Mizuno JPX-825 Woods

JPX-825 Driver

The Mizuno JPX-825 driver provides higher ball speeds and lower spin than the company’s previous driver, the MP-650, according to a Mizuno press release.

The driver is constructed with a new chemical etching process that makes the crown thinner, which lowers the center of gravity (CG). It also has Mizuno’s CORTECH face, which has varying thicknesses in different regions to provide faster ball speeds across the face, as well as two internal weights that are placed low and deep in the head to provide stability.

“The JPX-825 Driver incorporates technologies designed to forgive both vertical and toe/heel mishits,” according to Dick Lyons, vice president and general manager of Mizuno’s USA golf division. “That means that even when you miss it high, low, left or right of center, you’re still going to get superior distance and keep the ball in play. We also worked to make the look of the driver more aggressive and cosmetically appealing so that it will suit the eye of golfers as they look down at it.”

Available Lofts:  9.5, 10.5 (All Right-Hand Only)

Shaft:  Fujikura Orochi Blue Eye 55

Grip:  Golf Pride M-31 58 Round

Suggested Retail Price: $299.99

JPX-825 Fairway Woods

Like the JPX-825 driver, the JPX-825 fairway woods have a square face angle and internal weighting that makes the head stable on mishits. An L-shaped maraging multi-thickness face design creates a trampoline effect that increases COR and maximizes distance, according to the press release. The clubs also have a thin crown and a thick-soled stainless steel body that is beveled for better turf interaction than previous models. Mizuno used its Harmonic Impact Technology (H.I.T.), as well as PGA Tour feedback to help ensure the JPX-825 Fairway Woods deliver a solid and powerful sound at impact.

“We’re pleased to be able to provide golfers with a wood family that will deliver long, controllable distance and a solid sound at impact,” Lyons said. “We feel strongly that the new JPX-825 Fairway Woods will appeal to a broad audience with its fresh, aggressive looks and superior performance.”

Available Lofts:  15, 18 (All Right-Hand Only)

Shaft:  Fujikura Orochi Blue Eye 65

Grip:  Golf Pride M-31 58 Round

Suggested Retail Price: NA

JPX-825 Hybrids

The JPX-825 Hybrids have the same beveled-sole design and H.I.T. as the JPX-825 Fairway Woods for better turf interaction and solid impact sound. They also has a square face angle. They are larger than previous hybrids from Mizuno, with an L-shaped maraging multi-thickness face design and a thin crown with a thick-soled stainless steel body.

“Our new hybrids offer an ideal combination of technologies to create and extremely forgiving club that delivers consistently long distance with accuracy,” Lyons said.

Available Lofts: 16, 19, 22, 25 (All Right-Hand Only)

Shaft:  Fujikura Orochi Blue Eye 75

Grip:  Golf Pride M-31 58 Round

Suggested Retail Price: $189.99

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  1. I just bought a MP-650 with the stock Orochi blue shaft in stiff flex. It’s a GREAT driver.

    I hit it 10 to 20 yards further than the R1 (and I tried every shaft option TM offers), 20 yards further than the 913D3 (same thing on shafts), and 20 yards further than the newest Callaway models.

    Plus, it has a fantastic sound and feel….. which are big factors for me on the driver. Maybe not factors for other folks. The MP-650 may be the best sounding driver available in the last 10 years.

    I just don’t think Mizuno gets as much attention on their woods because they don’t market them as effectively or as forcefully as their irons. Boy, they sure know how to make (and market) those forged irons!!

  2. I have been on the lookout for a new driver to replace my old TM burner for about 3 months.I have tried all the latest TM drivers & dont like them now, so far the Callaway xhot was my pick until at the range the other day decided to try the Mizuno JPX825 9.5 and wow loved it even though it doesnt have all the bells & whistles of other new drivers i dont care for it,so went back again yesterday just to feel again and it is so straight and long that i will pick up my new driver Saturday morning on my way to play cant wait to get it on the course now.

  3. Anytime I am at a demo day or looking at Mizuno stuff in store they always have such bland shaft options. Obviously you can typically order whatever you want but when you see some of the better shafts and different options in all the other major brands, Mizuno just gives me the impression “meh, buy it, dont buy it…we dont care. Were just making woods because we have to.”
    I know I am in the minority of wanting to hit a stiffer shaft and being a club geek and all. Most guys are content with the low kick 60 gram OEM shaft, which is fine. But if you want to get people talking about your stuff you have to go the extra mile and they certainly dont.

  4. after 15 years as a callaway guy. this year i will be all mizuno. irons and driver. hit the jpx 825 Driver 9.5 and 10.5 and what a great club. wow the feel is spot on the sound is sweet. the ball just jumps of the face. taylormade, ping, corba, and callaway are all very good clubs. but the jpx 825 Driver was the best fit for me. no need for all that sales crap that dont realy work as far as lofts , open, close face bs. i had my r 11s last year and played 5 rounds with it before i sold it. all you guy and gals need to hit this club to see for your self. Mizuno you won me over at last.

  5. This day and age, the only way Mizuno can sell woods is if they get some type of tour presence. I can’t think of one of their staffers that plays their drivers or other woods. It’s probably great and performs up there with everything else, but until they start shelling out clams to their staff, people will just think ho hum about their drivers. They’re probably okay with this as their irons do fine and I’m sure Golf is a small piece what with Baseball and all the other stuff they do.

  6. the driver and the woods werent a success for me. definetely missed something there mizuno.

    however the hybrid is money. i currently use adams idea a12 and my 3 hybrid is 200 avg distance, not to say tht occasionally i get it to 212. i went in to golfsmith and tried it out . amazing feel and look. let alone consistent. i hit 215 avg with 230 being my max several times. off the deck it picks up the ball really well. went straight into the bag. even ordered a 16* and hit 245 – 255 off the tee!!!! new driver? idk.

  7. Saw the new JPX-825’s in a local shop here in CT. Both the Driver and hybrids look amazing to look down at. Could very well go all mizuno bag next year to match my custom MP-64’s and MPT-11’s.

  8. jgpl states that Mizuno has a complete lack of understand that they need more custom shaft options to broaden appeal.
    Most buyers go to a store and never even ask about the custom options available, as there is an upcharge for customization in many cases. Most buyers simply aren’t aware enough.
    That said, Mizuno does offer several alternate shafts.
    Just because this one review lists only the Fujikura Orichi Blue Eye shaft doesn’t mean that other shafts aren’t being offered or available.
    Before making the comment, look at the MizunoUSA.com website and you’ll see that there are several custom options available, such as a different Fujikura model shaft for lower trajectory, several Mitsubishi Diamana shafts (Blue Board and White Board in different weights), Project X graphite shafts (Blue and Black models), Grafalloy ProLaunch Blue, and also the Exsar shafts, which are Mizuno’s in house brand (and which are actually high quality shafts).

  9. Probably a great driver destined to failure.

    Complete lack of or understanding from Mizuno that they need to offer a good range of custom and exotic shafts like other OEM’s to broaden the appeal.

  10. I love their irons. I wish they’d get with the program on their woods and hybrids.. I hit one of their hybrids last week. To my surprise it wasn’t bad, but there are other hybrids out there that feel better and go longer.