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Davis Love III departs from CBS Sports – GolfWRXers react



In our forums, our members have been reacting to the news that Davis Love III has left CBS Sports. Love III announced the news on Tuesday, revealing that he plans to concentrate more on his family life and his playing career:


And our members have been sharing their thoughts on Love’s decision in our forums.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • Holy Moses: “DL3 not broadcasting for CBS anymore. He’s going to focus on his family and playing. Nice guy, but he should never have been on TV. CBS doesn’t know what good TV talent would be. Who’s the replacement?”
  • geesecougar2: “Phil should retire to the booth already. He’d be awesome. I also loved Freddie when he did guest appearances; maybe they can get him some part-time gigs.”
  • Matty01984: “Not a huge surprise that DL3 has packed it up. I am absolutely sure that he is a thoroughly decent bloke and likely has his pulse on the current life of a PGA Tour golfer more than anyone else in the commentary teams but it just never seemed a good fit. It never really seemed like he was comfortable or enjoying himself, although when stuck listening to CBS I am not sure that many of us are comfortable or enjoying themselves.”

Entire Thread: “Davis Love III departs from CBS Sports”

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  1. Moosejaw McWilligher

    Jul 29, 2020 at 10:18 pm

    The only golf coverage watchable with the sound on is the European Tour. The US coverage covers the gamut from vaguely annoying to completely un-listenable. 1000 words when 10 would suffice, a constant stream of superlatives throughout every broadcast, ridiculous hyperbole. Clearly ever-more targeted at the absolute lowest-common-denominator, reinforced by expunging the better speakers like Kostis and McCord.

    Not to mention, 23 years of non-stop drooling over Tiger.

    The technology is available to allow the broadcast with optional talk or course-sound only (ballstrikes, crowd)… I’d go for the second, though a quality CD player is a fine alternative.

  2. Rob

    Jul 29, 2020 at 4:12 pm

    Get rid of them all and watch golf with volume off. TV golf is SOOOO much better.

    • A. Commoner

      Jul 29, 2020 at 7:37 pm

      One of the great mysteries: how do executives and managers who are supposed to know so much keep fouling up the works?

  3. Larry

    Jul 29, 2020 at 11:19 am

    I’m a big DLIII fan. The first time I listened to him on the course, it was obvious he didn’t belong there. His monotone voice, lack of enthusiasm, and reluctance to speak unless a question was presented to him made it painful to listen to. I admire the fact that he realized it sooner rather than later and did the right thing.

  4. Mitch Peterson

    Jul 29, 2020 at 10:58 am

    One less voice to put me asleep!!

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What GolfWRXers are saying about trying single-length irons after Bryson DeChambeau’s U.S. Open win



In our forums, our members have been discussing a ‘single length iron re-boot’. WRXer ‘disco111’ asks fellow members if anyone is now going to adopt the single-length iron strategy following Bryson DeChambeau’s incredible recent play, and WRXers have been having their say on the single length approach.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • Lobber: “I played one length for a bit and actually did quite well with them. But I think the real key to success is bulking up and adding 40 lbs!”
  • puttingmatt: “I would say try them, to each his own. That said, thinking success in the professional ranks rarely passes down to the everyday amateur, especially in equipment. I would suggest golfers stop comparing themselves to the professional players, and while you may think you can play like the new U.S. Open champion with clubs like these, reality, begs to differ.”
  • sdedalus23: “I set about this summer to make the game easier through club setup. To do so, I was going to either get the cobra forged tec blacks one length or the Ping G410’s. I went with the one lengths (4-G) to give them a try. I haven’t found problems with gapping thus far, but the short irons are a bit of a challenge. I am a high ball hitter, and they hit it incredibly high; so high that I have had a bit of a problem in the wind. I also found that my 54 and 60, which are still variable length, became less consistent with half shots due to the differences in length. Overall, my scores haven’t changed much (still mid to low 70’s) as they are generally predicated on how I am driving the ball because my iron play generally sucks. “
  • scotterhd2: “This thread got me. Have a set of F8 OL irons in the backup bag. Just ordered a JumboMax Ultralite grip. I think I’m going to put it on the PW and give them another test.”

Entire Thread: “Single length re-boot”

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WRX Forum Buzzz

What GolfWRXers are saying about ways to combat bomb-and-gouge golf



In our forums, our members have been discussing ways to combat bomb-and-gouge golf. WRXer ‘EmporerPenguin’ kicks off the thread with his ideas, saying:

“1. For the first 270 yards the fairway will be generous: 35-40 yards wide with standard 1.75″ collars and rough at 2.5” tall.

2. From 270-300 yards the fairway narrows to about 30-35 yards, with two-yard collars at 1.75″ tall; graduated rough with first cut ten-yards wide and rough 3.5″ tall; primary rough at 5″ to 6″ tall.

3. From 300-330 yards narrow the fairways to about 26 yards wide with two-yard collars at 1.75″ tall; no first cut but primary rough at 5″ to 6″ tall.

4. From 330-400 yards the fairways are still 26 yards wide with two-yard collars at 1.75″ tall; go straight to uniform, primary rough after that at 7″ to 10″ tall.”

Our members have been discussing the modern game and putting forward their ideas on the matter in our forum.

  • Joe Smoeter: “I’ve been saying for years the rough should be graduated from green to tee not from side to side. 10 inches at 320, 8 inches at 300, 5 inches at 280 etc… whatever the formula. This is no different than having fairway bunkers at certain distances; it makes the players decide on the risk/reward. As it is now a 3 wood off the tee that gets a bad bounce is in the same thick rough as BD bomb 350 off the tee 40 yards left! Makes no sense.”
  • miamistomp: “Smaller greens, shrubs closer to fairway and adjacent fairways ob.”
  • jons1: “Balls need to spin more… it will cause more offline shots and force a more conservative swing and play. It’s the ball; it always has been. You don’t fix that; you’ll never change it.”
  • 3whacker: “Lengthening a golf course isn’t always the answer because greens are designed to accept a certain trajectory shot from a certain # range of irons. When pros are hitting 8 irons close to 200 yards into a green that was designed to accept a mid to long iron it becomes defenseless.. Does anyone wonder why TW doesn’t play the stinger more often? its because the newer ball doesn’t allow it, it’s all about launch angle and lift, they have used simple aerodynamics and applied it to the golf ball and the driver, and have learned to launch the ball to angles and distance not easily reachable by the amateur golfer.”
  • RSinSG: “Others have mentioned it, and I concur – make the pro and his caddy find their own ball. No marshals with little flags to start with. It will be hard to do with a gallery, but it would for sure make hitting into deep rough risky.”

Entire Thread: “Ways to combat bomb-and-gouge golf”

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What GolfWRXers are saying about TaylorMade’s P770 irons



In our forums, our members have been discussing TaylorMade’s all-new P770 irons. WRXer ‘texcrom’ has had his set delivered and tested the irons out on the course, and here are his thoughts on the new clubs:

“Looks – Best looking iron I have ever put in my bag. At address, just a great looking club, minimal offset, relatively thin top line. 

Feel – Surprisingly soft feel. I expected harder, with more of a click. As soft as my MP20 MMC’s but in a different way. Just soft, which I found very, very pleasing!

Forgiveness – Very pleased here, as a couple of shots that I felt like I missed ended up not off by much! This is why I bought these…my concession to loss of skills through aging, and wanted more forgiveness with a players club look and feel. Got it!

Distance – Initially seemed shorter than my Mizuno’s, and I was surprised. Turned out it was a result of 3 weeks off, and a temperature of 59 degrees at tee time. High flight, and distance in line with Mizuno’s (at almost 65 years old, life is a 150 yard 7 iron).

Dispersion – Excellent, but be aware these irons are straight! Back nine, I managed a couple of very slight fades, but these are pretty much aim and shoot. 

Turf interaction – This was the best surprise of the day. My Mizuno’s typically cut a pretty deep divot and an all too frequent heavy shot. The P770’s were smooth through the turf, and even in my first round with them, I did not miss an iron shot. Great through the turf! Very pleased!!!

Very pleased with these!! Playing again Monday, and will know more after second round!”

Our members have been discussing the irons with some sharing their early experiences with the clubs in our forums.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • Hougz79: “Had another round with the 770s. Played my home course which (for me) is quite challenging. Fired a +6 78. Better performance than my i210s. The turf interaction is far superior for my swing. This course requires the whole bag to be hit, so tested the mid and long irons a bit. Very pleased. Very satisfied with these thus far. I think TM has a winner on their hands.”
  • ASN21: “Came to these from the OG P790’s and haven’t missed a beat. They simply check all the boxes. Can’t wait to use them again on Friday.”
  • gwelfgulfer: “If I do end up changing irons over the winter, these will get serious consideration. Was impressed with just trying a 7i quickly at a driver fitting, and have always loved the look of the ’05 TP CB’s.”
  • tdelam: “Got mine today, and I came to this section to see if the feeling of love is mutual with fellow WRXr’s. My god, what a beautiful set of irons. The feeling of these are so nice. I am coming from P790 (2019’s) custom-built from TM with DG S300, PXG 0311T gen 2, and Mizuno MP 20 SEL’s. I went with KBS Tour S 120’s in the P770’s, very glad I did. I was very very surprised with the forgiveness of these as well. Sold my P790’s quickly. I think the TM’s win; Now to sell the other 2 sets (leftys).”

Entire Thread: “TaylorMade’s new P770 irons”

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