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Full transcript from Jason Day’s TaylorMade P-760 vs. P-750 testing session



As you probably know by now, Jason Day was testing P-760 irons against his P-750 irons on his Instagram Live feed along with iron designer Tomo Bystedt of TaylorMade.

Below is almost everything that was said during the testing session (some intermittent commentary was omitted).

Jason Day: So much stuff going on right now. My goodness. Is that where we’re set up with TrackMan, is that good?

Tomo Bystedt: We’re setup like down the center.

JD: Where we aiming?

Tomo: The far pin like way down there.

JD: Straight down the gutter. Ok ok. Alright so I’ve got 9 iron everyone. How you doin. This is Tomo. We’re gonna be testing some irons today. And I’ll let you take it from here buddy, cuz I have no idea what we’re testing. This is something new for us. Alright, what we’re doing, we’re doing TaylorMade shoots over the last day. And we’re doing it tomorrow, but we’re testing irons today. The new iron is gonna come out pretty soon here right?

Tomo: Pretty soon, yea. I think you’re going to want it pretty soon. You warmed up, you wanna hit a couple more, you good?

JD: Na dude, I’m warm. I’m always warm.

Tomo: Well Jason, so we got here today is the brand new P-760s. Take a look at that.

JD: If you can see that. 760s. It’s a 9-iron obviously. Forged. Tell me a little about this.

Tomo: I’ll put one in front of the camera here. This is our brand new forged Tour iron. It’s got a couple cool new things going on here. This is a more transitional more progressive set than our 750s that you play. Meaning that the short irons are gonna be very 750 like, like really through the 8 iron, and as we get into the 7, they’re gonna go into this two-piece construction with Speed Foam in it.

JD: That’s what I was thinking. I thought they had Speed Foam in it. So, what’s the advantages, what can you do to get me out of my 750s into the 760s.

Tomo: Great question. So what we’re gonna do is get you more playability in your long irons so they’re gonna go a little higher.

JD: We’re gonna test it. We’re doing it live.

Tomo: But what we don’t want to do is give up any feel or control that you currently have with your 750s. So a more playability and more distance. Especially as you get into the 3 and 4 irons, you’re going to get more COR in these heads where you’re probably going to see 5-7 yards more distance. So not massive difference, not a 790 type distance.

JD: You said 5-7? I’m gonna hold you to that. So I’ve currently got a 9-iron, my 9-iron from my current set is a 750. So tell me how far this is carrying.

Tomo: Yea we’ve got Trackman going here. So, is that a good benchmark there?

JD: Eh. It was ok.

Carry was 153.

JD: So if I’m hitting summertime like right now, I usually hit it about 160. I caught it a bit heavy.

About 158 carry.

JD: A good Tuesday swing. I’m not amped. Trying to get through the day. Bloody TaylorMade has been chasing me all over the shop. So I’ve got the new 760s.

Shot. 760 9-iron.

JD: It felt solid. Nice little baby draw, which is good.

Tomo: So give me your first comments… feel, look?

JD: It felt stable. The feel of it I know… How do I explain this? It felt soft but firm. How do you get that?

Tomo: You might notice if you take a look at the sole grind, it’s a little different leading edge than what you have currently in your 750s. See that leading edge? See how there’s a little bevel there? Trying to get that camber.

JD: How far’d that go?

Shot 156.

JD: Well, this is the thing. The short iron won’t change too much.

Tomo: It’s not gonna change distance wise, we’re trying to make it more playable, make it a little bit more forgiving. But basically the same look and feel and distance that you have today.

JD: So what we’re trying to accomplish here is making sure that the clubs perform better, so that I change into them. If they don’t perform better, I won’t change into them.

Tomo: Correct, exactly, that’s the goal.

JD: And this is what makes it competitive for these guys. The guy Tomo standing behind the camera, why he gets up every morning, is to try and make a product that’s better for not only me but for you guys as well. But, talking about it, it felt nice and stable. It was a softer feel. It felt good through the turf. It wasn’t digging even though you do have a bit of a change here. It feels pretty dang good right now. I’m gonna hit another shot with it. The actual height of it was pretty nice. Was there any difference?

Launch was extremely comparable… Next shot.

JD: That was flush. That was good. Just a good solid shot.

Tomo: Excellent. Alright, let’s move onto the 7 iron. In the 7 iron you should see a little bit more of a difference, you’re probably gonna pick up a couple yards. You can take a look at the shape, if you put it down as well next to the golf ball. They’re gonna be similar, a little straighter leading edge in the 760s.

JD: The topline right now… is a little thicker.

Tomo: Just a little. Just a shade.

JD: Just a little bit thicker than my current 750s. But obviously you have to make them a little bit thicker because you drop the speed foam in there.

Tomo: Also, we want to start introducing a little bit more playability…

JD: So for you, what do you mean by playability?

Tomo: On that little mishit, a couple millimeters on the toe or the heel, it’s going to come out a little better, a little more consistent.

JD: And that’s what you want, as a guy that builds irons at TaylorMade?

Tomo: We’re not talking maximum forgiveness compared to a game-improvement club, just a shade more than we have your 750s.

JD: I’m gonna hit it ok, but how do you sell it to the people who are watching this?

Tomo: Well this is for a better player. This is not for a 20 handicap, or even a 10 handicap. This is for your scratch-ish. 0-5s. Single digits.


Tomo: Alright, that was a nice ball flight. Hard to see obviously on Instagram here.

JD: Well there’s a wind sock over there it’s coming down off the right. That’s why it has a little bit of a draw.

Tomo: Alright, quick comment on the feel, sound.

JD: Felt good, sound was nice. Felt pretty dang stable. It’s kinda hard to tell cuz I haven’t hit a 7 iron yet. I have to test it up against that (750s). What was the distance on that?

Shot 183 yards.

Tomo: Which I think should be kinda in your wheelhouse, maybe a couple yards longer. But not dramatic on the 7. It’s gonna build up as you get into the 3, 4, 5 irons.

JD: Well if it builds up that’s a good thing. I don’t want it to go crazy long.

Tomo: And that’s the goal with these irons. These are not 790s, they’re not gonna be super hot. They’re gonna just give you a little bit more playability again in that 7 and up, as they get into the longer irons.

JD: The actual weight and feel of it is pretty good.


JD: I think they’re coming out higher.

Tomo: Yea, that’s exactly right. They’re gonna come out a little bit higher, but spin should be very comparable… Gimmie one more and then let’s hit some 5 irons.


JD: What we can do is talk about the iron a little bit more compared to my 750s. Like I said the actual weight of it itself is… pretty good in regards to that.

Tomo: Let’s get the 5 iron, I wanna get a few 5 irons. Let’s take a look, let’s see if I can get a good address view from the two clubs (5 irons). Pretty similar

JD: Yea very similar. So you can see the topline is a shade thicker (760)… This is probably a little bit less offset (750). But overall the shape is pretty good. Not a huge difference. And obviously we have the speed foam here. So let’s see how this one goes. It’s hot here in Florida… we’re on the eastside so we’ve missed the hurricane which is good.

Shot with 5 iron.

Tomo: That was pure.

JD: Yea, so my concern with what you guys did on the leading edge here. I thought when you look at something like that it has the potential to bounce a little bit too much, or even dig, depending on how sharp it is. But looking down at it, it looks good. Going through the turf, feels good, it doesn’t bounce too much. Which is great…If you’re looking at that, right here, it’s not hitting the ground and bouncing up, which is a good sign.

Tomo: Again, it’s supposed to glide through the turf better.

JD: Yea, I mean, it feels pretty solid. I’m pleased with it. I’ve gotta do more testing with it to really…

Tomo: Put it through its paces, right? That’s what we’ve always done Jason, in the past. Every set. Back n the RSi TP’s we did that, PSi’s, when we got into the 750s. It’s a good process.


JD: So that was a mishit. But, I’m not gonna sell you guys on it. I want, I want to give you a real version of what I feel like. I’m gonna do extensive testing on it before I actually change into an iron. I might not even change into this iron. I might change into another iron that TaylorMade releases. But… from what I feel, and what I get, it’s feeling pretty good.

Tomo: Excellent. That’s good, it’s a good start. You know we haven’t always been there right, Jason? Some years we don’t quite get it right, but…

JD: No, there’s some years that I’ve gone through a couple seasons where I haven’t even changed irons.

Tomo: Exactly.

JD: But right now they feel pretty dang good. And it’s really hard right now to be able to play a cut and a draw because it’s practically down wind, so it’s gonna be very very straight.

Tomo: So I think we’re gonna wrap it up there. Maybe we can get one long iron shot from you?

JD: So are there any questions from the people?

Tomo: Someone’s asking how much you bench.

JD: How much do you bench? No I don’t bench that much, cuz my chest, I’m trying to get my chest a little bit smaller.

Tomo: Someone asked you why don’t you play the Ryder Cup, there’s a pretty simple answer.

JD: That’s a very simple question, because I’m not from Europe and I’m not from America (laughs).

Tomo: So Jason, any kind of last comments, words to your fans on Instagram?

JD: Not really. I mean this is kind of the process that we go through when we’re trying new things. Like I said earlier… we’re here in Florida and we’re testing new gear for next season. We’ve got new gear, exciting gear coming out, more equipment. And we got, obviously the 760s that we just unveiled in front of your eyes. We go through and do all the photoshoots and commercials and do all this stuff for the next two days. And we test stuff. And we got some exciting things. And it’ll take me a while. It always takes me the winter time or a month or so to try and find an iron that finally fits, or a driver that finally fits as well. So I currently have a 3 iron right now. And it feels a little bit heavier than my current 3 iron.

Tomo: A couple questions that came thru… How far do you normally hit your 3 iron?

JD: So my 3 iron right now, on a normal day right now, about 85 degrees, it goes about 250 yards… I use it more as a driving iron. I do use it for sectional par 5s (into par 5s). But my 3 iron does go about 250… I’ve got TaylorMade 750s all the way through from 3 iron to pitching wedge, and I’m currently testing out the 760s, with speed foam, injected speed foam.

Tomo: Exactly. Let’s go.


JD: Yea!

Tomo: Alright guys we’re gonna wrap it up there. Thanks everybody for tuning in. We’re here in Florida with Jason Day. Thanks a lot.

JD: Appreciate you guys for stopping by. I know it was really quick. I’d love to talk about it more, and I’d really love show you what it’s like to go into actually testing new equipment and trying to change over a set of irons or a wood. I appreciate you guys for stopping by and hopefully see you guys down the road some time. Cheers.

Tomo: Cheers.

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  1. John

    Nov 2, 2018 at 3:58 pm

    Possibly the most boring conversation ever between two human beings.

  2. DougE

    Oct 13, 2018 at 9:37 am

    Man, you guys are a tough audience.

  3. JP

    Oct 12, 2018 at 8:05 pm

    So the 760’s have thick top lines and too much offset. Jason Day just killed the marketing for these failures.

  4. Jim

    Oct 12, 2018 at 12:06 pm

    Make my irons of SOLID pieces of carbon steel – nothing cast, no trampoline faces, no foam or cream filling.

  5. ht

    Oct 12, 2018 at 8:52 am

    Jason Day is somehow very unlikable for being a very likable guy compared to some of his peers. Something about him makes my skin crawl

  6. ewfnick

    Oct 11, 2018 at 9:05 am

    That’s five minutes of my time I’m never getting back

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