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  1. peter beames

    November 24, 2012 at 5:40 pm

    It might interest your viewers that the Walk- thru swing was not something John Shlee found or even Jimmy Ballard or myself it first came into being thru Willie Park senior who if you read my book Walk thru to par “…used to run a yard or too after his ball” Fast forward 1964 Henry Cotton shows clearly in pictures the walk thru swing ( page 70 Study the game with Henry Cotton) Forward to 1968 Gary told me he was having back trouble from 1965 due to his back breaking reverse C swing.
    I was studying swings at this time voraciously and my break thru came in the form of John O leary who had been taking lessons from Bob Toski.It became self evident that the shoulders had to swing more around like Hogan and in studing him I found he had a slight right foot brag thru the ball. 1970 brought Billy Casper to South Africa and both Gary and I saw his right foot slide thru the shot at the 10 th hole at Wedgewood country club in a exhibition with Gary.
    As always I mentioned it to Gary afterwards and I watched him hit balls sliding that foot.I began then to formulate my walk thru ideas and was overjoyed when Gary won the masters and open with ideas we had formulated.
    If anyone should take credit for the Walk thru swing it is Gary but being a gentleman he allowed me to participate I owe him a great deal in life in those early days for helping teaching and playing with me.I hope that has answered some of those that views questions Thank you.Peter Beames

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