By: Reid “Pitbull808″

I’ve been what I call “fairway wood challenged” for years. Although I’ve played a few in the past years that I’ve liked, they never inspired much confidence in me. I’ve told several of my friends, the last 3 wood that I really liked was probably an old “tour” TM V Steel that I stupidly gave to my brother in law. Since that club my 3 wood spot has been a revolving door. Even when one stayed in there, I’d rarely ever use it favoring my hybrid almost eighty percent of the time when it was questionable and driver off the tee figuring I had a higher percentage chance of keeping the ball in play than my 3 wood. I’ve used 4+ fairway woods and they probably came the closest to staying in the bag but alas, I was still better off choking up a driver for the tight spot tee shots where I needed the yards my 4+ didn’t give me.


I’ve tried three 3 woods this year. Cobra Baffler…nice but always too high no matter the shaft installed. TM R11..nice but not consistent enough. Maruman Shuttle…just couldn’t get used to the size of the head. The R11 probably stayed in the bag the longest of the three yet there was still something missing that would cement it in the bag.

One of the golf shops I frequent is an Adams fitting center. During one of my visits, the local rep was there showing the new product line. He was extremely excited about the new LP. He has known about me being fairway wood challenged and as soon as I walked in the door he showed it to me and said, “Reid, this is the fairway wood for you!”. I laughed and said, yeah right…there’s no such thing! Well he explained the design to me and said I’d be able to get the ball up consistently, get longer shots with their Velocity Slot Technology and have the great forgiveness that Adams is known for. Yadda, yadda, yadda I thought. I’ve heard it all before. Heck..I’m a GolfWRX moderator, part of my qualifications is being a ho and trying everything made! :D

I looked at the stock shaft and thought to myself…please 55 gram shaft. I’m not a senior citizen…yet. :blush: Close but I don’t want to admit it. My Rep told me, that was the secret to my happiness. A light weight club with a light swing weight, stable shaft and forgiveness. Again..yadda, yadda, yadda…BUT like any proud GolfWRX member, without much reasonable thought and need for convincing, I told him to order me one.

The day came a few weeks ago when my club arrived. DISCLOSURE: I bought it at the retail price from my usual store. Since I had seen the club in person when the Rep was bringing his samples around, I knew what it looked like. I now only needed to know how it felt. A quick step to the hitting bay was all I needed to learn this.


Adams Speedline LP
3 wood/15 degree
Radix 5.5 Shaft

Forgiveness without looking like a huge shovel of a 3 wood.

Velocity Slot Technology on the crown which will take some getting used to.

This club works. Maybe too much for guys who aren’t fairway wood challenged like me…but for those that are, you won’t find an easier club to hit long and straight.


The Adams Speedline LP has a traditional shaped head that appeals to me. Although I’ve tried the big stretched out heads in an attempt to finding a 3 wood that agreed with me, I’ve never liked using them because I couldn’t stand the looks. The LP has a nice simple shape and black paint. Probably the only thing I don’t like is the bright blue paint on the shaft. Velocity Slot Technology on the head…it’s not pretty to look at but after you hit this club, you’ll forget about it.


A 3 wood that actually knocked the yadda yadda yadda out of me! For once, the rep wasn’t just saying what he learned to say at the product meeting. The LP does what it’s supposed to do. I know people have said this about many clubs but I really feel the ball comes off faster off the face of the LP. For me, easily faster/hotter then my R11 and Baffler. The Maruman was not even close in comparison. The launch was perfect for me, high but not overly ballooning.

As I said earlier, my hybrid was my usual go to club. I’d long given up on going for Par 5’s in two as I knew my consistency was better put towards trying to knock one stiff with my 3rd shot then trying to carry water, or other hazards to get on on two. My first round at my usual course, I found myself going for every Par 5 with the LP. Even on the hole I’d usually choke up a driver, I blasted my LP down the middle. It did everything I wanted it to do. Curve, fly high and go far.

At the driving range…even my buddies giggled when I hit the LP. Unanimously they said, I’d be a fool to ever change 3 woods. They also said even when I hit it fat the ball still went. :blush:


Another overused word..”hot”..but this club feels hot to me. The ball flies off the face quickly, launching into the air. The feel is very solid which goes well with the solid sound at impact. No clang, high pitched tink. Just a nice solid sound. It will appeal to many for sure.


I don’t get paid to write these reviews. I don’t get paid to play the LP. I just felt that it was that good I had to tell more about it. The LP works for me. A spot in my bag that has been a rotating black hole that’s sucked all my wallet money to fill with 3 woods that haven’t worked has been filled. I usually can’t say that about many clubs..but after over a month with the LP, many range sessions, my Rep and my friends are right. I’d be an idiot to attempt a change. I’ve been more then willing to show the LP to my friends at the range and offer them to try it. I’m pretty sure they’re sick of me talking about it…but since they’ve all played with me for years, they know the challenges I’ve had with past 3 woods. :blush: Three have also ordered LP’s for themselves. :yes:

If you’ve found your 3 wood spot a tough place to fill, go out and demo the LP. I think you’ll be pleased.

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