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Hank Haney: Tiger Woods will win another major (but probably not this year)



It looks like Tiger Woods’ former swing coach, Hank Haney, is in the “Tiger will win another major” camp.

“If next year’s venues were this year, then I’d say I think he can win a major this year. But I’m a little hesitant about the venues this year,” Haney told Golfweek’s Forecaddie. .

It’s an interesting remark, and references an element of Woods’ dominance in the early part of this millennium that’s frequently overlooked: He’s very much a “horse for the course” type of player.

Haney doesn’t like Woods’ chances at Shinnecock, Carnoustie, and Bellerive. We can assume he’s more enticed by the possibility of TW hoisting major hardware after a healthy year of tournament play and the all important “reps,” as well.

Next year, the U.S. Open is at Pebble Beach and the PGA Championship is at Bethpage–both venues where Woods has won. So, on the whole, you can see why Haney thinks Woods is more likely to capture a major in 2019.

With respect to the Masters, Haney doesn’t like the four-time Masters champ’s chances at Augusta National in general, reminding fans Woods’ hasn’t won at ANGC since 2005

“He’s won one time on the new course there since they really lengthened it out and put all those trees in.”

The green-blazered bunch added yardage and adjusted tees on six holes for the 2006 Masters, and Woods hasn’t earned a green jacket since. Haney rightfully indicates the 14-time major champion has a bugaboo with respect to the first, second, and 13th holes.

You can read The Man Out Front’s full transmission here

What say you GolfWRX members? Is Haney on the mark? Do you like Tiger’s chances this year? Next year? Never?

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  1. CB

    Feb 8, 2018 at 11:17 am

    Hank is always right. Like Trump is always right. That’s why you can’t handle the truth.

  2. Dr. Freud

    Feb 7, 2018 at 11:01 am

    Tigger’s golf and sx life both took a nose dive simultaneously. Sad.

  3. Brett Weir

    Feb 7, 2018 at 9:29 am

    Not if DJ, Speith, McIllroy, and Day can help it.

  4. WetLipHaney

    Feb 7, 2018 at 6:45 am

    Haney is a windbag. He’s no longer relevant and should go away.

  5. HKO

    Feb 7, 2018 at 12:47 am

    while all those courses have ‘changed’, why does he think it’s same Tiger to 2005? typical, one of those 500 million #garbage articles (produced in last 2 wks) just for the sake of spelling Tiger to drag attentions in.

    • Redman

      Feb 7, 2018 at 12:33 pm

      the article was written because of Haney’s remarks. And you chose to read it.

      • Joro

        Feb 7, 2018 at 2:48 pm

        Haney is nothing but a self promoting hack with nothing. I went to a seminar he was a speaker at and he turned out to be nothing but a self admiring loud mouth,, so his comments, whatever they may be are nothing but self inflating BS.

        Did you read the article? lol

      • HKO

        Feb 7, 2018 at 10:20 pm

        yes i chose to read it cuz i was interested in what he’s gonna say. if you ever read it, he makes an assumption by pairing the courses with changes and Tiger of 2005.

  6. steve

    Feb 6, 2018 at 11:12 pm

    TV golf desperately needs a Tiger comeback to suck in the eyeballs/$$$$$ for the networks.

  7. moses

    Feb 6, 2018 at 6:22 pm

    Wow. Haney complemented Tiger for once.

  8. ron

    Feb 6, 2018 at 3:59 pm

    Sounds like tiger fuel to me.

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19th Hole

Amateur makes 3 holes-in-one in 36-hole competition



We’d like to say congratulations to Ali Gibb, 51-year-old amateur golfer, for winning her club championship at Croham Hurst Golf Club in England, Monday. Oh, and she made three holes-in-one on the day.

That’s right, during the 36-hole final, Gibb aced the fifth hole twice and only needed one shot at the 11th hole during her second 18.

“Today was just a weird day. It was just very, very strange,” she said, per a BBC report. “On my card I had a nine, two eights, sixes, fives, fours, threes, twos and three ones.

“I have had a hole-in-one before – three actually. One was here on the seventh, one at Surrey National Golf Club, and one at the Atlantic Beach Golf Estate in South Africa,” Gibb added.

“It’s just absolutely extraordinary. I think I will wake up tomorrow asking if I’ve just been dreaming about it and if it is club championship day today instead!”

Hopefully, Gibb doesn’t have to buy three drinks for everyone at the club.

What can you say about a story like this? Beyond once-in-a-lifetime stuff. If the odds of an average golfer making a hole-in-one are 12,500 to 1, what are the odds of a player making three aces in 36 holes? You probably have a better shot of winning the Powerball. Incredible stuff.


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19th Hole

Nick Faldo: Tiger Woods said his career was over in 2017



It’s safe to say only the most optimistic of fans expected Tiger Woods would contend on the weekend at two major championships in the 2018.

We’ve heard murmurings that Woods himself doubted he would make a comeback, such as his 2015 “I think pretty much everything beyond this will be gravy,” remarks.

However, we’ve never heard explicitly that Tiger Woods thought he was finished playing professional golf. Sure, he’s said he didn’t know how well he’d be able to play and that he’s been surprised by his speed and power, but we haven’t heard anything as extreme as what Nick Faldo claims Woods said at last year’s Masters Champions Dinner.

Talking with Dan Patrick, Monday, Faldo had this to say.

“What he’s been able to do, Dan, is unbelievable, remarkable,” Faldo said. “To go from a frozen back, I know he whispered to another Masters champion two Masters dinners ago, ‘I’m done. I won’t play golf again.’ And here we are 18 months later.”

“He was in agony. He was in pain,” Faldo said. “The pain down his legs, nothing enjoyable, he couldn’t move.”

“What he’s been able to do is, it’s unbelievable, remarkable,” Faldo told Patrick. “To go from a frozen back—I know he whispered to another Masters champion two Masters dinners ago ‘I’m done. I won’t play golf again,’ and here we are, 18 months later…”

“No, I won’t mention the name, but he’s a Masters champion. He said ‘I’m done, my back is done.’ He was in agony, he was in pain, the pain down his legs, there was nothing enjoyable. He couldn’t move.”

Woods had his fourth back surgery April 20th, shortly after the Masters, which put him on the path that ultimately led to a runner-up finish at last week’s PGA Championship.

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19th Hole

An airline lost Thorbjorn Olesen’s golf clubs…and his backup clubs…and his suitcases



Thorbjorn Olesen has arrived in Sweden for the Nordea Masters. Unfortunately, his golf clubs have not…nor have his back up clubs.

He tweeted this, Tuesday.

“So the comedy continues, @British_Airways have managed to now lose 5 suitcases and 2 sets of golf clubs in 10 days! Decided to bring my only backup set of clubs on this morning’s flight to the Nordea Masters in case my other lost set don’t arrive and BA have also now lost these!”

Thousands of tour pros fly hundreds of times per year, yes, but doesn’t it seem like more golf bags are getting lost than should? Sidebar: Masterful GIF game, Mr. Olesen.

Olesen hasn’t provided an update on his bag(s) since the tweet above, so we’re not sure where things stand now. BA responded with this

Nope…doesn’t sound good at all…

Olesen also fired off this tweet–good he can see the humor in what has to be an utterly enraging situation.

Guess this is a #PlayBetter so you can afford NetJets, etc, situation, because it’s certainly not ever going to be a #AirlinesStoppedLosingBags situation. Also Ship Sticks is at least theoretically in play, right?

Or, of course, there’s option 3: Telescoping golf clubs in a collapsible bag that you can take as a carry on. That’s the surest bet: Just stash ’em overhead! Gotta get to work inventing those…

But really, rough stuff, and here’s hoping the Dane gets his bats back.

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