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Hey guys, felt you’d probably be interested in my findings. Yesterday I went to the range with my Driver and about 8 top of the line, low spin shafts.

I’m 6’4” about 225.
Agressive swinger
120-140+ mph swing speed. usually around 125-130

No wind
30 degrees C/90F…
Medium humidity

Taylormade R9 Superdeep
Taylormade R9 Fairway

First of all, I’m a fan of the superdeep. It’s not the longest head i’ve ever hit (9015D and J33R are) and it’s not the straightest but it’s definitely the most fun. The ability to swap out and test shafts, change face angles, lie angles and weight biases makes it a real sicko’s dream club. Performance wise it’s 9/10 in doing what it’s supposed to do…. low spin/mid height.

On to the shafts.
I hit 15 balls with each shaft.

Oban Devotion – S flex but tipped to X flex
Appearance – Very nice looking shaft. One of the nicest in the group.
Feel – Not great but not bad. Mediocre in my opinion
Distance – Very good.
Ball flight – Nice medium ball flight
Spin – Not bad.. ballooned a little but not too much.
Control – Worst of the bunch for sure. It was the only shaft I had trouble hitting consistently straight. Not even sure why.

Diamana Whiteboard X- flex
Appearance – Nice… nothing too crazy but nice
Feel – 3nd best of the group – Smooth and actually seemed to enhance the sound off the face (not sure if that’s possible but it sounded like it)
Distance – Great – Super punchy shaft. Ball exploded off face
Ball Fight – Lowest of the group
Spin – Tied for first in terms of lowest spin
Control – 2nd best

Ozik F7M2 LTD – X flex
Appearance – Standard Matrix look – I’m a fan of the 3-D gloss look.
Feel – 2nd best – Great feeling, almost liquid feeling shaft
Distance – Excellent – smooth and long
Ball Flight – Mid
Spin – Low but not as low as advertised. Ball did balloon at times.
Control – Very good. Right up there.

Fujikura Rombax 7Z08 – X flex
Appearance – Nice color combo – Not my favorite for some reason but i’m not sure why
Feel – Not bad not the best – A little more stiff feeling… not silky smooth
Distance – Very good
Ball Flight – lowish
Spin – Low.. not the lowest but definitely low. Lower than the F7M2 suprisingly
Control – Very good. Pretty easy to hit consistently straight

Aldila RIP for Taylormade
Not sure what the general consensus is on whether this shaft is the same as the non Taylormade version…
Appearance – Pure piss
Feel – Meh…. 2nd worst
Distance – Good but seemed to limit at a certain distance where as other shafts would surprise you.
Ball flight – Mid high… good
Spin – It was low. Not a lot of ballooning
Control – Constantly left for me

Graphite Design P9003
Appearance – Not for everyone as it’s a little Dr. Seuss – like
Feel – The best…. sharp but smooth. Love it. As with the Diamana, it was the only other shaft that seemed to make a difference to the sound of the ball off the driver… weird.
Distance – Easily the best of the group. Actually blew every other shaft out of the water and effortlessly
Ball Flight – Mid – High
Spin – Low – No ballooning at all – just effortless soaring bombs
Control – Again, easily the best of the group. It wasn’t close, either. This shaft is actually hard to hit crooked.

So there you have it with the Driver shafts. The Graphite Design P9003 was easily my favorite shaft with the Diamana coming in second, F7M2 LTD in 3rd, Rombax 4th, RIP 5th and surprisingly the Devotion coming in last. I wish I would have kept all the other shafts i’ve tried over the years….. the Project X 7A4, the Accra SE80M5, Speeders, V2s, Blueboard, Chris’ own Toursepcgolf 5 weave carbon proto shaft, Roddio, House of Forged, Mach line pro, Drev tour, Harrison etc. I can remember what they did, but it’s not a fair comparison.

R9 13* Fairway

Motore F1 for Taylormade
Appearance – puke, s**t
Feel – A little frail but it’s a light shaft. It’s actually on the whole, pretty good feeling though.
Distance – Very good actually.
Ball flight – Low…. very low.
Spin – Great. No ballooning .. just piercing low spin
Control – Good but not great.

Ozik XCON 8M2
Appearance – Nice… same as F7M2 LTD
Feel – Smooth, silky as are all ozik shafts
Distance – Good, not incredible
Ball Flight – Medium
Spin – Fairly low…. not as low as advertised…. not as low as the Motore F1, actually.
Control – Outstanding. And the only reason I game it over the Motore F1 to be honest.

Hope you enjoyed. Any questions, please ask.

P.S. I’m getting a couple of crazy shafts soon, just need to decide on which suites me best, first. I’ll give you my findings when I get them

Click here to see the original thread and discussion from some of the worlds best fitters talking shop…

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  1. You have to reference your “stock” driver swing speed. I’ve gone to pga superstore and tried ripping some and been clocked at 132mph. but that’s not the swing i play with on the course…and that’s the not the swing i buy shafts for. More like 115-118. peeps should be realistic in that regard

  2. There’s not a way possible for a person’s swing speed to vary by 20mph. To say “my swing speed is 120 – 140+mph, but usually around 120-135″ is completely false. This person has got to be talking about ball speed.

    IF, his swing speed was truly 140+mph, he’d be winning long drive competitions.. I mean come on dude….

  3. Don’t really think the Aldila RIP review should even be counted, as it was the Aldila RIP version specifically made for TaylorMade.
    TMAG is known for putting lesser versions of name brand shafts in their clubs just for the cache` of having that name brand.
    There’s a good YouTube video called “Stock Golf Shaft vs. True Aftermarket Shaft”. Definitely displays the difference.

  4. I have that P9003x and that thing is sick as hell…surprised you didn’t like the F7M2 LTD as much…there are also so many variables…how you load the shaft, tempo, etc…but good reviews…thanks.