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That’s it. People won’t believe me but I’m going to say it anyway. I figured out Hogan’s secret. And it’s not a simple move. It’s a bunch of stuff. It’s like a combination of things that don’t make a lot of sense in isolation.

It started with a frustrating 8 hour range session. I was still a flipper and was not happy about it.

I went home and had a couple beers. Started watching Hogan video. Same videos I’ve watched 1000s of times at this point.

Then a watched the 1930s video of Hogan. The most interesting thing about this video was his pivot largely looked the same but he was a flipper back then. His club face was much less stable through the ball and his body slowed/stalled soon after impact.

Now I got excited because I knew Hogan was already a professional in the 30s and he was still a flipper, which means there must still be hope for me.

Then I started to watch the differences between the pre and post secret swings. Then I started to watch Trevino video too.

And then it hit me. Started making golf swings at 1AM where I have mirrors setup to see face on and DTL. Yes, this must be it. And interestingly, the move goes against my “natural” instinct.

Next morning at the range I realized this was it. Ball flight and video told me. My release looked much much better. My ball flight was very tight. I hit a few “bad” shots where I expected to look up and see my typical power block, but this time, I looked up and was suprised how strait the shot actually was (not perfect, but far from OB like usual).

I don’t know if I want to spell out the secret for other people yet. Call me selfish. I’ve been in the trenches forever at this point and I just don’t know if anyone deserves to have it spelled out for them. Mainly because all the info is already out there, but you have to peice it all together. But Trevino definitely had the secret. And if you disagree with that, then trust me, you don’t know the secret.

Click here to read all the comments and discussion in the forums about this original post

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  1. It’s a combination of all the things in 5 lessons that cause the chain reaction. If you haven’t really investigated this stuff in front of a mirror tirelessly, then you won’t even understand the “secret” even if someone tells you. It’s not really a secret as he spills all the beans in 5 lessons. Most people are just too dumb to understand it.