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19th Hole

Prop bets for the (potential) Tiger Woods vs. Phil Mickelson match are here



While the match between the two golfing heavyweights is yet to be confirmed, and a date is yet to be set–heck, Tiger Woods hasn’t even said anything about the possibility since The Players–that hasn’t stopped the oddsmakers from from setting lines and configuring prop bets.

They’ve established Tiger as a 2/3 favorite over Lefty based upon his successful match-play track record. (Odds are 1/2 that the event even happens). ABC/ESPN is the favorite to broadcast the showdown, and SBD is buying into the idea of an undercard, offering Rory McIlroy and Patrick Reed as the most likely warm-up act.

Odds to Win the $10 Million Tiger-Phil Match:
Tiger Woods 2/3
Phil Mickelson 3/2

Odds the $10 Million Tiger-Phil Match Happens: 1/2

Spread:  Tiger (– 1.5 holes)

Odds when they Play
-August: 12/1
-September: 8/1
-October: 5/2
-November: 7/3
-December: 5/1
-2019: 16/1

Tiger’s Shirt Color
–Red: 3/1
–White: 3/1
–Black: 4/1
–FIELD: 7/3

Phil’s Shirt Color
–White: 5/3
–Black: 5/2
–Blue: 4/1
–FIELD: 6/1

Odds of a Hole in One by either player: 399/1

Odds a penalty stroke is assessed to either player: 25/1

Odds on Broadcast Network
NBC/Golf Channel: 3/1
CBS: 4/1
Fox/FS1: 19/1
PayPerView: 24/1
Netflix: 99/1
Amazon: 149/1
Yahoo: 149/1
YouTube: 199/1
FIELD: 199/1

Odds Where They Play:
-Nevada: 5/3
-California: 5/1
-Hawaii: 8/1
-New York: 10/1
-Arizona: 12/1
-FIELD: 4/1

Odds of being selected to play in the “Undercard” of Tiger-Phil:

PGA Tour Pros
–Rory McIlroy: 4/1
–Patrick Reed: 4/1
–Dustin Johnson: 7/1
–Rickie Fowler: 9/1
–Jordan Spieth: 12/1
–Sergio Garcia: 15/1
–Brooks Koepka: 15/1

–Michelle Wie: 24/1
–John Daly: 24/1
–Tony Romo: 39/1
–Lexi Thompson: 39/1
–Bill Murray: 49/1
–John Smoltz: 49/1
–Greg Norman: 59/1
–Justin Timberlake: 74/1
–Steph Curry: 99/1
–Charles Barkley: 99/1
–Aaron Rodgers: 124/1

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dave r

    Jul 12, 2018 at 10:09 am

    Two clowns lost in time and games going nowhere with more money than they know what to do with. What next #124 &# 125 put on the gloves in a ring to see who finishes in the last spot for next year and that winner gets to choose the other dudes sticks for the year. Black eye for golf.

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19th Hole

68 at the British Open in the morning, golf with hickories at St Andrews in the afternoon



Yes, golf fans, just another day in the charmed life (or week, at least) of one Brandon Stone.

Stoney (as I assume his friends call him), came to Carnoustie on the heels of a final-round 60 to win the Scottish Open. All he did in his opening round was fire a 3-under 68. Not bad!

But his Thursday to remember was only getting started as Stone made the 25-mile trip south to the Old Course to peg it…with a set of hickory clubs! Well played, sir, well played.

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19th Hole

Jean van de Velde’s 1999 British Open collapse is still tough to watch in LEGO form



Gather ‘round, golf fans, for the saddest British Open story ever told–in LEGOs.

Maestro of the plastic medium, Jared Jacobs, worked his singular magic on Jean van de Velde’s notorious final-hole collapse at Carnoustie in 1999.

The interlocking plastic brick cinema begins after van de Velde’s approach shot has caromed off a grandstand railing to land on the opposite side of the Barry Burn.


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19th Hole

Sung Kang finally responds to cheating allegations



Sorry to interrupt your regularly scheduled British Open programming, but Sung Kang stated today he still doesn’t think he didn’t anything wrong. “I followed the rules by the rules official…I think I did the right thing,” he said after his opening round at The Open.

Joel Dahmen, if you recall, accused the 31-year-old pro of taking a bad drop at the 10th hole during the final round of the Quicken Loans National.

The comments were Kang’s first public remarks since a statement co-released with the PGA Tour which said, “He is standing by the ruling that was made by PGA Tour Rules officials on Sunday and will have no further comment.”

While he stopped short of giving his side of the story, Kang did indeed make “further comment.”

Here’s some of what he said.

“I did not want to say anything bad about Joel. Because there can be difference of opinions. But the way he just said it on Twitter was not right. There can be different opinions. And also, it was made a decision by the rules official. So nothing was wrong.”

“I really want to say a lot of things about it, the truth about what happened, but no comment because I’m not going to say anything. I think I made the right decision. … Even when I say something, a few people still kind of think i still did something wrong. And if someone believes in me, they aren’t going to trust what Joel said.”

“No matter what I say, some people are going to trust it, some people are not going to trust it. And then I’m going to be thinking about it more and more. So I’m just focusing on my golf game.”

The British press asked Kang if he wishes he had done anything differently.

“No. Why? I did the right thing,” Kang replied.

Now, I’m not here to argue one way or the other, but the rules official wasn’t in position to do anything other than leave things at the player’s discretion, which he did. So, it’s misleading–if not downright deceptive–for Kang to suggest otherwise.

The official didn’t see the shot. There was no video of it. The only thing he had to rely on was the accounts of those who did see it. In a situation where accounts vary, and with the Rules of Golf relying on player integrity as they do, all he could do was leave the ball in Kang’s court. Thus, the decision as to where to drop was wholly Sung Kang’s.

Again, this isn’t to say the drop was necessarily bad, bad to play the “decision by the rules official” card is, well, a bad drop.


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19th Hole