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Forum Thread of the Day: “Best driver for a short-hitting senior?”



Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from platgolf who is on the hunt for a driver suited to a senior player in the 240 yards off the tee category. Currently playing a Fusion 12-degree driver, platgolf is looking to change things up, and our members give their suggestions on the big-stick that could work best.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • stmike: “I’m in the same “senior” hitting situation, and tried a couple of different new drivers last year. The one that gave me the most success is the Callaway Epic 10.5. But we all have different swings, and what works for others may not be for you.”
  • Markrip: “Sounds like your experience with the F8 weren’t good. You should try the F7. I have one, and the ball goes a long way. It also has an extra weight port the F8 doesn’t, and it really helps keep the ball from going right. I don’t use it in that setting because it makes the ball go way left for me. It also has draw settings with the loft adjustments if you needed that.”
  • CarolinaGolfer2: “Titleist TS1 10.5 with the Fubuki 45g shaft beats them all for me, and I’ve played or demoed them all. Titleist got it right with the weighting in this one. Usually, I can’t stand ultra-lite drivers. But this doesn’t feel too light, and I picked up 3 to 5 mph swing speed with it.”
  • golftejas: “You might demo a Ping G400 Max at 10.5* if you get a chance … this is a higher-spin head, so you might find it provides enough spin to provide good stability/accuracy/height for your shots. I’ve found this head to be extremely forgiving with good shot heights for me. And if you loft-it-up 1* to play at 11.5*, the face will be a little more closed to help with any right-miss tendencies.”

Entire Thread: “Best driver for a short-hitting senior?”

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  1. Mike Barnard

    Nov 5, 2019 at 3:10 am

    240 yds… short , give us a break and get real.
    Why publish such utter nonsense , oh wait I’m forgetting , all WRX non seniors hit it over 300yds with XX-stiff shafts weighing 85g, so it all makes sense now.
    Nonsense but made WRX forum of the day…

  2. john flavia

    Oct 11, 2019 at 8:07 am

    I would suggest dropping down in shaft stiffness. I’ve done that recently with a club that had a ‘stiff’ shaft, although I liked the way the shaft felt compared to other shafts, I got a ‘Reg’ flex in the same brand of shaft and it went ~10 yrds further. After hitting that Reg-flex for a while, I got to thinking, let me try the Senior flex in the same brand, so I got that and jumped another 10-15 yards (although with each jump my dispersion increased, but I learned to play it. So other than dropping flex, there’s always going to a more forward tee as has been suggested. I feel sorry for lady golfers who only have the 1 tee to work with.

  3. Morris

    Sep 30, 2019 at 7:19 pm

    Seriously? Best driver for SHORT HITTING SR’s who can only hit it about 240 off the tee. I’m 66 years old, I’ve played golf for 40+ years, and I’m a 9 handicap. I play golf 3-5 times a week pretty regularly. When I hit my driver on the “screws” I may hit 220-225 yards. I watch 50 other 65+ seniors play every week and MAYBE 10% of the seniors I know can hit their driver over 220 yards. Once again, another article not targeted to 90% of the amateurs playing golf every day.

    • myron miller

      Oct 28, 2019 at 2:52 pm

      Fully concur!!! I play with a lot of true Seniors (well over 70 most of them) and very very few hit it average of 240. Best hit it about 220-230 at best. 240 is very very unusual for most seniors, in fact it seems unusual for the average golfer as well. Especially considering several major studies that say the average golfer carries it 200 and rolls it another 25 for a total of 225. And that average is for all ages. And most studies say the average senior 65 and over are lucky to average 200+ total. So 240 is not typical of the normal senior in my experience.

      Me, I’m in my mid 70s and seriously disabled as well as old. Severe arthritis and a severely torn oblique muscle that hasn’t healed well at all limit me to about 150 average on good days with a lot of days an average of 135-140. Would I love more distance, sure, but it isn’t going to happen, I fully realize and new drivers make zero difference. I’ve done extensive testing with many many different combinations of new drivers and shafts, including several fittings and so far nothing exceeds my current driver. And I do play forward tees. Fully recognize back is too long for me. Some courses don’t provide ratings for tees short enough for senior men. Only rate to normal white tees.

  4. Stephen Pearcy

    Sep 23, 2019 at 4:45 pm

    The best driver for a short hitter is called “Forward Tee”

    • Jim Barnett

      Sep 23, 2019 at 9:24 pm

      Precisely. And the best club to use If the swing speed is less than 95 mph swinging at 80% of effort is most likely a Wishon 919 with a 13° loft with Its GRT ( graduated roll technology ), and a shaft no longer than 44 inches using Wishon’s s2s (swing to speed) shaft. You will hit it further, straighter, and will not spend anywhere near $500 for an overhyped “major brand” club. Try it, you will like it

      A 71-year-old senior.

      • M Gaston

        Sep 23, 2019 at 10:57 pm

        Best thing is get a driver custom fitted to your swing dynamucs. Ive been building and teaching golf for years. The proper fitted and designed club will give you all the performance you need. Send specs and ill send reccomendations.

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“My home course is fairly short 6050 yards, so I’m not really in a position where I have to hit a lot of long fairway shots. There is one par 5 on each side – 548 and 449 respectively.

Open to other options as well.

Including current specs and avg distance.

  1. Driver – Cobra F9 – 250 yards
  2. 3-Wood – Cobra F7 – 220 yards
  3. Hybrid – Callaway Epic – 200 yards
  4. 5 Iron – Callaway Apex CF16 – 175 yards
  5. 6 Iron – Callaway Apex CF16 – 165 yards
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  7. 8 Iron – Callaway Apex CF16 – 145 yards
  8. 9 Iron – Callaway Apex CF16 – 130 yards
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  • heathpitts: “Very similar setup and gapping to my setup. Although my wedge lofts are a bit different. I have wedges at 50, 54, 58, and 62 but generally, only carry 3 per round. I adjust the 54-62 based on where I’m gonna play. I do also have a graphite shafted 3 utility iron that I play around with as a driving iron, but I see that you haven’t really found one that you like. I adjust the 14th club based on the course or conditions or time of year (due to different wedge grinds) sometimes but try to keep it as simple as possible. I think your setup is pretty good honestly. I always seem to score better with fewer options, so I don’t try to get cute with shot selection 🙂 I play 13 clubs a lot of times.”
  • MP4444: “I agree with the others on a club to hit that 185-190yrd spot. Either a hybrid or an iron with extra help compared to the CF16s. I personally have a 4 hybrid and a more game-improvement style 5 iron that I use interchangeably for this spot in my bag depending on how I’m striking the ball. When my ball striking is on, I usually prefer an iron in this spot because my misses are smaller, but it’s nice to have the help of a hybrid when I’m not feeling so on with my game. If you go the iron route just be sure to check out the lofts to ensure the proper gapping. Some game improvement and super game improvement type irons have stronger lofts so you may need to look at a 4 or 5 iron depending on the model. I would also recommend hitting both on a launch monitor and comparing peak height and spin numbers. You are still typically looking to hold a green at this distance, so you want to make sure you are getting enough height and spin to have a chance.”
  • Z1ggy16: “The obvious choice is like a 188-yard club but if you never need that shot… Why spend the money? Other option is like a 64* wedge, but that’s probably going to get you into trouble more often than not. I’d lean toward the 185-190 yard club, probably another hybrid, gives you more flexibility if you play other courses that are longer.”
  • crapula: “Higher lofted Callaway Epic?”

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Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • dhen9: “M grind or ES Glide 2.0.”
  • PowerCobra98: “Callaway MD4 or MD5 with the C Grind.”
  • bsb70x7: “I am a sweeper and a low bounce player. I play Vokey 54 with 10* of bounce (as my highest bounce). You may want to go with 8* of bounce if you use your Lob wedge in the sand.”
  • NYCGolfNut: “I’m the same. M grind Vokey – 8 deg bounce, heel and toe relief. Works great.”

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  • Golf64: “Cobra F8 and 9s are still out there, and the new SZ is nice too. I prefer Ping, love the look and feel and easy to get in the air!!”
  • KGilma: “I just replaced my F6 baffler with the F9. It is a definite upgrade. I still have the F6 if you’re interested.”
  • bjh1: “Recently got an Epic Flash 5 wood (regular, not sub-zero), and I am loving it! Can’t go wrong sticking with the Callaway.”
  • jah7838: “I agree with those mentioning the Baffler and the other various Cobra offerings. F8+ and F9 Tour are really good clubs. I just got the F9 Tour 3 wood, and it’s really easy to elevate with the right shaft. I still have my Baffler that I’m going to mess around with as my 5 wood. I was using it as my 4 wood for last season, and really liked it, but I found a good deal on a like-new F9 Tour 3 wood that I couldn’t pass up. The issue I’m going to have with the Baffler as my 5 wood is that I’ve had my Adams 19* XTD Super Hybrid that it’s going to have to beat out. I’ve had that club for so long now, and I’m going to have a hard time not keeping that one in the bag. It’s not a knock on the Baffler; it’s just how much I trust the XTD.”
  • AG12: “I just was given a PING G410 5W to try, and I think it’s the easiest FW to elevate and just wants to go straight. I think j the Tour 75 shaft that PING offers is a great shaft as well. Worth a look if you’re in the market.”

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