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GolfWRX members say “bring back the Skins Game!”



“Anyone else miss the Skins Game?” GolfWRX member Medic wonders. Ah yes, that Thanksgiving-time tradition of Fred Couples fattening his wallet to extreme proportions… The Skins Game hasn’t been contested since 2008, and plenty of GolfWRX members continue to mourn its passing.

Hawkeye77 writes

“…YES I miss it! Back when golf had a season that wasn’t spanning two calendar years, the NFL played 14 games, may hair was still brown, and on and on. Actually, when it stopped including Jack and Arnie I kind of started to lose interest, but now getting some Euros and other world players involved with our guys, could be some fun!”

Bigarch says

“A Thanksgiving weekend staple! The Skins Game was great when there were strong personalities playing. Would love to see it come back, but I don’t know what 4 players have personalities strong enough to make it “must see tv” like Arnie, Jack and Lee could. You need guys doing things on the golf course like Patrick Reed and Rory at the last Ryder Cup. Actually that would be 2 pretty good players to start with. Next let’ss throw in Mickelson who loves money matches.”

Dave230 points out the sad reality underlying the demise of the Skins Game

“Yeah, pity there aren’t more novelty events in the off-season. Skins is such a fun format to watch. But like regular events, they’re very reliant on having well-known players show up. The first Skins game was Nicklaus, Player, Palmer and Watson, four of the greatest to ever play the game. Whereas 2008 was Choi, Ames, Mediate and Mickelson. Just not the same.”

And that’s the sad truth. Most of the players we’d like to see in the Skins Game are earning massively more on Tour than the big draws of the early Skins competitions did. With the overflowing plate that is the PGA Tour season, the Tour’s shining stars are looking for as much rest as they can squeeze in during the holiday season. With no ranking points on the line and likely not competing for much more than a winner’s share elsewhere, the Skins Game has gone the way of the buffalo, sadly.

That is, unless a sponsor wants to step up and offer a million dollars per hole. Phil Mickelson, at least, would be in…Skins Game king Fred Couples, too.

What do you think about the Skins Game, GolfWRX members? Sad that it’s been dead for nearly a decade? Couldn’t care less?

Let us know what you think or join the discussion in the thread.


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  1. Baltazar Valencia

    Dec 14, 2017 at 6:42 pm

    By everything that is holy, YES!!! BRING BACK THE SKINS GAME!!!

  2. Steve

    Dec 13, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    Bring it back by all means. But mix it with LPGA & PGA players..

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19th Hole

SPOTTED: Anthony Kim “recent” swing sighting?



Anthony Kim, once one of the best golfers in the world, hasn’t played in a PGA Tour event since 2012. Today, he’s only 33 years old, but he’s stuck between a rock and a hard place with an apparent insurance situation. Essentially, if he plays, he allegedly loses a bunch of money. Here’s more on those details.

On the Tuesday of 2018 Ryder Cup week, Instagram user and golf teacher @jamesridyard posted a video of Anthony Kim. The original video description said it was a recent video, but the description has since been updated saying “not my video.” Geez, even the Instagram descriptions about Anthony Kim are mysterious.

When is this video from exactly? We’re working on figuring that out right now. We’ve even tried identifying the model of his shoes to see when they released, but no luck yet. They look like Nike Roshe’s but with Air Force soles? Either way, the video is certainly from post-2012, that we know for sure.

Update: @jamesridyard says the video is “at least two years old” in a recent update of his video description.

Check out the post below for yourself…


View this post on Instagram


#AK ???? (pt 2) #soundup . . . Not my ????

A post shared by James Ridyard (@jamesridyard) on

In case that video doesn’t work, here’s another…

What do you think of Anthony Kim’s “recent” move?

Note: We will update this story when we confirm exactly when this video is from.

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What’s changed? Brandel Chamblee explains why he now thinks Tiger Woods can win another major



Often regarded as a “Tiger hater,” Brandel Chamblee told our Johnny Wunder on the Gear Dive podcast that his is, in fact, a huge Tiger Woods fan and always has been.

If you caught any of Chamblee’s remarks on the Golf Channel after Woods’ win at the Tour Championship, you know the analyst was plenty eloquent and complementary of the 80-time PGA Tour winner and what he achieved.

“Dan [Hicks, on NBC] was just alluding to this was the most improbable comeback in the history of sports, for a lot of different reasons. We know his injuries. He came back from emotional and psychological toil the likes of which nobody has ever been hit with in the game of golf.

“He gives the impression of somebody who’s purified by golf, that he’s gone through these sad realities of life. He’s gone through the surgeries and the scrutiny. And he’s come out the other end and he just wants to play the game right.”

Chamblee spoke further about Woods and the 14-time major champion’s latest victory on the Gear Dive. The full 50-minute interview is well worth a listen, as Chamblee discusses modern instruction, the most important recent invention in golf teaching technology, what’s in his bag, and much more–but here are a few of his best Tiger Woods takes.

Commenting on the magnitude of Woods win for the golfer’s career, Chamblee said, “It sort of got this historical freight train back on the tracks. Everything is on the table. It’s possible he could win more majors. It’s possible he could get to 90 wins…he looks healthy. He’s pain free.”

“I’m far more convinced with what he did this week than what he did at the PGA Championship. At the PGA, the golf course was really soft and that allowed him to miss fairways…but ever since the PGA…he’s been a much, much better driver of the golf ball. All of a sudden, that makes major championships a possibility for him.”

“In my opinion, he’s the greatest player who’s ever played. Nobody has ever played golf like him. But he didn’t just beat his competitors…he defeated his demons. That’s what made it so compelling. We’re all familiar with his issues. Most of relate to most of them…we’re all fixated on them..We know it slowed his career down…he was knocked off the highest pedestal. To re-establish his reputation as a leader in the game…as a an intimidating player…it went a long way toward becoming the alpha male again in the game of golf.”

Chamblee had this to say about his reputation as a critic of Tiger Woods.

“I’m a huge Tiger fan. Always have been. I love watching the game played at the level he’s played it. He’s the best who’s ever played it.”

And he said this about Woods process of tearing down and rebuilding his golf swing multiple times.

“To me, that’s the craziest thing in the history of sports. No athlete gets to a position where they dominate, they absolutely emasculate their competition, and they’re consistent as well…nobody gets there and then abandons the technique that they used to get there. Nobody.”

“I started working at the Golf Channel in 2004. He was in the middle of a swing change. He was changing the golf swing that he used to win four majors in a row…Imagine you’re me. You’re sitting in that chair. He’s in a down year in 2004. He’s changing his golf swing. What are you going to say? This is a good idea? I like the changes he’s working on? He’s trying to get better? It makes sense to me? Hell no, you’re not going to say any of that! That’s ridiculous…the craziest thing in the history of sports.”

Great stuff. Check out the full podcast on SoundCloud below, or click here to listen on iTunes!

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Tiger Woods says he would put himself on the all-time Mount Rushmore of Golf



Who’s on your “Mount Rushmore” of golf?

For Tiger, apparently, it’s Snead (Sam), Jones (Bobby), Nicklaus (Jack), and “me” (Tiger Woods). He put himself on the Mount Rushmore of golf! Watch the video below…

It’s basically impossible to argue with him here; 14 majors and now 80 wins. Who could you even replace Woods with… Arnie? Ben Hogan? Both possibilities. But certainly Tiger has the better resume when it comes to victories.

What makes this video so great though is that there are so few athletes in all of sports who have the confidence (arrogance?) to put themselves on a list like this. Michael Jordan would definitely put himself on the Mount Rushmore of basketball, and surely Joe Namath would put himself on the Mount Rushmore of football. But in golf where respecting tradition is so important, it’s shocking to hear a statement like this… in the absolute best way possible for Team USA ahead of the 2018 Ryder Cup.

Never have the words “me” been so intimidating. Good luck, Europe, you’re gonna need it.

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