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Tiger Woods is 30/1 to win the Masters, 8/1 to win his next start



Did Tiger Woods’ performance at the Hero World Challenge give you the itch to plunk down some cash on TW this year?

You’re in luck: has set odds for Tiger Woods’ performance in 2018. More specifically, the site has the numbers on everything from the number of tournaments Woods will win to the number of tournaments the 14-time major champion will withdraw from.

Here are a few of the more interesting lines and over/unders.

Over/under number of PGA Tour wins for Tiger in 2018: 1.5

Woods’ showing at the Hero must have been inspiring for Vegas indeed to set the O/U above one.

Number of top-ten PGA Tour finishes for Tiger in 2018: 3.5

Considering Woods’ has just one top-10 finish in the past two seasons, it looks like Woods’ pain-free performance inspired the bookies that he’ll play a full schedule this season.

Odds Tiger wins each Major in 2018
Masters: 30/1
US Open: 35/1
The Open Championship: 33/1
PGA Championship: 25/1

It’s interesting Woods’ best odds are for the PGA Championship. That said, he’s historically played well at Quail Hollow.

O/U Tiger’s World Golf Ranking at end of 2018: 50.5

Considering Woods’ current ranking is No. 668, this particular book sees Woods notching a number of respectable showings this season.

Odds on Tiger’s performance at his next tournament
Wins: 8/1
Top-ten finish: 3/2
Misses cut: 6/1

Considering the popular expectations that Woods’ next start will be at his personal playground, Torrey Pines, for the Farmers Insurance Open, it’s not altogether shocking to see him at 8/1…especially since the cash will pour in on Woods at any number and books have to protect themselves. It is interesting how similar his odds of missing the cut are to winning. Feast or famine?

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  1. Crazy About Golf

    Dec 15, 2017 at 6:40 pm

    Uh……you do know that the 2018 PGA isn’t at Quail Hollow, right??

  2. Marc

    Dec 6, 2017 at 7:18 pm

    What are the odds of Tiger never winning again? Whatever those odds are I would take that bet.
    I really hope he wins again. He is great for golf,but I just don’t think he has what it takes anymore to compete with the young guns.

  3. Tartan Golf Travel

    Dec 6, 2017 at 3:56 pm

    A sucker is born every minute. 30/1 for the masters and 8/1 for his next win are hilarious but that’s why those hotels are so big in Vegas! The only good bet I see is the under in 1.5 wins this year. Look back at what was said after last years Hero….Same thing. Swing looks good and he looks healthy. Bottom line is until he plays 2-3 full field events I don’t think we will know how he is doing.

  4. Mihaly

    Dec 6, 2017 at 11:35 am

    Unlike golfers of the past, the one thing that sets Tiger apart from others is perhaps his frame of mind. The knowledge that he KNOWS he can still win and win big.That chunk of confidence is huge. It doesn’t matter that his competition is guys like Spieth or Day or anybody else you can think of. He’s going into this knowing that he has won 79 times…14 majors…NOBODY ELSE even comes close to that. Not even remotely. He’s carrying a very big stick of History. And that means POWER. MIND POWER. Psychological power over the other players. If he wins within the next two or three outings…he will be feared again. If he wins any Majors this year…wow, I can’t imagine what that must do to the minds of the other players. He’s an exciting player to watch for us mere mortals. Relieved that he’s back.

  5. Ian

    Dec 6, 2017 at 2:11 am

    The PGA isn’t at Quail next year though

  6. moses

    Dec 5, 2017 at 8:44 pm

    He MOVES the needle like no one before.

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Everything former Nike rep Ben Giunta said about working with Tiger Woods



Ben Giunta, a former Nike Tour Rep and now owner of the, joined host Johnny Wunder and TXG’s Ian Fraser for the most recent installment of the Gear Dive podcast.

While you’ll want to hear everything Giunta has to say, his remarks about working with Tiger Woods are particularly notable, and we wanted to present them here for those of you who may be more textually inclined.

On Tiger Woods’ preferences for club testing

“He always does his testing at home. 99 percent of the time. Whenever Tiger showed up to an event he was ready to go. There was no tinkering with equipment at Tour events. All of the work we did with him, we would do a week prior.”

“Rick Nichols, who was my boss when I was at Nike…he was Tiger’s right-hand guy. He worked with him on pretty much everything. We would prep everything. Rick would go and work with him at home…at that time it was in Orlando. They would tweak and do everything they needed there. Then when he showed up to the tournaments, I could probably count on one hand the number of times he came into the trailer to get work done.”

“He was built different. He came to do his homework on the golf course and prepare for the tournament. He was not tinkering around with equipment when it came to tournament time.”

“Any time he would test anything during the week…it was for a backup. He was constantly searching for backup drivers and…woods. So if something happened…he already had done all of his work.”

On Tiger’s driver preferences

“We were always tinkering with different CGs. Obviously, there was a lot of special stuff made for him. He didn’t use an adjustable driver…until Nike got out of the equipment business. We were always making sure the center of gravity was perfect. He was very specific on face angles and how much loft he wanted to look at. And he always wanted the face angle to be pretty much the same.”

“We had to have different iterations with different lofts based on where his golf swing was…obviously, his golf swing changes a lot based on all of his injuries and swing changes…There were certainly times where he was swinging a driver that spec’d out at a true eight-degree head, then he’d be all the way up to 11 or 12 degrees sometimes.”

On Tiger’s consistency in iron preferences

“The only thing that ever really changed with Tiger’s irons…was the lie angle. But lofts…they have been the same since he played golf…It’s been the same specs for his entire professional and amateur career. Those specs haven’t changed but the lie angles have. As far as I know, he has never experimented with different iron shafts [True Temper Dynamic Gold X100]. They’ve always been the same…with wooden dowels down in the tips of the shafts.”

“He always had the mindset that he was going to manipulate the club to get the ball to do what he wanted it to do.

On the consistency of Woods’ wedge setup

“He’s evolved with different grinds depending on his delivery or what he’s trying to do technique-wise, he’s modified his soles a little bit over time…but he’s always kind of reverted back to your traditional dual sole.”

In addition to talking Tiger, Giunta discusses how he got a job on Tour, working with Rory McIlroy, tinkerers vs non-tinkerers, and what he’s doing now (and more) in the rest of the podcast.

You can listen below.

RELATED: Tiger Woods WITB 2018

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WATCH: Tiger Woods on Facebook Live with Bridgestone Golf



Tiger Woods just appeared in a Bridgestone Golf Facebook Live video. While the audio isn’t the greatest (sounds like there’s some mowers rolling by), we’ve got to pass it along.

Check out the video below.

Woods initially discusses his wedges, before moving on to sharing some insights about how he hits his patented stinger–covering the ball, starting it farther right, and keeping his follow through short.

On his ball, the Bridgestone Tour B XS, which he presents as a softer ball well-suited to his swing, Woods says

“I need spin. I don’t spin the ball a lot. My swing has never produced a lot of spin. I’ve always been able to take spin off the golf ball–I grew up in an era where we played balata. What separated a lot of guys was the ability to take spin off the golf ball…to keep it below the tree line. There was a lot more movement in the golf ball.”

“My swing has naturally evolved. I’ve had different swings throughout the years, but each swing didn’t spin the ball a lot. So, when I get up to my long irons with a harder ball that most people would launch…I don’t. It falls out of the sky because it has so little spin.”

Woods mentioned that he hasn’t played Shinnecock since the course’s pre-U.S. Open makeover, but that he expects the course will be particularly difficult: an old-school U.S. Open with minimal graduated rough where it will be difficult to shoot under par.

Responding to comments, Woods sings Hazeltine’s praises and mentions he’d love to be able to wear shorts during PGA Tour events

“We play some of the hottest places on the planets and it would be nice to wear shorts…even with my little chicken legs,” Woods says.

Woods tells amateurs looking for more spin around the greens that they need a soft golf ball, mentioning that solid contact, maintaining loft, and allowing to club to do its job are key. Woods mentions that he has “a couple extra shots around the greens” thanks to the softness of his golf ball.”

We’ll next see the 14-time major champion in action at next week’s Memorial Tournament (which he discusses to wrap up the video).


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10 interesting photos from Tuesday at the Fort Worth Invitational



GolfWRX is on the ground at Marvin Leonard’s famed pet project, Colonial Country Club, peeking into players bags and taking in the action on the driving range.

While you’ll want to take a trip through the buffet line, we’ve made you a plate of some of the tastiest morsels.

Absolutely savage new putter cover for Jon “Rahmbo” Rahm. Just killer.

Prettier than a new penny.

Spotted: Aldila Rogue Silver 130 MSI

Everything here is excellent. Just excellent.

More like Garsen Murray. Am I right?

If you were Aaron Wise standing over the winning putt at last week’s Byron Nelson, this is what it’d have looked like (of course, you’d have had a ball and the putter would be soled on the green, but you get the point…)

Abraham Ancer’s new Artisan wedges are simply incredible… All of this: Artisan star stellar stuff.

Rickie Fowler has gone grape.

You can’t fool me. You’re not Adam Hadwin, you’re a golf bag.

Is Patrick Cantlay considering a switch to a Cameron Napa?

Check out all our photos from the 2018 Forth Worth Invitational below.

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