Pros: With input from the one of the games most precise wedge players, Luke Donald, Mizuno has designed a tear-shaped wedge from 1025E “pure select” mild carbon steel — and incorporated its patented Quad Cut Grooves. The results are a well-balanced scoring weapon.

Cons: Mizuno’s “stategically engineers old geometry to provide more toe and heel relief for maximum shot making versatility,” may not provide enough options for those who are looking for a wedge with a variety of loft/bounce/grind options (seee below for MP-T4 specifications and options). Lefties who prefer the black nickel finish are left out in the dark.

Bottom Line: Mizuno has taken its superior technology and unsurpassed quality in irons — producing a wedge designed to elevate your game to the next level.

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Firm conditions

Coming off summer, the courses I frequent was starting to dry out. I found the MP-T4 wedges to perform very well from the tighter lies — probably because I am used to wedges with more bounce. I was able to execute a variety of shots that varied from high and soft to low and spinning.

For me, a wedge needs to spin but also have the capability to reduce the spin imparted by the groves and strike to let a shot run if necessary. Some of this is technique, some is the wedge. The MP-T4 provided the opportunity for me to be versatile in my shot making. Shots from the rough provided great spin, allowing me to hold greens when I put myself out of position off the tee.

mizuno wedge 2013

Around the greens, the wedge performed better for me from tighter lies than deep rough. There is a subtle sole grind which allows you to open the face to hit a flop shot a variety of lies, but I prefer to hit this shot utilizing the bounce. The bounce on the 58 is 10 which is right on the bubble for me. For those of you who prefer the bounce in this range, the MP-T4 should be on your radar.

Soft sand was negotiated with slightly more effort and a modification to my technique. The stopping power was there -– but the needed bounce was not. I had to make sure I came through shallower than if I were using a wedge with higher bounce.

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Wet Conditions

Well, the weather has turned — and the rain is here to stay. Initially I was concerned about how wedges with less bounce than I am accustom to would perform in wet conditions. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. Approach shots from various distances in the fairway were easy. This is where I feel the “balance” that Mizuno advertises came into play the most.

Here is a photo of the sole design…


I could open the face and drive one low or lob one soft — no digging or abnormally large divots. Perhaps the only shot that was difficult to execute because of the bounce was when I dropped a ball short side on a shaved down area. It took me a couple of balls to really execute the shot correctly.

The rough around the green was easy to navigate, ther were no surprises. Escaping wet bunkers was very easy regardless if it was long or short. The stopping power is fantastic -– add that to wet sand and soft greens –- and attack away.

mizuno mp-t4 review

Looks and Feel

With a design that is not too busy or too plain, the Mizuno MP-T4 simply is perfect. From address, its subtle tear drop shape and precise machined Quad Cut Grooves help frame the ball regardless how the player chooses to execute a shot.

Club Specifications:  Loft/Bounce:  50.06, 58.10 and 54.09 and the shafts stock DG Spinner was substituted with DG S300

After receiving the wedges, I spent nearly two hours looking at them and taking pictures of the back of the club. In my mind, I was sold on the aesthetics before evaluating the face/address position.

mp-t4 wedge

For my personal preference, there needs to be a slight progression in head shape and groove depth/width. The Mizuno MP-T4 nailed this in my opinion with a very subtle and appropriate evolution as the loft increases.

Both finishes — exotic white satin chrome and black nickel — are stunning to the eye. The exotic white satin doesn’t look too delicate or soft and its counterpart in the black nickel doesn’t create a harsh, crisp look that could transfer over into feel.

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The specialized option of custom stamping is a wonderful touch. There are a variety of colors to choose from: royal blue, yellow, red, orange, green, purple, black, gold, white, silver, pink and light blue. I ended up taking the neutral route and had “SWAN” stamped in black, which complements the simple elegance of the wedge.


It has been a long time since I have played a forged wedge. For me, performance and versatility are the primary focus of a scoring club. Can I get the ball close? Does it stop when I need it to? Can I hit all of my shots? Feel is way down on the list. Well, I found out what I have been missing out on playing a cast wedge now for years. Mizuno defines soft with its grain flow forging process.

As golfers, we tend to use culinary terms or phrases when describing feel. “Soft as butter” comes to mind for these clubs. I honestly don’t know how to describe feel, but Mizuno has given me an appetite for the element of feel in wedges.

The Takeaway

Mizuno is a serious competitor in the wedge market. With the input it received from the top golfers in the world, the MP-T4 is a well-balanced scoring machine. Ironically, it may not be the flashiest wedge, one that is in your friends’ bag or on the front display of your local golf store. However, if you try them, you will more than likely be purchasing them because of their subtle beauty, combined with outstanding craftsmanship and superior technology. Even if you are not in the market for wedges, try out Mizuno’s latest offering in the MP-T4 and have your eyes opened.  For more talk and what members are saying, please continue the discussion in the GolfWRX forums.

Review by by GolfWRX member swanry30

Mizuno MP-T4 Options
Mizuno MP-T4 Options
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  1. Testing both the Vokeys and MP-T4s. Went with MP-T4s. Haven’t looked back. No regrets!

    Only issue with this review was the references to types of shots that require more bounce, when the reviewer didn’t have those clubs. If you are a player that needs more bounce, get the MP-T4s that have more bounce. If a reader didn’t know better, it might look like something was wrong with the MP line, when really, the reviewer would have done better to select a wedge with more bounce.

  2. I agree that when somebody shouts Mizuno you think of players irons but what the world needs to discover is they make the best feeling wedges on the planet for awhile now also. I own a couple MP T-11 Wedges by Mizuno that are just buttery soft, accurate, and easy to hit and will stay in my bag until the grooves fall off. They are better than Vokeys and Clevelands in my opinion. Don’t understand how Golf Digest can only give a Mizuno wedge a silver medal and not gold in this department.

  3. Great review ! I agree that the wedges may be (almost) perfect for the forged crowd . I bought a 56-09 T4 , because I had a gap from my Titleist Sm2 52 and 60′ . The feeling of the face is true to Mizuno standards and have great bite for conforming grooves . Completely confident after 1 round with them after I noticed that it was 5-8 yard shorter then i expected . I thought it may have been a bad day so on my way home I bought a 56 sm2 and took it to the range to hit side by side. … perhaps its the spinner shaft or the head itself but i now looking to complete my t4 set and i can truly feel the ball “cleaner” during impact in 1/2 to 3/4 swings .
    If your looking for forged , this is a club to consider for real :)

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