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PGA Show 2019: Day 2 recap



GolfWRX are live all week from the PGA Show in Orlando, and on Thursday, our team were hard at work capturing all that was on display at the annual gearhead festival. Through our front page, forums, and social media platforms, GolfWRX had you covered as the PGA Show rolled into its second day.

Here, we take a look at all of the content our team provided on Day Two of the Major of the Golf Business.

Front Page

On Day Two, GolfWRX’s Johnny Wunder spoke to the wedge-making wizard Roger Cleveland and got the lowdown on everything you need to know about Callaway’s new PM Grind. Check out the chat here.

We covered Bushnell’s latest laser rangefinder, the Pro XE, which contains the companies new “Slope with Elements” feature. All you need to know about the Pro XE can be found here.

Johnny talked about Srixon’s new Z Forged line with Cleveland/Srixon staffer William McGirt, and VP of R&D Jeff Brunski. Check out the discussion in full here.

Bridgestone’s Tour B XW-1 wedges are hitting the retail market in March, with the company calling the new additions “the softest and highest spinning wedges ever designed for better players”. Find out everything you need to know about the new Bridgestone wedges here.


Our guys captured a boatload of photos once again on Thursday. Here are eight galleries filled to the brim with pictures of all the gear displayed on Day Two of the event.

2019 PGA Show, Day Two Pt. 1 – Smathers & Branson Headcovers, OUUL Bags 

2019 PGA Show Day Two Pt. 2 – Sunfish, FJ 1857, Tonal 

2019 PGA Show Day Two Pt. 3 – About Golf, AM&E, Evnroll, Bettinardi 

2019 PGA Show Day Two Pt. 4 – Eson, Big Max, Chippo, Clicgear, MacKenzie 

2019 PGA Show Day Two Pt. 5 – Adidas, Galvin Green, 2 UNDR, Linksoul, Mizuno, Bridgestone 

2019 PGA Show Day Two Pt. 6 – Golf Pride, Precision Pro, Callaway Clothing 

2019 PGA Show Day Two Pt. 7 Lynx, Adidas, Criquet 

2019 PGA Show Day Two Pt. 8 Stitch, Puma, Ecco 

Twitter & Instagram

While in the Twittersphere, our guys had a chat with Mizuno club-designer Chris Voshall which we’ve added to our piece on the companies new JPX 919 Hot Metal Pro irons

…the team then snapped some photos of Sky Caddies new rangefinder, the SX500 GPS…

…before checking out some cool needlework at the Winston Collection…

…and the crew also showcased Oban Golf’s latest shafts…

…before getting up-close with Epon Golf’s new AF-155i driver…

…and the guys then captured this amazingly detailed driver head cover from Sunfish…

…while on Instagram, Johnny caught up with Kaitlyn Petrando, of Youth On Course, who gave us the lowdown on this awesome grow-the-game initiative.

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This is RAD!!! @yocgolf

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Gianni is a freelance writer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Diploma in Sports Journalism. He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter @giannimosquito



  1. I am become death.

    Jan 25, 2019 at 11:41 pm

    Anyone think we’ve hit peak Golf? Listening to yet another grind description, the same old same old. The Golf gear story seems to have run out of steam about 5 years ago.
    More weight Low and back, more heel relief! Time for someone to really pull some innovation. The market is stale.

  2. 2putttom

    Jan 25, 2019 at 1:01 pm

    thnx Gianni

  3. Rich Douglas

    Jan 25, 2019 at 11:12 am

    No new single-length irons. I was hoping a major OEM would jump in. Perhaps it will always be a niche product, lasting as long as BCD does.

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Forum Thread of the Day: “Scotty Cameron Albertsons Boise Open putter covers”



Today’s Forum Thread of the Day showcases Scotty Cameron’s Albertsons Boise Open putter covers. The vibrant french fries themed covers have been receiving plenty of love from our members in our forums, with one WRXer calling the new additions their “favorite headcover in a long time.”

Here are a few posts from the thread but make sure to check out the entire discussion and have your say on the covers at the link below.

  • jschwarb: “Gave up french fries many months ago … this cover makes me happy and sad. I’ll probably grab one for my T22 Fastback.”
  • manVSgolf: “This is my favorite headcover in a long time. Can’t wait to receive mine. Orders are still available for Club Cameron members.”
  • chrisokeefe12: “Those are so sick would love to get my hands on one of those.”

Entire Thread: “Scotty Cameron Albertsons Boise Open putter covers”

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Top 10 most iconic driver and fairway wood shafts of all time



fujikura golf shaft

If there is one thing we love as golf gear junkies, it’s driver (and fairway wood) shafts!

From the early years to today’s modern designs, materials, and profiles, there are some shafts that have maintained steady popularity—like a Ping Eye 2 lob wedge. There are a lot of graphite shafts that have stood the test of time, and they bring back memories of great driver combos gone by.

This is my top 10 list (in no particular order) of the most iconic driver shafts of all time.

Fujikura 757 Speeder

Fujikura golf shaft

Launched more than two decades ago, you could arguably say it’s the shaft that started the shaft craze. Built from advanced materials in a profile that was designed to work for stabilizing larger driver heads of the time—you know when 300cc was HUGE. The Speeder 757 was an instant hit among PGA Tour players, most notably Fred Couples, who used the shaft for over a decade and was said to have at one point remove all the remaining stock from one of the equipment vans for his personal use.

Aldila NV

Aldila NV Green golf shaft

One of the very first “low-spin monsters,” the Aldila NV took the PGA Tour and retail by storm when it was introduced. The unique green paint made it easily recognizable, and thanks to the many weights it was offered in, it was just as popular in fairway woods as it was in drivers. Honorable mention goes to its cousin the NVS (orange version) that was softer in profile and easier to launch. At a time when most off the rack drivers had three shaft options (low, medium, and high flight-promoting shafts), the NV was the staple as the low-launch option in many OEM offerings.

Mitsubishi Diamana Blue Board

Diamana Blue Board - Tiger shaft

Originally very hard to find, the Diamana Blue Board was a shaft that fit a large variety of golfers. Its name was derived from the blue oval that surrounded the “Diamana” on the all silver/ion painted shaft. Just like others on the list, the Blue Board came in a variety of weight options and was made particularly popular by Tiger Woods. Best known by most shaft junkies as being extremely smooth, it is one of the first sought after shafts in the aftermarket.

True Temper EI-70

True temper graphite EI70

It’s hard to picture a classic 900 series Titleist Driver without an EI-70 shaft in it. The EI-70 was lower torque—when that was a big talking point in shaft design—and it had a fairly stout profile, which in turn made it very stable. Unlike others on the list, it was much more subdued as far as its paint and graphics, but the green shaft was a mainstay for many years on tour and in the bags or recreational golfers.

Graphite Design Tour AD DI-6/7

Tour AD Di7 Tiger orange shaft

It’s hard to figure out if it was the design and performance of the shaft or the performance of a certain golfer (a certain Mr. Woods) that to this day makes the Tour AD DI-7 so popular. Painted BRIGHT orange with a bend profile that offered a lot of stability and playability for a variety of player types, it can still be spotted on tour every week. You could call the DI-7 the grandchild of the YS6/7, which should also get an honorable mention for its well documented smooth feel.

UST ProForce

UST golf shaft gold graphite

The aptly nicknamed “Lakers Shaft” because of its original gold and purple paint job, this was another shaft that was just as popular at the retail level as it was on the PGA Tour. As driver head sizes were going up (400cc ), players were looking for stability and this offered it. The most notable player to use it was Jim Furyk, who won the 2003 U.S. Open with one in the bag.

Grafalloy Blue

Blue graphite shaft stenson

Henrik Stenson and the Grafalloy Blue in his 3-wood. Name a more iconic duo…(I’ll wait). An updated and stiffer version of the Prolite, the Blue stood out for a couple reasons—its color, and its extremely low torque. Most golfers wouldn’t consider the Blue a very smooth feeling shaft, because it took a lot of speed and a quick tempo to maximize its performance, but it did birth another shaft for average player: the Prolaunch Blue, which is still available to this day.

Matrix Ozik TP7HD

1000 golf shaft Matrix

$1,100 bucks! That was the original asking price for the Martix Ozik TP7HD. Matrix thought of this design as a concept car of shafts and threw everything they had at it including exotic materials like Zylon, and the fact that it was wrapped on a 16-sided hexadecagon mandrel. Some golfers said it had a fluid-like feel (we golfers can sure be weirdly descriptive) but it still had a LOT of stability thanks to the materials. Although never as popular as many on the list, if you did spot one of these in the wild you knew its owner was VERY serious about golf gear.

True Temper Bi-Matrix

bimatrix Bubba golf shaft

Bi (two) matrix (a surrounding medium or structure). The first and only truly notable shaft to be made from putting two very different and distinct pieces together. The bottom portion of the shaft utilizes a steel tip section that serves to add stability and additional weight. This shaft is quirky, which is something that could also be said about Bubba Watson, who has used this shaft for over a decade now in MANY different Ping drivers (although Tiger did give it a go for a short period).

Accra SE-80

ryan palmer accra 5 wood shaft

This shaft might seem like the underdog of the bunch, but if you talk to any longtime club builder and get into “vintage” aftermarket shafts, undoubtedly the Accra SE-80 is going to come up at some point. Originally launched in 2006, the SE-80 combined a very low torque rating with an active tip section to help increase launch—yet feel extremely stable. Even though this shaft design is officially a teenager now, you can still find it in the bag of PGA Tour winner Ryan Palmer, who uses it in a TaylorMade R15 5-wood.


Editor’s Note: Let us know any shafts you think should be included in the comment section, WRXers!

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Forum Thread of the Day: “TaylorMade Albertsons Boise Open putter covers”



Today’s Forum Thread of the Day showcases TaylorMade’s Albertsons Boise Open putter covers. The covers have impressed our members, who are hoping that the new additions will now come to retail.

Here are a few posts from the thread, but make sure to check out the entire thread and have your say on the covers at the link below.

  • Green In Reg: “Name your price TM!”
  • chrisokeefe12: “Those are super cool. Would be sweet if they did one for every major college.”
  • Titletown: “Those are great.”

Entire Thread: “TaylorMade Albertsons Boise Open putter covers”

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