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Written by ROBOPTI
GolfWRX Staff Writer

To see the original thread in the forums written by the editor that made the visit with hundreds of pics and over 500,000 views of viral madness click this link…

Well … 1st off – VERY !!! sorry for the delay. This has been far more time consuming than I thought it would have been – but I think it will be worth it. Also, I have been continuously getting approvals from COBRA/PUMA on certain shots – and the methods I was using to edit those same shots. I was LITERALLY allowed to go ANYWHERE in the building – and where I went my camera was in tow . I guess they want to leave a few things for a surprise for later . And my main reason for taking a week to post is GOOD LORD it is a pain to edit – retitle – and host this many pictures – I am WORN OUT !!!!!. I need a vacation.

OK – So lets begin by stating a few things that need to be said. 1st – This was an official invitation to Golfwrx to tour COBRA/PUMA and I was truly at COBRA/PUMA’s offices as an editor for the It didn’t hurt that good ole ROBO was chosen to go – but my visit was an official invite from the brass to come and see the all new COBRA/PUMA and post an official editorial for our site. So if you can – Kinda put me aside – I might as well have been easyyy himself – but it just so happened to be me. To that point – I think it needs to be said that I was not the initial invitee, easyyy himself was, and because of a few fortuitous (for me) turn of events and scheduling conflicts – I got a call from easyyy & HipCheck and was asked if I would go ……

You can imagine that call huh … “Hey ROBO – Wanna go on all expense paid visit to COBRA – see everything you ever wanted to see – photograph it – and then …. wait for it … here it comes …. POST ABOUT IT. REALLY !!!!!! … NO really … They want the wolf to come for a visit to the hen house.

I did get a copy of a memo COBRA PIMP DADDY put out when he was advised that it was me coming.

Inner-office memorandum



RE: ROBOPTII / Armaggedon

Dear Staff :

RUN !!!!!!!! & Hide. Bolt down anything you would want to keep after tomorrow. Leave NOTHING loose or unsecured

The end is near – God help us all.


Seriously though – This was an official invite. Most of you probably know that I am a HUGE COBRA fan – and although I occasionally stray here and there – COBRA is where my heart is at. And being that it was an “official” invite – I want to be upfront and say I took this very seriously – and it was made crystal clear to me by easyyy himself of what he expected – a full write up & pictorial on my entire visit at COBRA HQ. And in my usual way – I believe I have gone totally overboard , in a good way . I did get it ALL. I also want to say before I go any further – that NOONE asked me to say anything specific. NO agendas were suggested to me. NO ONE suggested that COBRA be portrayed in a certain manner. There was NO discussion of what & how I intended to post other than approval of certain photographs. And the ONLY reason that was done is because they truly let me see it all – and never stopped me from shooting – and I DEFINITELY saw things I didn’t know existed. My visit was completely un-influenced by anyone – other than Wrx & COBRA wanting/expecting nothing but a fair and true documentation of what COBRA is now – mixed in with a lot of fun and a few perks . And let me tell ya … I THOUGHT I knew the deal about COBRA – but BOY I was completely in the dark. The future looks BRIGHT !!!!. I have to admit – When I first took this on I figured I was going to go shoot some news clubs and tell about it – and I thought that’s what COBRA/PUMA wanted . Well …… Then I got there and that changed quickly – I could tell quickly that was truly a visit to experience the worldwide launch of this company – and particular it attitude and intention to let everyone know just how serious they are.

My visit to their offices was timed to coincide with several events taking place at HQ. The winner of the national COBRA giveaway was there. This was the contest that was running on and on most of their Tour staffer twitters accounts. The winner of the contest was Camren Bergman from Hobbs, New Mexico – and he COULD NOT have been any nicer. Just a great guy – we spent quite a bit of time together. Good people !!! … I’ll get back to him later. 14 of COBRA’s biggest VIPs/international account managers were there. Golf Digest’s 150 invitees from the website site contest were invited to attend the Thursday party being hosted by COBRA. And to top it all off this COBRA’s 1st ever Corporate Open House (for certain guests). A very select group was allowed access to see them from the inside. Which leads to another point I think needs to be stated …

Of ALL !!!!! of the guests who were allowed in the building for the full tour – and I cannot emphasize this enough – Golfwrx was the ONLY !!!!! person / company / guest / etc etc etc etc (and there were employees of a few MAJOR magazines etc) – The ONLY !!!!! one allowed to bring a camera inside. And it wasn’t a freak accident – as EVERY guest that walked in – the FIRST thing they all had to do was check in – get credentials – and sign a form saying NO pictures as we were going to see things that don’t exist. I think – in my opinion – that is a HUGE testament as to what Golfwrx represents – and to the credibility that the site is commanding. In a nut shell – COBRA gets it. Now it didn’t hurt that it was yours truly doing the shoot – and I – ROBO was the ONLY!!! one who saw & hit for that matter – some super secret equipment. Camren saw a lot himself – But I / Golfwrx – got the covert Tour. As an onsite representative of Golfwrx – I took that as a gigantic compliment. I have to say I was treated like a king – and for that I am very thankful to the staff whom I was fortunate to meet. Many members of the staff told me – in so many words – that they truly can tangibly feel the influence and power of the viral world and that Golfwrx was NUMBER ONE on that list – and there wasn’t a close# 2. I will say I was the ONLY !!!! rep from ANY website whom was invited – and I saw more than anyone.

Another thing I want to say before I go bananas posting pics ….. Ya know who some people have “IT”. Some people walk into a room and even though you can’t define “IT” – they just have “IT”. I have always been – for a lack of a better word – drawn to the type of person who has the super purposeful / wise / calming aura. Ya know what I mean – The type that doesn’t rattle or panic – focused and intent on what they do. Well gang – Let me say – COBRA PUMA GOLF has that guy – and in just the right spot. President of COBRA PUMA GOLF – Bob Philion – has “IT”. I will go further into it later – but he was hands on for the entire Open House – conducted one meeting I sat in on. He just gets IT. CPG is in great hands. Mr. Philion STARTED Puma Golf in 2005- yes started. While being with PUMA he has worked in Germany, Paris & Amsterdam prior to relocating to Carlsbad, and was promoted to President of COBRA PUMA GOLF immediately upon PUMA’s acquisition of COBRA. I have always said that the mark of a GREAT company is that you can the head off and it will not miss a beat. Well let me tell you CPG has is a prime example of that – PUMA is VERY !!!!!!!!!!! serious about this company. I will show evidence to that affect. And there is a clear plan and methodology going on there – and Mr. Philion has all the right pieces in all the right places – all moving in the exact same direction.

I think at this point I have to bring up another thing – and it was glaringly obvious. And this addresses comments of this nature.
XXXXXXXXXXX, on 22 September 2011 – 12:49 AM, said:
I hope a bit of White paint can help then now Acushnet are not propping them up.

NOTHING could be farther from the truth. Let me tell you – and I learned myself – cuz even I didn’t get the full scope of the Pre-PUMA COBRA & the current company.

I want to preface this entire section with – this is not meant to be taken as negativity but more of an interpretation COBRA them vs COBRA/PUMA now – and more specifically how committed PUMA was when they acquired COBRA – it’s night and day in my opinion – and let me show you with pictures as it truly captures what I mean. These are relevant in that is a common misperception of things. I have to say I THOUGHT I knew . COBRA under Achusnet was to a degree – held back from using their full engineering force. I think Acushnet had a plan – which worked for a long time – and COBRA had it’s place in that plan. But in that era – COBRA was never allowed to release their full potential. I will go into detail later – but let me assure you the engineering is / was always there – and NOW – they will be coming to market with 100% of their ability. Have an open mind – that’s all I ask as a fan of the company – because I hit the next 2 generations of stuff coming – it’s TOP NOTCH – in terms of materials used – attention to detail – and MOST importantly – with their customers wants/need as the number 1 priority. This is ain’t your daddy’s COBRA anymore .

Let me put it this way …. Because in a sense – It does show how things have changed. Before PUMA vs COBRA PUMA – If you truly think about it – This shows it – and it’s not just paint. 100% commitment to what they are doing.

Pre PUMA – the only section of the building not redone – YET. Poor ole PIMP DADDY is in here



Then vs Now … It’s just not color guys. The “ropes that bind them” are gone

Ton Preece made a good quote in his meeting with us. “Puma gave us all the rope we need to hang ourselves” . And it was clear what he meant. I think in one voice PUMA has said ….

And now …. There are no excuses … Trust me they get it internally – The gloves are coming off.

Soooooooo …. I am going to break this up in several sections. If this were a ROBO post – I would show you a few drivers and call it a day – but gang – You are going to see ALMOST everything I saw. Look – I still have a TON I can’t show. I cant show a lot of the new iron product YET – but I have so much more. I can’t show my personal fitting as I got fit into a top to bottom set of clubs that don’t exist. Yeaaaaaahhhhhhh – It’s a BIOTCH – but someone had to do it. But trust me – I have a TON More – and I’m sure I’m forgetting some things – but I’m about to go totally insane sorting pics and typing. If I look at one more picture I’m going to stick pins directly into my pupils. I am sure someone of you will think it’s pic overload – and I am repeating things – BUT HEY … It’s my sandbox and that’s how I roll baby. Seriously – It is pic over-kill – but who cares … You wanted to see – well here it is. Just enjoy – scroll around and take a peek.

I am going to cover

Coverage of The Open House & general facility pics.
Personal fitting of the contest winner
PUMA – and trust me PUMA fans – You are going to lose your freaking minds over their new stuff – WOWWW!!!!
COBRA equipment – What I’m allowed to show
Well take a Tour the Executive offices, the custom production facility, The Pro Tour area.
A covert tour of some interesting things with COBRA PIMP DADDY



The first of what I will end up being a yearly event – The COBRA PUMA PUMA GOLF Open House. Follow along. There are shots as we cruised the Tour (I have a section on the actually production facility after this) … Some really amazing stuff to see – I’ll expand on details in the near future.

I feel I have to say – This pic is important – because the VIP group was greeted by Bob Philion himself – and this was the very first thing out of his mouth. He made it a point to say “Guys – This is what it’s all about” and this what you see when you walk in their doors.

Bob Philion – President COBRA PUMA GOLF


Here are a couple million pics of the ZL Encores / Trusty Rustys / Long Tom. I have SO MANY more that I do not have the green light to post … YET!!!! – but trust me I have it all. ALL NEW iron / hybrid / fairway wood line coming. But hey – I’m a driver guy – so I took as many as I could. This section will be an ongoing area – I will continue to add to it in the future. I will elaborate in a second – but the fit & finish on these new clubs are second to none. It just screams an all new COBRA. Colorful – New – Performance – but still very COBRA – These will be a hit …. I banged on a few for a couple hours – They … ummmmm … BOMB !!!!

To see the rest of the article click here…

I will post the official details in the next day or 2 – I lost the file – and I just want to get started … 8.5 / 9.5 & 10.5 in both colors. All their new drivers incorporate the new elliptical design E9 face technology / dual roll / slanted buldge & roll technology. Also the shafts are REAL !!!! Motore F1s & F3s – Tom Preece himself told me that without even asking. They want the customer to get the real deal right out if the gate (Psssttt – They do listen to the boards – hence “real” shafts ). Grips are also VERY upgraded – custom real golf prides – no 10 cent retail crap. Just another example of the new philosophy in the PUMA era – HIGH quality – customer satisfaction – give the public what it wants and do not cut corners to get it out to market. Relevant – New – fully engineered clubs – no holding back. Might as go a beer while this section loads- cuz I took a TON of pics


To see the rest of the article click here…


There are 2 different heads in 3 different. The 1st head is the traditional shape – with the trademark scallop. The 2nd – which I like – is the BIG TRUSTY RUSTY – which is a larger more forgiving head. Kind of a hybrid of giving the masses who like the look of a traditional look with extra forgiveness. I LOVE IT. There is no scallop on the BIG and has more weight in the bounce area. Both heads will be available in 3 finishes. Black PVD – Brushed steel with a pre-rusty face – and the pre rusted finish. My wedge (pictured ) is the brushed / pre-rusted face. The shaft is a REAL Dynamic Gold s200 – painted black – and the lettering / graphics has actually been etched by laser – TOTALLY COOL !!!! … Again – NO holding back – New / fresh – current / modern engineering – all new philosophy. NO more of the V company hanging in the wings – head to head now – and I think a REAL winner. I was using CG14s when I showed up – These make my 14s feel like a granite – and the SPIN LIKE A TOP.
Resized to 59% (was 1023 x 682) – Click image to enlarge

To see the rest of the article click here…


I don’t know how it a happened – but some of my shots of the LONG TOM driver were strange when I exported them – a budof mine says he can recover them – so give me a little time – I do have few. This is a really neat driver – and yes it is LONG!!! – in length and the distance you get from it . This is a PRIME example of the new engineering mindset at CPG. An all new 8-1-1 grade of titanium that allowed them to move 20 grams of titanium with the shell itself. As I’m sure you have seen – easyyy has one of 50 Raw Long Toms ON EARTH that were released to ONLY the most V of the VIPs- and easyyy was one. Please see his thread as well for more pics. The #s on the shell denote the club thickness in millimeters – its interesting to see – but you can tell where they moved the wieght. The shaft is a proprietary Grafalloy Blackbird with a custom rough air deflecting surface – Its 48 inches of raw power. We had a chance to hit these during a round of golf that were given. Tom Preece told us in his technical meeting that give it 10 swings and you will be shocked – and gang – he is right – Its flat out moves a golf ball. This thing has a 57 lie angle – so I KNOW!!!! With the Club-Hos on this board someone is gonna tear one apart – inject it and make this a stone cold 45 killer – Just watch

To see the rest of the article click here…

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Grayson Murry WITB 2018



Equipment is accurate as of the 2018 CareerBuilder Challenge (1/16/18).

Driver: Ping G400 MAX (9.0 Degrees)
Shaft: Graphite Design Tour AD TP-7TX

5 Wood: Ping G400 (17.5 Degrees)
Shaft: Mitsubishi Tensei Blue CK 80TX

Irons: Srixon Z U75 (3 and 4 iron), Srixon Z945 (5-PW)
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 Tour Issue

Wedges: Cleveland Rotex 2.0 (52, 56 and 60 degrees)
Shaft: True Temper Dynamic Gold X100 Tour Issue

Putter: Odyssey Works Versa Tank #1
Grip: SuperStroke 2.0 XL


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With PGA Merchandise Show week upon us, the releases are coming fast and furious. This extends to the rangefinder space, where Bushnell debuts its new Hybrid model. The Hybrid combines both laser and GPS technologies (hence the name).

The Hybrid displays lasered distances to the flagstick, then relies on GPS for front-and back-of-the-green yardages.

“Hybrid provides golfers more information than ever before. The two technologies ‘talk’ so that the golfer sees the front and back distances of the green in relation to the pin that is targeted with unmatched accuracy by the laser,” said John DeCastro, Bushnell Golf Product Lane Director. “

The Hybrid also features Dual Power Technology to support the multi-function rangefinder. A CR2 battery powers the laser, and a USB rechargeable lithium ion battery powers the GPS.

Additional features

• PinSeeker w/ JOLT Technology
• Accurate to 1 yard
• 5X Magnification
• Ranges 400 yards to a Flag
• Fast Focus System
• Stable-Grip Technology
• Tournament Legal

GPS features

• Exterior Front/Center/Back Readouts
• Up to 4 hazard distances per hole
• Bluetooth for auto course updates
• Auto course recognition
• Auto hole advance

The Hybrid will be available at Bushnell Golf retailers nationwide beginning in April. Retail price is $399.99.

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5 things you need to know about Titleist’s new Vokey SM7 wedges



We first spotted Titleist’s new Vokey SM7 wedges on Tour all the way back in October, and many of the big name Titleist staffers have already made the switch (Titleist reports that over 100 Tour pros are currently using the SM7 wedges). For many pros actually, they switched so long ago that it’s now a distant memory.

That being said, since October, the public has been in the dark about technology, the new designs, the new “D-grind,” release dates and pricing. The wait is over, as Titleist has finally announced the launch of its new SM7 wedges.

Read below for the 5 major things you need to know about Titleist’s new SM7 wedges, and see what GolfWRX members are saying about them in our forums.

The CG shift continues

A 46-degree F grind: SM6 (left) vs. SM7

With its Bob-Vokey-designed SM6 wedges, Titleist introduced a progressive center of gravity (CG) design throughout the set, which was visible by the curvature on the back cavity of the wedges. That meant in the lower-lofted wedges, CG was lower in the club head to increase ball speed and produce a more iron-like ball flight, while the CG in the higher-lofted wedges was placed higher in the club head in order to increase spin and lower ball flight, providing greater control around the greens. These CG locations were also meant to be placed in the area that golfers struck at impact — a bit lower on the club head in the lower lofts, and higher on the higher lofts — for a better feel.

Titleist says it didn’t go far enough with the CG shift, however. So with the new SM7 wedges, CG is even higher in the high-lofted wedges, and even lower in the low-lofted wedges. That will mean more spin with the sand and lob wedges compared to the SM6 wedges, and more ball speed with the pitching and gap wedges.

More spin… in some

With the new SM7 wedges, Titleist is reporting up to a 100 rpm increase in spin due to tighter tolerances with its Spin Milled machining process… but only with the plated wedges (Tour Chrome and Brushed Steel), as opposed to the Jet Black raw wedge. The new black finish has gotten even blacker with black paint fills and graphics, but the grooves in the black wedges do not utilize the spin-increasing, groove-cutting process.

Like Vokey wedges of the past, a proprietary heat treatment is applied to each of the wedges to increase durability and spin throughout the lifetime of the wedge.

The new D-grind

Along with the familiar F, S, M, K and L grinds, Titleist has a new D-grind in its SM7 line. Titleist says the “D” relates to the nomenclature of the “TVD” grinds of the past. More specifically, Titleist says this grind is a mix between the grinds of its previous TVD-M wedge and the SM4 58-12 wedge.

The D-grind has a high measured bounce, but also has a crescent-shaped grind to offer the player greater versatility (open-faced shots, different shots around the green, etc.). Think of the D-grind as a hybrid between the high-bounce K grind and the versatile M Grind — you get the benefits of higher bounce, with the versatility of a crescent-shaped sole.

Titleist says the D-grind was modeled after the most popular custom grind that Aaron Dill (Titleist’s PGA Tour rep and wedge maker) would grind for his Tour players each week. Now, it’s a stock option for the consumer in the 58 and 60 degree options.

Fitting expansion

What’s the point of having a bunch of grinds and bounce options if you don’t get fit, or at least try them out first before you buy?

Titleist has long stressed the importance of fitting for the serious golfer, and it says the short game is an area that can see rapid improvement in a short time. As such, the company is expanding fitting availabilities for consumers as part of the SM7 wedge launch.

In 2018, Titleist’s Vokey Scoring Kit — which includes 13 different wedges with different grinds and a shag bag full of Pro V1 and Pro V1x golf balls — will be available at over 1400 facilities. The company will also be running over 5,000 events, with access to a trained Titleist fitter, so golfers can get dialed in with the correct wedges. Lookout for events and “Titleist Thursdays” near you to get fit for Vokey SM7 wedges.

Pros are switching in droves

Titleist staffers Jordan Spieth, Jimmy Walker, Bill Haas, Webb Simpson, Brian Harman and Andrew “Beef” Johnston have already switched into the SM7 wedges. If you want to know what specific wedges they each switched into, with thoughts from Aarol Dill about why each of them switched, click here.

Also Patton Kizzire recently won the 2018 Sony Open using three SM7 wedges. Click here for his specs.

Release Date and Pricing

Titleist’s new SM7 wedges, available in three different finishes and in 23 different loft-grind-bounce options, will hit stores on March 9, selling for $149 each. They can also be customized for specs and personalization on the Vokey website.

Discussion: See what GolfWRX members are saying about the wedges in our forums

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