the performance of the 910 D2 and D3 were so good. Titleist says the additional distance is as a result better speed, launch and spin.

Modern drivers, for the most part, have been maxed out for length on center hits, heads size and COR heat off the face. So the incremental improvements we see now can only be seen if you are properly fitted. While it might seem uncomfortable to hit in front of a fitter, most of them have seen it all. After just a few minutes you should feel at ease.

The improvements seen from the new 913D2 and 913D3 are incremental but real also. The 910 older model was such a good driver Titleist admitted they didn’t want to try to reinvent the wheel. Mild adjustments and improvements was in order, however.

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Speed is increased because of a new face insert which makes the ball speeds faster on a larger area of the face. This especially helps on off-center hits. The face of the 913 driver has increased the maximum ball speed area up to 11 percent from the older 910 model. Per Titleist, this will result in 2 mph more ball speed that will produce an additional 4 to 6 yards in hit locations off center that would not be achieved in the older 910. That makes for longer drives for most of us.


There’s nothing that will kill distance more with a well struck ball than to much spin. Pair a lower spin with the right launch angle and most golfers will hit the ball further. Contrary to what some think, the head has much more effect than the shaft in reducing spin rates.

That’s why Titleist engineers reduced the thickness of the crown in order to move more mass lower and deeper in the head, which lowered the center of gravity and reduced spin. Weight saved from drivers’ new face insert was reapplied to the SureFit weight, which has been increased from 7 grams to 9 grams, further lowering CG. All this more rearward weight makes for an improved MOI, which prevents face rotation during off center hit for straighter shots. Sweet huh? We think so.


The Titleist D2 is 460cc and a full pear shaped head designed for maximum forgiveness. The 913D3 is 445cc and will have a touch less “moment of inertia” (MOI) and allow the better player more workability. GolfWRX sees both versions on all the tours and can’t say we have seen the players favor one more than another.

Click here to read the initial response to the launch in the forums

titleist 913 driver

The looks of this bad boy make us think “evil” and sinister. The black titanium face and cool graphics are classy and subtle yet high tech and cool looking. Just a classic look and at the same time a bad ass look.

Here is a look at the black deep face of the D3.

Titleist 913d3

Accessories can be purchased to further optimize the new 913 Drivers. You can buy a separate weight kit that has 4g, 7g, 9g and 14g weights to allow you to get the swing weight and counter balancing you might be looking for.

Click here to read the initial response to the launch in the forums

titleist 913d2

Dont forget the attention to detail. How do you like this quality head cover? Really good stuff. 10 out of 10 in our books.

2013 titleist driver

Precision FIT “Tour van in a hosel”:

The 913 series drivers have the same SureFit Tour hosel that debuted in the 910 series drivers, which allows you to set the loft and lie independently to optimize the you ball flight. You can raise or lower the loft as well as open or close the face. The hosel sleeve is is adjustable by changing the settings of its two. One ring has settings of 1, 2 , 3 and 4, while the other has settings of a, b, c and d. This makes for a total of 16  different settings.

I was fit on a launch monitor with the 910 series to setting B2, and never over the two years of gaming the driver had to change it. As the fitter dialed in my setting, I could clearly see the trajectory and spin number change — very cool, especially when you can adjust the loft without having to worry about changing the face angle. Click here to read more about a Titleist fitting experience at TPI

The 913 comes stock with four premium shaft options. Mitsubishi Diamana +PlusWhite (low launch), Mitsubishi Diamana Blue 62 (mid launch), Aldila RIP Phenom 70 and Aldila RIP Alpha.

Price and availability of the drivers started shipping Nov 1st 2012, with a suggested retail price of $499 and a MAP for $399.

Click here to read the initial response to the launch in the forums

Specs for the 913D2:

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 8.45.43 PM

Specs for the 913D3:

Screen Shot 2013-01-15 at 8.49.03 PM

Click here to read the initial response to the launch in the forums

Here is tech video GolfWRX shot out on tour on the range of the AT&T National during the launch week…

Click here to read the initial response to the launch in the forums

Below we will show comparison photos of the newer 913 driver to the older 910 model.

titleist 910 vs 913

titleist 913 910

Titleist 913 Drivers Specifications:

913D2 Specs

• Head volume: 460cc
• Lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5, 12 RH & LH; 7.5 RH only
• Lie 58.5, Standard Length 45”
• Stock grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 degree rubber

 913D3 Specs
• Head volume: 445cc
• Lofts: 8.5, 9.5, 10.5 RH & LH; 7.5 RH only
• Lie 58.5, Standard Length 45”
• Stock grip: Titleist Tour Velvet 360 degree rubber

913 Stock Shafts
• Mitsubishi Diamana +Plus White 72
• Mitsubishi Diamana +Plus Blue 62
• Aldila RIP Phenom 70
• Aldila RIP Alpha 60
• Mitsubishi Titleist Bassara W 50

Each 913 Driver includes:
• 913 Headcover
• Ergonomic torque wrench
• Foldout instruction booklet with Performance Guide

SureFit Tour Weights Available for Purchase:
• Adjust for swingweight and feel preference
• SureFit Tour Weight Kit contains 4,7,9,11 and 14g flat weights
• Single Weights may also be purchased

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  1. I purchased the 913 D2, I didn’t like the “board” feeling of the Diamana, so I purchased the Miyazaki Kusala “Blue” 61 grams. The shaft only typically costs $399, I found one sitting in the shaft bin, on sale at Roger Dunn’s for $149 and scooped up it. Let me tell you, I haven’t found a better head/shaft combination! I am completely crushing my drives. For me, the feel of this shaft on impact, gives an incredible amount of confidence for my swing. Millions of Research and Development dollars are spent for a reason. Miyazaki shafts are by far the best available. I am a single digit, so the smaller D2 head allows the workable that I enjoy. I have played R1, Ping, SLDR, Cobra and have to say, I always come back to Titleist Driver…simply the best!

  2. Tested multiple drivers recently – TM R1 and SLDR, Ping G25, found the 913 D2 the most stable of all of them and well balanced. Went with a slightly less loft then when I tested and the results are awesome. As I am about 5’9″ the shaft length is nice compared to the TM which has a longer shaft. Well worth the $$.

  3. I dropped my Covert Tour for the 913 D3 8.5 with the Diamana 72 s flex and i am super super super happy that i made the change. The 913 D3 FEELS way better and sounds a whole lot better i mean i honestly cant put it in words of how much better driver this is than the covert and all the others i played. no doubt the covert was a good driver for nike and they needed that but IMO it’s not even close to being on par with Titleist 913.

  4. I agree with all the great comments about the D2 ann D3. I, personally, have the D2. That said, am I the only person around who thinks that for $499, Titleist could have made it easier to get the head cover off and on? Until now, I’ve never had to struggle with a head cover. The best driver around, otherwise.

    • I have the 913 HC that came with my D2 is snug going on but it works fairly well. I have a Daphne’s “Tiger” reward HC for my “Favorite Club of the Day” usually it’s riding on my 913D2 12.

  5. I just trimmed down my 913 d3 to 44.75 inches and added an extra wrap under the grip. It doesnt sound like much but the quarter inch less makes a huge difference. I added the heavier weight to balance the swing weight at D4 and in my first round with the adjustment i hit driver on 8 holes and hit the fairway 7 times with the last one just missing. Titleist says the sole weight doesnt do much but i noticed a higher ballflight that flew forever. Best driving round i have had in some time. I have the stiff flex D+ 72 white in the driver with a golf pride multi compound black and white grip… The 13.5FD and the 18 deg HD rip it up as well. Only missed 3 fairways all round… now if i can only get my putting together… but thats another story.

  6. I had the chance to use a Titleist 913 D2 9.5 degree with the settings at C3. It had a different shaft in it than what comes in it standard. It was a “Project X 73g 6.0″ stiff shaft (blue) that I think was available in the earlier versions such as the 910 D2. I suppose that someone had a shaft from an older version and just droped it into this head. I think that the new shaft that would approximate this one is the “7C3 Project X”. That was more of a question than a statement…..is it the same(ish) shaft?

    Well, I never missed a drive all day with this club! I was able to aim it up the right side and the club tossed out a gentle draw the just came back to the middle. The sound was not loud like some of the other clubs out there and distance was very good. It is amazing how much distance you can get when the ball is bounding up the middle of the short grass.

    I should have bought it on the spot, but I was in Texas and was not ready to ship it back to MN. I wrote down all of the specs and will try to re-engineer one like it. I highly recommend this club to anyone.

  7. I got the 913 D2 driver and hybrid yesterday. Both phenomenal clubs. Those combined with my 712 AP2’s, vokey wedges, and newest Scotty makes my confidence in my equipment unparalleled. Highly recommend Titleist products.

  8. I just played 18 today and tested the Titleist D2913 10.5 degree with the Aloila 60 shaft vs the R1 with 10.5 stiff. The 913 was more consistent and always about 5 yards further when hit equally. I also tested the Ping G25 and Anwer, the Ping drivers were impressive but only hit those on the range. I walked away the the Titleist. I hit a low ball and this driver helped me great a really good launch angle consistently. Had I not gotten the Titleist, I would have gotten the Ping. R1 was disappointing, at least for me.

  9. Got fitted at Timacuan GCC by a titleist rep. I was using an old G10 and to be honest I wasn’t sold on the titleist until today. Longer, straighter, better looks and definitely lower spin off the tee. What a difference. I’m now the proud owner of the D2 blue S . An absolute contender if your looking for a new driver.

  10. They say the head reduces spin more then the shaft… Really? I had an old driver kicking around and averaged 5500 rpm back spin, put the shaft on my 909D2 and spin dropped to 5000 rpm backspin. Changed shaft to Mitsubishi Diamana White and dropped spin to 2900. I would say that his statement has more to do with marketing then reality. But I am no expert at all.

      • The shaft changes the way the loft is presented to the ball, by lowering or increasing this. thats all a shaft can do, and its a marginal effect from front to back. The shaft is massively overrated. As loft can be altered with the fitting hosel, it makes sense that clubhead design is the biggest factor in how much a head spins working on a constant loft at impact, the shaft cannot effect spin beyond how slightly differently it may present the loft to the ball. Dont buy the shaft myth, stick with your prolite 35

        • “The shaft also plays an important role in the launch angle and spin rate condition. Softer-flexed shafts tend to lead to higher spin conditions, as do lower bend point designs. Lighter shafts will typically increase the launch angle trajectory, but can also increase the spin rate of the ball. Club length will also alter the spin rate and launch angle conditions with longer length clubs yielding a higher trajectory compared to identical clubheads with shorter specifications. The construction (architecture) of the golf ball will also play an important role in regard to spin and launch conditions. The spin rate and launch angle data included in Golfsmith’s specification charts is intended as a guideline to assist in clubhead fitting to a golfer’s needs.” Quoted From Golfsmith

  11. bought the 913d2 the day it became available went with the diamana white board in a stiff shaft ,from day one this was the best driver I have ever hit,liked it so much bought a second as a backup also bought a graphite design tour ad shaft DI-6sr great combo. cant imagine a better setup.Also playing ap2 with aldila vs proto-t byyou shafts 85s great combo titleist all the way.

  12. I had a hit of one of these about a month a ago at my local golf store. It’s a great looking driver and has a nice feel to it. I hit it pretty well and really didn’t have any complaints.

    Probably for me the price tag was a little over the top but when you’re buying a Titleist you can always expect to pay a little me.

    I enjoyed hitting the Cobra AMP Cell a bit better so went with it and the price was a lot cheaper.

    Still, the Titleist is a superb driver and would recommend it to anyone.

  13. Got fitted for the 712 ap2’s with kbs tour shafts & this new 913 D2 with a phenom 70 stiff. Didn’t need another shaft, I was carrying 267 on the monitors straight, about 3-5yards left/right.

    Honestly I love what titleist has done in the last 5 years, the confidence I get from their clubs and balls are above anything, I love stepping up to the ball knowing everything I put into my shot depends on MY mechanics and not having to worry about my clubs.

    This new driver has such a nice feel, sound and clean contact to the ball. Honestly it’s hard to cough up $449 for one club but the results are worth it.

    • That is exactly what I carry in my bag. Same irons, same shafts. Driver was fitted exactly as yours and my carry on monitor was almost identical – 267. Anyway, just thought it was funny that our specs are identical. Love the sticks. Best I have ever hit. Played blades all my life, but the AP2’s are special! D2 is by far the best driver I have swung. Solid and predictable. Longer than most.

  14. Hit these today at a Titleist fitting. I loved the new D2, very forgiving and yet still workable. I hit it better than the D3. Ordered one with a Diamana Blueboard S shaft. Make sure you get fit with the right shaft!

    • I agree. I hit the D3 like a howitzer with a Diamana ‘ilima 61 A flex. My PGA Pro says I will technically hit the D2 12* even better using the same shaft. I can’t wait for my D2 to arrive!

      I think I will have another problem though. I think I will now able to hit the ball farther than I can see. LOL!