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Tiger Woods and GolfTV strike content deal. What do GolfWRX Members want to see?



Hot on the heels of experiencing an open-microphoned Tiger Woods on the golf course during the match against Phil Mickelson last Friday, fans can now expect to get even closer to the golfing legend in 2019.

Tiger Woods and Discovery have agreed to a multi-year deal that will feature an up-close and personal look at the “life, mind and performance” of the 14-time major champion. The content that will begin from the new year will stream on Discovery’s new channel GolfTV, in a joint venture alongside the PGA Tour.

If you’ve ever wanted some golf lessons from Tiger, and let’s face it, who hasn’t? Then that will be one aspect to look forward to in the new year, as the 80-time winner on the PGA Tour has stated his excitement at the prospect of both giving back to golf fans, and creating a brand new audience for the game through the new service.

“I want to talk to golf fans and golfers everywhere, directly, and straight from me. That’s important to me. Talking about what we care about: what’s happening on the course, how to play better, how can I shoot lower scores tomorrow, how can I beat my friends?

Getting the chance to do instruction is exciting. I’ve always been focused on my own game, and this experience can help players everywhere. Whether you’re a long-time player or a beginner, there are some things that help us all play better. If I can help the next generation enjoy the game more and play better, that’s pretty special.”

Golf fans in the U.S. will have to wait for the new addition from Discovery, which plans to begin by replacing the PGA Tour Live streaming service in international markets. Domestic streaming will continue on PGA Tour Live for the time being.

Speaking about the deal struck with Woods, Discovery CEO David Zaslav stressed how the new streaming service is “not going to be the traditional stuff” often provided by golf telecasts, as well as speaking about Woods’ enthusiasm for the venture who he says is “all in” after discussing the potential of the partnership.

So, just what can golf fans expect from the new service? Well, golf instructional videos are only one of the perks to look forward to, along with showcasing preparation routines used by Woods, and a behind the scenes look during his PGA Tour rounds.

Our members at GolfWRX have been discussing the deal here, and the news of the latest service has got some of them excited. Member alliikane, for example, believes that the competition from GolfTV will lead to companies delivering a better viewing experience all around.

“This is good. Competition for the Golf Channel. I like the Golf Channel, but some of their programming is getting a little tired. It will be great to have two choices for watching golf and some fresh new programming.”

However, not all of our members are sold on the new product from Discovery just yet, with Mattyo1984 stating that while he’s intrigued by the prospect of the deal, the awkwardness of last weeks open-microphoned match involving Woods is a major concern.

“Interesting to see how it works out, the promise of extra access to TW is in itself intriguing, although I would be sceptical as to how much genuinely interesting content it will result in. If it was anything like the banter during ‘The Match’ then oh dear.”

Along with instructional videos from Woods, which will no doubt prove popular, what other aspects would GolfWRXers like to see from the new up-close and personal service?

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Gianni is a freelance writer. He holds a Bachelor of Arts as well as a Diploma in Sports Journalism. He can be contacted at Follow him on Twitter @giancarlomag



  1. joro

    Nov 30, 2018 at 12:45 pm

    C’mon, enough of this Tiger worship. He had his day, with Golf and probably still the Trailer trash he drools over. The Golf Channel has become a joke with everything and anything about Woods. He is the past, a great player, but that was then. So he won again, so did 20 or so others. This is getting, or has gotten stupid, enough already.

  2. ogo

    Nov 29, 2018 at 12:00 am

    Yes… I so look forward to golf lessons and instruction from the Tiger…. and of course his insights into how to attack a golf course playing from the rough as well as the fairways. As for putting…..

  3. ogo

    Nov 28, 2018 at 11:57 pm

    Yes… I so look forward to golf lessons and instruction from the Tiger…. and of course his insights into how to attack a golf course playing from the rough as well as the fairways. As for putting, I think that is his forte, his g u a n o of golf knowledge condensed. Of course a discourse of chitchat and assorted trash talk would be good too. Whatever….

  4. ogo

    Nov 28, 2018 at 11:55 pm

    Yes… I so look forward to golf lessons and instruction from the Tiger…. and of course his insights into how to attack a golf course playing from the rough as well as the fairways. As for putting, I think that is his forte, his guano of golf knowledge condensed. Of course a discourse of chitchat and assorted trash talk would be good too. Whatever….

  5. Johnny Penso

    Nov 28, 2018 at 11:39 pm

    I’m not a Tiger fan but this is something I could get into so long as it’s somewhat “real”. I wouldn’t mind seeing the day to day, the preparation, the different events he attends, his house, his friends, what he does in his off time etc. but if it comes across as some douchey YT crap with over the top fake enthusiasm and full of tired old cliches, buzzwords, political correctness and virtue signalling it would be an instant turn off. Tiger is as vanilla as you can get most of the time but it would be great to see some of the veneer come off and see what really goes on behind the scenes.

  6. benseattle

    Nov 28, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    Oh please. This — very much like “The Match” — is yet another blatant cash-grab and another desperate attempt to hang on to fleeing relevancy. Tiger turns 43 in December. Just WHAT about this going-over-the-hill golfer don’t you know that you’re desperate to learn? Insights into Tiger’s uh, sorry… “personal” life, daily routine, workout, friends and challenges MIGHT have been somewhat interesting oh… perhaps FIFTEEN YEARS AGO but now? Seriously? And as for Instruction, just what can thus guy share that we haven’t observed over and over and over since he turned pro in 1996? Zero? I thought so.

  7. James

    Nov 28, 2018 at 2:45 pm

    How bout finally just showing all golf – good bad great ugly…sick of hearing about (I’m an uncaring bastard) sick caddies, pets, GF’s, Bro-cations or what a cat still anaylizing swings on last century BS HAS TO SAY.

    SHOW name brand cats – who made the last 3 cuts shoot 76-77 and go home. NOT TO EMBARASS THEM, BUT TO SHOW PEOPLE STRUGLING TO IMPROVE REAL LIFE GOLF. They loved showing Daly mess up – to rub it in, they ONLY show leaders melt down – ’cause they have to. Show 15x more actual golf and less talk.

    That, I’d watch

  8. Chuckle Barkles

    Nov 28, 2018 at 2:24 pm

    Oh jc, now that’s quality comedy right there, good stuff!! That made me laugh. Actually, that would be very interesting to hear how he picks his women of interest. Elin is still the Queen of ’em all. His latest hot mama, IMO, leaves a lot to be desired. She must do things……
    “So Eldrick, have you ever dated a woman of color, like a black, as our esteemed President refers to us? What is it about white women that you prefer over Mexican women? Have you ever dated a Muslim, a Canadian perhaps? And about your “black” Mercedes, what in fact did you hit that night that caused such extensive driver’s side damage from bumper to bumper? And about that dipping of your skull through impact, where did that come from? It is not as pronounced in previous versions of your swing, say between 1999 and 2001? Get back to us when you have a moment.

    Thanks Eldrick

    • cindy

      Nov 28, 2018 at 11:59 pm

      If you bite white you won’t go black….

  9. jc

    Nov 28, 2018 at 11:53 am

    he will tell us about his newest white girlfriend and why he is scared to death of women like serena williams.

  10. Tom

    Nov 28, 2018 at 11:40 am

    The Golf Channel shows nothing but Tiger….enough already!

  11. Scheiss

    Nov 28, 2018 at 11:08 am

    There will be initial excitement and a boat load of detail and activities and information from his and his whole gang.
    But then all of it will become distracting to him, as paying attention to disseminating information to others rather than focusing on the task at hand for himself, that is, winning more tournaments next year, will all of a sudden cut off the details and minutiae of content, and the fans will give the new channel, the show and its producers, as well Eldrick himself a lot of flack and negativity, for wasting everybody’s time.
    People will only get a slight glimpse in the end, because he will see a massive drop in his game while he does these shows, and he will quit doing the shows, to end up just focusing on winning again.
    So why bother?

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Viral star, Hosung Choi, set for second start on the PGA Tour



Hosung Choi, the man who has become a viral internet star due to his unique golf swing, made his PGA Tour debut at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am earlier this year, and the South Korean is set to make his second start this summer, after accepting a sponsors exemption to play the John Deere Classic.

Choi missed the cut on his debut at Pebble Beach, firing rounds of 72-75-77 while playing alongside the likes of Jerry Kelly and Aaron Rodgers.

The 45-year-old won the 2018 Casio World Open at the back end of last year but has been quiet on the golf course in 2019. Besides his missed cut at the AT&T Pebble Beach, Choi has only made two other appearances, missing the cut at the Kenya Open and finishing T12 at the Singapore Open.

Those who have bought tickets for this year’s John Deere Classic in July can look forward to all of Choi’s beautiful eccentricities.


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Morning 9: Nelly! | Ogilvy on Rules changes | Phelps on watching Tiger | Nantz: “Best event I’ve covered”



By Ben Alberstadt (

April 18, 2019

Good Thursday morning, golf fans.
1. Meanwhile, on the LPGA Tour…
…some actual golf action, to begin…
AP Report on round one of the Lotte Championship…
  • “Nelly Korda took advantage when Hawaii’s tough trade winds took a break.”
  • Korda rolled in the last of her nine birdies at the 18th in a bogey-free round of 63 Wednesday for a one-shot lead after the opening round of the Lotte Championship at Ko Olina Golf Club.
  • “I got here Saturday and I swear I couldn’t even walk because it was so windy,” said Korda, who is making her Lotte debut. “But I like the place. Everyone is really friendly and it just feels good to be here.”

Full piece.

2. Ogilvy on Rules changes
…the always interesting, abundantly informed Australian sounds off…
Writing for Golf Australia…
  • All of which brought me immediately back to the notion that the idea of simplifying rules almost automatically makes them more complicated. That it is what almost always happens when a committee decides something. I actually have some experience in that area, when I was on the PGA Tour Player Advisory Council…”
  • “…There were so many contingencies because a committee was involved. And it seems to me the same thing has happened with this ball-dropping thing. Nobody in the world now knows how to drop the ball properly. So we have a more complex situation than we had on December 31, 2018.”
  • “But it should be so simple. All we have to do is make it easy for a player to get the ball from hand to ground so that the game can continue. It’s that straightforward. But now we have a situation where you have to stand a certain way – you can’t bend your knees – and you have to drop from this exact height; not too low or high. The simplest thing in the world is now complicated.”
Also notable: this statement...”I have to think 99 percent of golfers have never consulted the rulebook on that one and things have been fine as far as I can see. This is really just a pro golf issue. So what is the point in foisting it on everyone?”
3. Phelps on watching Tiger
…how one GOAT got in prime position to watch another…
Tyler Lauletta at Business Insider…
  • On Wednesday, Phelps spoke with NBC Sports about how he wound up at the Masters in the first place, explaining that it had always been a dream of his to attend the tournament, and him being there for Woods’ big comeback win was more luck than anything.
  • “A mutual friend is a member,” Phelps said, explaining how he got his invite to one of the most difficult tickets in sports. “A buddy of mine called me Monday before the Masters. ‘I have a ticket? Do you want to go? I have a plane. Do you want to go?’ I was like, awesome, I’m going to the Masters for the first time.”
  • “As to how Phelps fell into front row seats to watch Woods tee off at No. 16, he says it came down to a helpful strangers that got to the tournament early on Sunday.”
  • “We started walking around the course and ran into a couple of nice people who had gotten to the gate early, at 3:30 a.m,” Phelps said. “They said, if you ever want to come back and sit on 16 with us, we have a couple of chairs. We got lucky, met a super nice guy working there that had some seats set up in some primo spots that we just had some pretty amazing access to.”
4. Even Stevie watched!
…tuning in for his former boss…
TVNZ report…
  • “Writing for Australian outlet the Player’s Voice, Williams says he now concentrated on playing golf rather than watching – until Monday morning earlier this week.”
  • “…I try to keep up with the news and will read about golf – but I just don’t watch it. Ever.
  • “Except for last Monday.”
  • “Fourteen years! It’s almost impossible to believe. And it had been 11 years since his last major – the US Open at Torrey Pines – which he had no right to win thanks to his torn cruciate ligament and fractured tibia.
  • “But that’s Tiger Woods – he does things no-one else could dream of doing.”


5. OWGR points for the Tour Championship
…two sets of books…
Doug Ferguson writes...”The PGA Tour will continue to keep a traditional score, even if it won’t be published, so that world ranking points can be awarded.”
  • “The Official World Golf Ranking board met last week at the Masters and approved a PGA Tour proposal that awards full ranking points based on where players would have finished without the staggered start.”
  • “The No. 1 seed in the FedEx Cup starts the tournament at 10 under, with the No. 2 seed at 8 under, and then 7 under, 6 under and 5 under. The next five players start at 4 under, all the way down until Nos. 26 through 30 begin at even par.”
6. “Best event I’ve ever covered”
…says Jim Nantz regarding the 2019 Masters…
The Washington Post’s Ben Strauss quoting Nantz…
  • “I’ve done 34 Final Fours, had Super Bowls, Peyton [Manning’s] farewell. It’s been 48 hours since it ended, and I’d say it’s going to feel about the same 10 years from now,” said Nantz, who has already called this year’s Super Bowl and Final Four in addition to the Masters since February. “It’s the best event I’ve ever covered. And I feel very fortunate to have been in that spot.”
7. DeChambeau’s grip change
…much lighter, but still Jumbo…
Andrew Tursky at on the pre-Masters overhaul…
  • “After a 14-hour range session in Dallas the week before the Masters, Dechambeau made a 75-gram reduction in his oversized JumboMax grip weights in his Cobra clubs. His new grips, made from a different lightweight compound, now measure just more than 50 grams, considered to be a “normal” weight by industry standards, despite their relatively massive size. He also changed from True Temper Dynamic Gold X7 shafts – extremely heavy and stiff iron shafts – to Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shafts, which flex more than his previous gamer shafts.”
  • “Ever since he came on TOUR, DeChambeau used JumboMax grips on his clubs that measured about 125 grams per grip. He now works on his equipment with Cobra’s TOUR Operations Manager Ben Schomin, who says Dechambeau has improved his wedge play since first coming out on TOUR, but lately DeChambeau had struggled to find consistency with the flight of his wedges. The main issues were that spin was inconsistent and they tended to fly too high. For his part, Schomin built him wedges that used weld beads on the heel to help with face closure. While Schomin says it helped, DeChambeau — currently T105 in Strokes Gained: Around the Greens — wasn’t satisfied with his wedge play.”
  • “Schomin and DeChambeau, chasing consistency with the wedges, decided to begin testing different variables. As it turned out, DeChambeau liked the feel of a 50-gram grip, versus his old 125-gram grips, and the new build allowed DeChambeau to flight the wedges lower, and gain spin and launch consistency.”
8. An interesting note on Masters coverage
…how did Molinari set himself up for his water-destined third shot at the 15th?…
Golf Digest’s Alex Myers…
  • “Thanks as always to for charting all the shots televised during the final round of a major. The site confirmed what I believed to be true while being in and out of the Augusta National media center on Sunday: Molinari’s second shot on No. 15 never made it on TV.”
  • “Even after his disastrous double bogey on No. 12, Molinari arrived at the Augusta’s final par 5 tied for the lead with Woods, Brooks Koepka, Dustin Johnson, and Xander Schauffele. So why wasn’t his second shot shown? Well, it was just a layup after a poor drive, but that punchout from the right pine straw proved to be pivotal. It wound up running through the fairway and into the left rough. It should be noted you can see the shot on the Masters digital platforms, which, remarkably, attempted to show every shot from the tournament.”
  • “Although Molinari only had 79 yards for his third, which was shown live, his angle was so extreme that his golf ball caught a pine tree and dropped into the pond guarding the green. A surprised Molinari, who had just one bogey through the first 60 holes of the tournament, never recovered from his second double bogey in four holes. Meanwhile, Woods hit two great shots on the hole to find the green. And two putts later he had the solo lead for the first time all week, a lead he would not relinquish.”
9. Ho Sung mania is coming to the John Deere Classic
…the fisherman’s swing returneth to the PGA Tour…
The tournament announced Chou has been handed a sponsors exemption to the July tournament.
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Meteorologist received death threats for interrupting Masters coverage during most-watched morning golf round of all time



Tornados brewing in the Georgia area meant an earlier start than usual for the final round of the Masters, and one CBS46 meteorologist was to receive death threats for interrupting coverage of the event to update residents in the area of the conditions.

Ella Dorsey took to Twitter on Sunday to report not just the vile abuse she was receiving, but also the importance of the work she was doing which cut into local Masters coverage.

Per The Weather Channel who spoke to local experts, who while being prepared for the backlash in interrupting the coverage to warn residents, were stunned by the level of abuse of some. On the subject, station news director Steve Doerr said

“The venom around this was insane, even by social media standards.”

CBS released its viewing figures for Sunday’s morning round, with an average of 10.8 million viewers tuning in to watch Tiger Woods claim his fifth green jacket. That total bested the 8.56 million number, according to Nielsen data, from the 2000 Open Championship which previously held the morning record.

According to CBS, the broadcasts viewership peaked between 2.15 and 2.30 ET with 18.3 million tuning in.


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19th Hole