By Sean Foster-Nolan

GolfWRX Contributor

Being as dedicated to golf equipment as we are, we’re always trying to find the perfect fit for our eye, bag and swing.

We constantly experiment with the tools of the trade. We check out the equipment forum, cruise BST, read the reviews and eagerly eye pictures of clubs months before they hit the stores. I don’t know about you, but when it comes to purchasing, playing, or contemplating golf equipment, I’m a loser.

Game improvement irons? Smart choice man! They’re forgiving, will get the ball in the air, help your game and lower your scores. Everyone knows that! Ask any club pro. He’ll discourage you from purchasing anything else. He’ll mention that many touring pros bag game improvement irons, or at least some kind of cavity back iron. Sure, a few still play blades, but they’re pros! This game is hard enough as it is, so why make it any more difficult? It’s a no brainer… GI’s are the only way to go!

On the other hand: You’re a loser! Those things are shovels! No self-respecting golfer would play those things! The lofts are way too strong! Game improvement wedges! Ridiculous! Don’t even get me started on hybrids! Now, dig a hole in the backyard and bury those shovels!

Blades? Now you’re talking. You can really learn to improve your ball striking hitting blades. You can work the ball too. Modern blades are much more forgiving than the blades of yesterday, especially the muscle backs. And they sure are beautiful! It feels like butter when you pure one too! Once you hit one flush, you’ll never go back!  Everyone’s got this mindset that blades are so hard to hit. Nonsense!

On the other hand: Are you nuts? Those are only for the very good player! They have NO forgiveness! What are you, a poser? Are you trying to impress your buddies? Who are you kidding? You think blades make you a real golfer? Why not stick with what works instead of going with something above your pay grade? This game is tough enough!

You see, it doesn’t matter what you play — you’re a loser either way. If you play game-improvement, or super-game-improvement irons, you lose. If you play blades you lose. There will always be someone who will be unhappy with your choice, perhaps a starter on the first tee or some stranger paired up with you. It could even be someone on the forums who lambast you with the following:

  • “Your shafts are too stiff!” 
  • “Your irons are too hard to hit!”
  • “Your lofts are too jacked!”
  • “Your OEM makes junk!”
  • “Only a hacker would play those!”
  • “You’re a poser!”
  • “Those are shovels!”
  • “Hybrids? Ha!”

It seems like there is always someone out there who will question your choice in equipment. THEY know better, you don’t. THEY know what clubs you should be playing, not you. No arguing with THEM, because THEY know what’s better for your game than you. And, there is no disagreeing with THEM, because after all, their opinion is more valid than yours.

So, no matter what you play, you can’t win. Face it, you’re an equipment loser. Unfortunately, THEY can’t agree on what you should be playing either.

Click here for more discussion in the “Equipment” forum. 

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Sean Foster-Nolan was born in Wiesbaden, Germany, and has lived all over the United States. He picked up the game of golf at the age of 50, and currently plays at Harmon Golf & Fitness Club in Rockland, Mass. Sean is passionate about all things golf and has been a member of GolfWRX since 2007. He is a retired counselor, where he last worked with high school kids who had severe emotional and behavioral problems in an alternative high school. His philosophy is treat all people with kindness and respect.


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