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WRX Spotlight Review: Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver



Product: Tour Edge Exotics EXS driver

Pitch: Per Tour Edge: “The tech-loaded EXS driver features a Flight Tuning System (FTS) that includes 9-gram and 3-gram interchangeable weights, an adjustable hosel that allows for plus two or minus two degrees in loft, RollFace Technology for an expanded sweet spot, Dual Carbon Fiber placement for ideal weight distribution and a new and improved SlipStream Sole for faster clubhead speed.” All for $299!

Our take

At the end of last year, Tour Edge introduced the Exotics EXS driver with all the latest technology but at a lower price point. I finally got some time on the range and course with this new $299 offering from Tour Edge Exotics. I went with the 9.50-degree head and stock Mitsubishi Chemical Tensei CK Blue 60g X-Stiff.

Out of the box the EXS is a good looking driver with everything you would expect like an adjustable hosel, movable weights, and a healthy amount of visible carbon fiber. Driver shape is traditional and compact, with a smaller footprint and deeper face that better players should appreciate. The crown is black near the face and then fades into carbon fiber, with a small Exotics logo as an alignment aid.

The sole of the club has two movable weights, nine and three grams, to help influence ball flight. Movable weights are great, but the issue is that neither are visibly marked. The only way to tell how heavy the weights are is to remove them. A minor complaint, but for a WRXer who likes to tinker, I don’t always remember what setting I left the driver in.

The simplicity and amount of adjustment in the hosel makes switching settings for any type of ball flight simple and fast. I could adjust the 9.5-degree head all the way down to 7.5 degrees and up to 11.5, with the lie angle ranging from 57 to 60 degrees! That is a wide range of options again to fit just about every swing. After messing around with the adjustments, I settled on the standard 9.5 degree because the higher loft options seem to visually close the face more than I liked.

First shots on the range were met by a very pleasant sound and feel. The sound at impact was a low, muted thwack sound. Not loud and high pitched like some multi material heads can sound. The feel was also very solid with very little unneeded vibration. The club head is very responsive and easy to feel those shots that aren’t struck in the center of the face. I could routinely feel my heel miss, but I wasn’t punished with excess sound or harsh vibration. I didn’t have a launch monitor out there and the ball seemed to really jump off the face with a lower, flat trajectory.

I didn’t expect the stock shaft to provide as flat as a ball flight as it did. Much lower than my gamer driver, even with a heavier, lower launching shaft. EXS shined hitting balls into the wind, where that flat trajectory pierced through the wind with ease. Mishits were right or left, providing very straight misses with very little curve.  Spin looked to be low as well with zero ballooning, even into a pretty strong wind. I only noticed a slight rise in trajectory when the wind gusted at me.

On the course the EXS was fun to hit and very predictable. Good swings were met with great results, long and straight drives. I had to adjust a little bit with aim as my typical draw didn’t move as much from right to left. On truly poor swings, for me this is a snap hook, the EXS provided a little less help. I think simply going with the 10.5-degree head would  help with that miss as a little higher trajectory and added backspin could straighten out that shot a touch. The EXS was a solid all day and I never lacked confidence in it, even with my limited experience hitting it.

Overall the Tour Edge Exotics EXS is going to shock a lot of people. I really hope the price doesn’t make people think it is a second-rate driver, because it isn’t. Properly fit, or just off the rack, it will perform right up there with drivers costing more than twice its price. The EXS can also offer a flatter trajectory for those of you out there who struggle with finding a driver that keeps the ball down and offers forgiveness on those mishit shots. At $299, I don’t know how you don’t give the EXS a try.

See more photos of the Tour Edge Exotics EXS, and what WRXers are saying about the club, in the forums. 

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  1. X

    Feb 8, 2019 at 1:26 am

    Numbers……. give us the numbers FFS

    • Brad

      Feb 8, 2019 at 7:12 am

      Why? The only numbers that really matter are your own.

  2. Jack

    Feb 7, 2019 at 10:01 pm

    Would more loft and spin not make the ball go further left?

  3. Kirb

    Feb 7, 2019 at 3:11 pm

    If you buy one…you better hope nothing happens to it because they won’t do A THING about it!!! Garbage customer service there.

    • Kerb

      Feb 7, 2019 at 8:24 pm

      They have a lifetime warranty… They’ve taken great care of me!

      • Johnny

        Feb 8, 2019 at 12:16 am

        Same here, snapped an Aldila Rogue shaft on my old Exotics E8 Beta driver and reached out to customer service and had it reshafted and back to me without any problems and no cost to me.

  4. L

    Feb 7, 2019 at 1:53 pm

    The wind was a factor but did it go as far or close to as far as your typical gamer?

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WRX Spotlight: AfterShokz Trekz Air headphones



AfterShokz Trekz Air Wireless Open Ear Headphones

Honestly, this is not a review we intended on doing. Wireless headphones were not on our radar for 2019, and certainly not on our list of “golf essential” equipment. But an ad for Aftershokz headphones caught our eye. Sleek. Lightweight and “Open Ear”? We needed to check them out in person. With that, here we are.

Product: AfterShokz Trekz Air wireless open air headphones

Basically, this is a wireless headset with bluetooth connectivity with and open ear design. You can still hear your music AND the world around you at the same time. It’s a bit of genius. If you like sports but are one of those “one earbud in, one out so you can hear your surroundings” people, AfterShokz is marketing to you.

Pitch: From AfterShokz: “The next generation of bone conduction technology is what’s inside our lightest and most organically designed open ear headphones to date. We cut the bulk and used titanium everywhere possible to ensure they not only fit more securely but sound better too. Trekz Air are inspired by the demands of elite and aspiring athletes motivated by their music and their world.”

Our take on the AfterShokz Trekz

While the AfterShokz Trekz Air are not golf specific, they are a nearly perfect accessory for your range practice time. They are comfortable, sweat and water resistant and have very good sound. The open air nature is a huge plus, so you can still hear the world around you while listening to music, a recorded lesson, or a golf tempo trainer. Aftershokz claims up to a 6-hours of continuous use on a single charge. We found that to be fairly accurate.

While the $149 price point is not small change, these are not golf specific and can be worn daily. We found them to be plenty comfortable jogging, biking and just running errands. Some reviewers on the internet claim they weren’t as comfortable on the ears over a long period of time, but we didn’t experience it. We were able to wear them comfortably for extended periods with and without glasses or with or without a hat or helmet.

Very impressed.

One criticism is we felt the mic functionality was a little spotty. The users on the other end had some difficulty hearing us on the phone. It works in a pinch, but for longer conversations, we thought it was just easier to disconnect the device and put the phone to our ear.

While AfterShokz Trekz Air wireless headphones won’t make your golf game better, their one of our favorite golf accessories of 2019 so far.

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WRX Spotlight Review: Miura KM-009 putter



Product: Miura KM-009 putter

Pitch: From Miura: “A rolled top line and a tapered heel help to deliver a putter head which is both pleasing to the eye and easy to square to your putting line. As is the case with our other putters, the milled face is extremely forgiving and produces a strike which transmits to the feel, distance control and in achieving the truest of rolls from reduced skid. This classic putter design goes through the same forging process as our irons.”

Our take on the Miura KM-009 putter

When you hear the name Miura, you think of forged irons, forged wedges, and tales of Tiger’s old clubs. Rarely do we think of putters when we hear that legendary name. Like the classic, legendary name’s wares, the KM-009 putter has a classic shape and great lines.

The Miura KM-009 is a chunky looking version of the classic Anser blade putter in a brushed white chrome. From address, it has a thick top line and looks a little shorter heel to toe, with slightly rounded bumpers. Almost like a Newport and Newport 2 had a child!

The flange seems to be a standard length with a single thin sight line. From behind the flange and bumpers are thick and hefty, giving you the look of being really solid. I am typically not a blade putter guy, but I like the thicker look of the KM-009, as other blades can get to small and thin for my eye. The face milling looks great going from shallow at the top of the putter to deeper near the bottom.

On the green the white chrome color contrasts well and I personally like the shape. I know shape is personal and how it looks to your eye could be drastically different. With the thicker top line I think the heavier bumpers help frame the ball well and focus your eyes more towards the sightline. Again, putter feel and sound really depends on the player and to me the KM-009 is a great feeling and sounding flatstick. The thicker face provides a really solid feel, responsive but without any unnecessary vibration.

Even putts off the heel and toe have a solid feel with just a slight bit more vibration to them. The distance on those mishits was actually better than I thought. For a putter that doesn’t have touted technology in the face the rollout was really good. Now those same mishit shots did travel farther offline, missing the cup by more than a couple inches each way.

The sound of the putter to me was perfect, with just the light click on impact.

The only negative to the putter is that the milling on my head wasn’t flawless. Inside the logo on the sole and near the model number you could see some milling that shouldn’t be there, something that shouldn’t be an issue on a $400 putter. From images on the web I haven’t seen other heads with similar issues, so it is probably just this one.

Overall, the KM-009 is for the player who wants great feel and sound, without caring about tech. Miura club users will find themselves in familiar territory with the KM-009: phenomenal feel and sound in a traditional package.

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Forum Thread of the Day: “The hunt for the perfect 5-wood”



Today’s Forum Thread of the Day comes from keithrichards, who is looking to add a 5-wood to his bag. Good elevation off the deck is a crucial requirement in his search, and ignoring the latest lines, our members discuss what 5-wood they believe is the best option.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say at the link below.

  • uwhockey14: “Sonartec, 19* is an awesome club with the right shaft in it. Excellent off the deck! Only 5-Wood I’ve been able to be somewhat consistent with as I played 2-Iron for years and years and struggle with hybrids!”
  • mwink822: “I like my Titleist 917 F2 from all areas (tee, fairway and rough).  The Ping G400 was also a good performer, but I hated the way it looked behind the ball.  The Callaway Steelhead XR is also a good option, but I elected not to go that avenue myself as the 5-wood has a slightly closed (to my eyes anyway) appearance at address.”
  • mowakebum: “G400 5 wood, easy to hit, put it in the bag last year and it’s in no danger of being replaced. Point and shoot full send.”
  • Mitchell: “In a 5-wood, still very difficult to beat a V steel with the appropriate shaft for your stated needs in a non-adjustable.In adjustable, the various Cobra clubs with baffler rail system would be a great place to start, f6 baffler is phenomenal out of rough.”

Entire Thread: “The hunt for the perfect 5-wood”

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