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Let’s help Geoff Shackelford complete ‘The Golf Tournament Attendee’s Guide to Determining if you Have Loser Tendencies’



Geoff Shackelford penned a handy guide for anyone wondering whether s/he is in danger of becoming the type of tool who, say, repeatedly heckels Justin Thomas and roots for his tee shot to find a bunker.

And really, this is the kind of self-reflective exercise the PGA Tour should get behind to save those in danger of mashed potatoes oblivion.

Now, the title “The Golf Tournament Attendee’s Guide to Determining if you Have Loser Tendencies,” doesn’t quite hit the mark. “Loser” suggests one’s station in life, unfortunately, golf fan-related idiocy spans the spectrum and cuts across socioeconomic classes. We may need to cast a wider net with the nomenclature.

Still, Shackelford’s bullet-pointed guide is an important effort in protecting players and fans alike from bottom-feeder behavior. But we don’t want to profile golf fans, only distributing the guide to say, this guy

(Photo credit:

…so the Tour would do well to hand Shackelford’s guide to all spectators coming through the gates.

Here are a couple of the most important entries from this work of staggering genius. Shackelford suggests you may have loser tendencies if…

  • You’ve had the urge to yell out Mashed Potatoes, Baba Booey or Fake News at a golf tournament during any point of your life. The Committee of experts consulted says that a mere urge is all you need to warrant certifiable, Grade A loser status.
  • You’d rather go to the Waste Management Open than The Masters and you share this pearl with anyone who will listen
  • You applaud when a streaker or any other heckler interrupts the tournament proceedings. You get extra points for admiring this year’s Waste Management Open streaker. (full disclosure, I did find the WMPO streaker funny. I may have loser tendencies)
  • You believe in your heart that paying for a ticket entitles you to swear audibly around children, say terrible things to players, get drunk by noon and in general, act out all of your issues at a golf tournament.
  • You go back home after the tournament and rewind the telecast to hear yourself taunt a player. Actually, that’s when you have bigger issues than mere loser status.

Indeed. GolfWRX members: I think we can help Mr. Shackelford in his holy endeavor. And perhaps, with a guide as long as Martin Luther’s 95 Theses, we can get it the document on Commissioner Monahan’s desk.

Check out Shackelford’s full list here.

What additions need to be made to the “The Golf Tournament Attendee’s Guide to Determining if you Have Loser Tendencies?”

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  1. Blake

    Mar 1, 2018 at 4:22 pm

    You wear full “rickie gear” over the age of 15.

  2. Ronald Montesano

    Feb 28, 2018 at 10:22 pm

    I am a fan of GS when he restrains himself, but this seems like a case where he ascends to Mount Snobbery and pronounces others unworthy. No doubt he is erudite, but I’m not positive that he connects with the common man, that he knows how to do so, or that he cares to do so.

  3. Brandon

    Feb 28, 2018 at 2:00 pm

    If you feel the need to run over to a ball that is hit outside the ropes and stand practically on top of it you have issues.

  4. Huh?

    Feb 28, 2018 at 12:16 pm

    Although I haven’t quite figured out why Geoff Shackelford’s opinions on anything relating to golf are deemed to be important, I have to agree that for the most part, wasting your day at a golf tournament attempting to disrupt the proceedings is a waste of time – especially if you are doing so simply for the sake of pointing out that wasting your day at a golf tournament is a waste of time. Everyone who is there already knows that, so what is the point of wasting your day at a golf tournament attempting to disrupt the proceedings in the effort to attempt to point out how pointless golf is. Everyone already knows that. Which is why golf is so much fun.

  5. carl spackler

    Feb 28, 2018 at 12:10 pm

    you have a shirt on that says # anything
    you bring a toddler or baby

  6. Andrew

    Feb 28, 2018 at 11:37 am

    Geoff Shackelford: Triggered toolshed snowflake loser

  7. C

    Feb 28, 2018 at 10:47 am

    Do you have a lack of respect for others?

    That’s pretty much it.

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19th Hole

National Golf Foundation’s nationwide course surveys show human and business impacts Coronavirus has had on golf



National Golf Foundation

The National Golf Foundation has conducted multiple surveys to study both the human and business impacts that the Coronavirus (Covid-19) continues to have on the game of golf.

Amongst their findings, the NGF found that based on phone surveys for over 1,000 golf facilities, 74% of in-season golf courses remain open despite the current Coronavirus pandemic. (As of March 27)

National Golf Foundation

The organization also revealed that there is a temporary golf course closure in the following states – Illinois, Maine, Maryland, Massachusettes, Michigan, Minnesota, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Vermont, Washington and Wisconsin.

National Golf Foundation

From a golf business standpoint, the NGF asked the ‘Top 100 businesses in golf’ how the ongoing spread of the Coronavirus had affected their business – with 23% saying severely, and 42% saying significantly.

National Golf Foundation

The consumer perspective has also changed dramatically due to the pandemic. The NGF’s findings show that while previously the situation had not had an impact on consumer’s golf equipment purchase decisions, the research now shows that the vast majority are now delaying any golf equipment spending.

Check out all the findings from the NGF’s research here at

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The 6 best #GolfWRX photos on Instagram today (4.2.20)



In this segment, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best #GolfWRX tagged photos on Instagram. In case you aren’t already, there’s a whole load of action going on at our page, so follow us: @golfwrx

Let’s get to it then, here are six of the best #GolfWRX photos from the past 24 hours.

Beautiful looking creation from Tyson Lamb.

Dropping tomorrow from American Flatsticks.

Frosted head with a mirror polished bumper from MackMade Workshop.

Don’t miss out on all the action today over at The Hive.

Pro Am Customs showing off their wedge stamping skills.

Our Ryan Barath’s grip station set up.

Get hashtagging your golf posts #GolfWRX for your chance to feature in our best of Instagram posts in the future!

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Check out the betting markets for the potential Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson “The Match” Part 2



“The Match” Part 2 may have only just been teased by Phil Mickelson this week on his social media account, but that hasn’t stopped bookmakers from pricing up some exciting betting markets for the potential showdown. have chalked up Woods as favorite to exact revenge on Lefty, but the company have also priced up markets on the total curse words used between the two, the number of Tiger twirls we will potentially see, and much more.

Here’s a full list of the betting markets have created ahead of the potential Woods-Mickelson “The Match” Part 2:

How many holes will be conceded?

  • Under 2½ holes 4/11
  • Over 2½ holes 2/1

Match Winner

  • Tiger Woods 20/33
  • Phil Mickelson 5/4

Number of 3-putts recorded by Tiger and Phil

  • Under ½ 3-putts 5/12
  • Over ½ 3-putts 33/20

Which pairing will win Tiger vs Phil II?

  • Tiger Woods / Peyton Manning 5/9
  • Tiger Woods / Tom Brady 2/3
  • Phil Mickelson / Peyton Manning 11/10
  • Phil Mickelson / Tom Brady 7/5

Which player will make the most birdies?

  • Tiger Woods 10/13
  • Phil Mickelson 10/11

Will a Play Off be needed to decide the winner?

  • No 1/3
  • Yes 5/2

Will Hole No. 18 be played?

  • Yes 10/13
  • No 10/11

Will there be a Hole In One?

  • No 2/55
  • Yes 17/2

Will Tiger Woods wear a red shirt?

  • Yes 2/5
  • No 17/10
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