Special thanks to TaylorMade and Adidas Golf for the invite, inspiration and the time for the visit.

About a month ago when planning for Greg’s trip to cover the Chevron World Challenge we contacted a few OEM’s in Carlsbad if they were interested in a visit. We would do some video tech pieces cover general photos of the new gear for 2012. TMag said come on in and Greg was to spend a half of a day working with TMag to cover all the stories.

Click here to see the dozens of photos and full discussion in the forums… http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/552395-golfwrx-visits-tmag-in-carlsbad/

Then I was on the phone bugging them probably to get me some info on their new stuff and one thing lead to another I was on a plane also. Dave said to bring my clubs and let me quote him…

“lets play some golf”.

Figured he would have me at some upscale sweet course and I would be able to take a cool 20.00 off of him in a friendly $5.00 dollar nassau. Off I went to TMag. Met at 8:00am Wednesday of last week the and spent the whole day on campus. Basic agenda…

8:00 breakfast – meet and greet.
9:00 Kingdom debut of the gear I had not seen yet
9-10:30 Capture images and do video tech interviews w/ some testing
10:30-11:30 Launch monitor and testing
11:30-12:30 Lunch (in Sean Toulon’s Office)
12:30-3:00 Adidas
3:00-4:00 Accessories
5:30-2:00 am Dinner and dancing LOL

Where is the golf??? Story later… hummm

Dave Cordero was the poor sucker that had to block out the day to schlep me around all day.We started at the Kingdom where they had a sweet spread laid out for me. Real touch of class. We talked shop and I was able to meet some of the Social media folks I haven’t met yet. Then Sean Toulon (Executive VP) came over and spent at least 45 minutes talking shop. Some of you reading have met him but just like us. Golfer, gearhead and passion of five. Love for the game, TaylorMade Golf and the equipment that he makes.

After a long discussion I met Jim Flick on the way to the range at the Kingdom. I was able to hit the new equipment that they asked me not to say or show pics yet of. Since Dave said “lets play some golf” I had my white out bag that was all tricked up. I was able to compare my gamers to the new gear and I think that was a surprise to them. With out giving to many details that would bar me from ever seeing them again I did have a break through with the 3 wood. I feel my current set up is dead on. I was able to hit their new 3 wood 15 yards longer. It wasn’t obvious either. Meaning not higher or less spin as much as ball speed. SOB jumped off the face like a cannon and felt awesome. All me and all in. I cant wait. I am thinking 13* might go farther than my Driver. Seriously.

The other gear was awesome to but that was the big highlight. I did hit a 3 and 4 iron longer than I ever hit an iron before I guess. That is another highlight. I nuked (well for my 105mph swing nuke is well…. my nuke) some long irons like I have never hit one. They were rockets for me. Interesting to say the least. I really cant go into more detail unfortunately because they have me under embargo.

Now before you tell me I sold out the man because I have pics that I cant show you, please hear me out. Rules of engagement 101… If we catch the scoop out in the field we are live. (present evidence of the RBZ From Camilo’s bag today) . If they invite us into their labs and show us secrets than they can tell me the schedule to post I of course would respect that. Trust me guys I am no sell out. We are social media pure and pure.i love to get in with these guys and they love us to.

Quote from Sean Toulon,

“I love you guys- I spend at least two hours a day on your site”.

So I have some photos that I cant share today but soon I will be able to. As for the testing I am a 4 to 6 handicap so it was a bit intimidating to have 3 product managers, the VP and 4 to 8 other TMag guys looking at you while you hit the new gear. I was ok but still always wish I smoked it like some of my scratch or plus handicap fiends. But all and all I hit the ball good enough to experience the technology and compare it to the last generation. Feel of the new iron set and distance was awesome. Everything about this new 3 wood is off the charts sick. I am all over it. 15 yards all day over my optimized gamer 3 wood. All ball speed.

TMag crew are awesome. Sean, Tom, John, and most of the managers are all good to great players in their own right. Fun to sit on a range test and talk gear with gearheads for hours on end. I was in heaven.

Did I say I smoked the 3 wood? I wouldn’t lie… I smoked the 3 wood.

After testing we had lunch in Sean’s office and then Mark King (CEO) came over and spent some time us. Funny how small the world is. Mark King and GolfWRX Greg Moore went way back when Greg used to work at La Costa as a Pro. Greg and Mark shared stories of the old days and how cool was that.

Then I was ready to play 18 holes and they sent me into a 6 hour product and facility tour that had me in a mental daze before I was half way through. All the cool new Adidas lines and some new shoes that I tried to smuggle out of there. You will freak out.

I never did ask when we were playing golf. I didn’t want to make Dave feel bad. However towards the end of the day I was showing him some of the pimped out raw wedges they sent me from my bag that was in the back of the Tahoe. Dave asked me, “why did you bring your clubs?” I said that you told me to come out and play some golf so I thought that meant…. play golf right? Ouch.. Honestly I think he was nervous after seeing me compress the ball like I did. We laughed it off and to dinner we went.

Off to dinner with all the top guys that were there in the morning events. Great time at dinner and talk family, golf and friends. Slept the night and flew back to Detroit camera in hand.

Anyways… here are some pics from “inside the ropes”

Click here to see the dozens of photos and full discussion in the forums… http://www.golfwrx.com/forums/topic/552395-golfwrx-visits-tmag-in-carlsbad/

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