“Think New, think Pure, think Modern styling with a classic retro American feel”

This is how Cary, NC-based Stitch Golf describes their products. The ‘Racer Collection’ (black & white, pictured) is modeled after golf headcovers from the persimmon era.  The ‘Baseball Glove Leather Bonesman’ however would never be seen in a bag at the 1960 US Open, but the Skull and Crossbones design on the rich brown leather simply works and looks fantastic in person.

Of real interest is the ‘Club House Plaid Collection’ (Putter cover shown in ‘Iceberg’). At first glance, it does not seem to be more than a handsome, plaid headcover, but then you realize this is leather with a non-embroidered design.  Is it printed? Etched? Stitch won’t tell, but whatever technology, it sets it apart from headcovers in its class.  Look for more of it in the future.

Putter headcovers are lined well with nice fur padding. Wood covers lack any thick internal padding for impact or travel protection.  You would be best served to wrap a towel around them prior to loading in your travel bag.  For most drivers, covers fit well, but are too For a driver with an elongated headshape like an R11, R11s, etc, the driver cover fits too snug.

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  1. They started to go down hill not using the same leather they did back when they started, less expensive and less attractive- I think I have bought my last set— CS is a little difficult as well to work with. They moved from the on line guy to the to trying to go nothing but volume

  2. What’s with the skull and bones imagery blowing up huge in golf right now? It’s been cheesy temporary tattoo fodder for quite some time. Not sure why anyone would want it on their clubs.