Oban Kiyoshi

Oban’s “Kiyoshi White” shaft is the latest edition to the company’s Kiyoshi family of shafts, offering a different bend profile and improved stability through a new design pattern.

Oban, a high-end golf shaft manufacturer based in Chicago, released the first member of the Kiyoshi family, the “Kiyoshi Purple,” in mid-2011. The purple-colored shaft uses Oban’s Emersion Wrapped Frequency Technology to offer golfers a product with a high-launch and low-spin in a wide weight range (45-to-85 grams and hybrid, L-X Flexes).

1-6-2013 UPDATE: This shaft will be part of a High End Tmag Super R1 TP Driver Package for $900.00. Click here to see the R1 TP Article

Oban’s “Kiyoshi Black” was released in early 2012. It uses the same technology, but the Black was designed with less torque and a stiffer butt section that gave it a medium-launch and low-spin.

Like the Kiyoshi Black, the Kiyoshi White offers a mid-launch and low-spin. But a new design pattern that Oban calls “MultiPlex Design Technology” allowed it to be made with a softer butt section, which makes the shaft feel “more bendy,” especially at the top of a golfer’s swing.

“The [Kiyoshi Black and Kiyoshi White] are crossing over, but they offer two different feels,” said Victor Afable, president of Oban Composites. “For Tour players who like a stiffer feel – that’s the Black. Guys who like a shaft that’s softer in the handle – that’s the white.”

The Kiyoshi White is currently available at retail for $400 from Oban’s certified dealers. It will be available in a 55, 65, 75 and 85-gram models, in regular, stiff and x-stiff flexes.

Click here for more discussion in the “Tour/pre-release equipment” forum.

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  1. I know that this is old, but I wanted to add my experience with this shaft. I think I may have gotten caught up with all the hype about the Super TP R1, and all the rave reviews. Maybe my SS/swing isn’t for this combo. I’m using a R11 TP with Fubuki Alpha 60 S flex, and I love that combo. I tried the R1 Oban combo, and I’m hitting all over the place, too low and shorter. I think I am getting more roll with the Oban though… I feel like I load the Fubuki well, but I don’t get that feeling with the Oban. I would like to try the R1 with a Fubuki Alpha, and see if it’s the head or the shaft. I have a feeling it’s the latter. I guess this shaft isn’t for everyone…

  2. I play the Kiyoshi White 65 Stiff in a Callaway X-Hot head. The combination of these two has given me unmatched results this year. While I attribute most of the great feel at impact to the head, the shaft gives me the feel of really loading at the top of my swing and the consistency at impact to keep it long and straight

  3. I hope you will someday mention what I consider the best iron shaft ever made– the Nunchuk XI. Made with the same
    high quality strict specs. as the Nunchuk Driver and Hybrid shafts. Technology of the future!


  4. This is in my R1 black. It is an absolute monster of a shaft. I cut my shafts down as I don’t like super long drivers, and even with my short driver, I was bombing it past my playing partners. Oban may soon have a few more customers.

  5. I was just fitted at Club Champion for the Anser with the Oban White 65 Stiff and cannot wait to get it on the course. I’m going from the Diamana White Board to this and cannot wait to get that extra feel of the club. The “bend at the top” was a great feeling not found in the White Board, and the consistancy of the Oban shaft was amazing.