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Tiger Woods driver swing video, on-site reports as he prepares for Hero World Challenge



Tiger Woods, as you surely have heard, teed it up with President Donald Trump, Dustin Johnson, and Brad Faxon at Trump National in Jupiter, Florida, on Friday.

The unheralded fourth member of the group, Brad Faxon, had this to say (exclusive to Golfweek) regarding Woods’ play.

“Tiger looked great to me. He was happy and, more than anything, he’s finally pain-free. The issues he had with the back the last couple of comebacks seem to be gone. He looked effortless, he looked free, he had some power.”

“I was impressed with how far he hit the ball. Probably on the 10 holes that they were both hitting driver, Tiger hit it past Dustin half the time and Dustin hit it past Tiger half the time. He looked great. I think more than anything, he looked at ease. He was not concerned about swinging hard and going at it with driver. The ball flight, the sound off the club, all of it was right there.”

“Tiger looked like he had all the touch shots down. On the very first hole he hit a pitch shot over a bunker that looked great. Hit some tough little pitch shots, tough chip shots and hit some close. Some to gimme’ distance.”

Outdriving Dustin Johnson? If you say so, Mr. Faxon. Two days later, Woods was on site at sun-drenched paradise that is Albany in the Bahamas, where he’ll tee it up in the Hero World Challenge next week.

While the quality of this video from Golf Channel’s Tiger Tracker is sort of “animal spotted in the wilderness,” the driver swing shown is comfortable with the slightest hint of sauce. Definitely a fuller follow through than we saw from TW at Albany last year. TT also reported Woods’ driver swing is “not there yet” but “irons look good.”

TGR Live Events tweeted a better video of Woods’ driver swing (as you’d expect, given the slightly better access).

ESPN’s Bob Harig looks to be on site in Albany (rough gig). He reported Woods played a brisk (sub 2.5 hour!) 18 holes Sunday and finished with a lengthy session on the putting green, tweeting this photo.

Look, there’s no point making bold predictions about Tiger Woods’ future in the game. Somewhere between “he’s going to win more major championships” and “he’ll never win again” is the most probable future for the phenom, should his health permit.

However, we can say a few things about what we’ve seen from the Presidents Cup until now. Woods is serious about his comeback, seems genuinely pain-free and able to do a healthy amount of practice.

Also, even Brandel Chamblee has to agree that Woods’ action looks serviceable and free enough to compete on the PGA Tour. If we add to this reports about his distance off the tee, Woods looks to have the tee-to-green game to play respectable golf.

Pitching, chipping, and bunker play may be another story. And of course, there’s the canard of Woods fractured mental state…Fortunately, we’ll know more in a less than a week (and mercifully the season of speculation will be over).

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  1. Jack Nash

    Nov 27, 2017 at 4:59 pm

    itll be good to see Joe again.

  2. Judge Smeills

    Nov 27, 2017 at 12:04 pm

    Nah he likes grouper

  3. TeeBone

    Nov 27, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    This just in…Tiger Woods had tuna fish for lunch.

    • Ryan Michael

      Nov 28, 2017 at 3:23 pm

      Tiger has earned the coverage he gets through being one of the top two GOAT. This isn’t hard to figure out he is the needle no need for the tuna fish sandwich remark.

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19th Hole

Peter Kessler lashed out at anyone and everyone on Twitter



With 140K followers on Twitter and a website as well, No Laying Up have become one of the most popular accounts in the golfing world. However, when the group plugged the second season of their show Tourist Sauce” with a new promo, it provoked a strong response from “the voice of golf,” former Golf Channel and PGA Tour host, writer, and producer, Peter Kessler. (Kessler responded to Green Jacket Auctions, who praised NLU’s work).

Kessler, no stranger to speaking his mind, then spent hours feuding with fellow social media users who defended No Laying Up’s promo. As is often the case in the world of social media, the arguments descended into personal insults, on which Kessler did not hold back.

Consider these tweets representative of dozens more in the same vein.

Although Kessler was firmly in attack mode, he had to be on his guard when @ProV1_iron took aim at his Perfect Club infomercials from back in the day. The spots are largely a humorous relic in the golfing world, but Kessler was having none of the “people in glass houses” analogy.

The responses from Kessler went on and on, and many had been expecting the ex-Golf Channel host cool off after yesterday’s exploits. However, the opposite happened, with Kessler getting right back in the saddle this morning and continuing his tirade against defenders of the show, with Kessler claiming NLU’s promo “is like intro to entertainment in 9th grade and school just started. Surely you’ve seen good movies and tv shows. These aren’t them.”

Despite saying that he has “Gotta run,” Kessler remains locked in a battle of personal insults with other social media users.

What do you make of Peter Kessler’s social media outburst, GolfWRX members?

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19th Hole

Which Air Jordan model should Nike release as a golf shoe next?



According to GolfMagic, Nike’s Air Jordan III golf shoe took off from the foul line and soared right out of stock.

Per the site: “Nike launched this new model back in February… but you’ll do very well to get your hands on either them right now as they have sold out on Nike’s website. However, a Nike spokesperson has since commented saying “more is on the way.”

Grammar aside, this is interesting.

Now, it wasn’t long ago that all golf shoes looked like this.

And with all due respect to the Etonic Dri-Lite of yore, and giving wide berth to the traditionalists in the golf footwear space, the transition to sneaker-style golf shoes is cool, isn’t it? I mean, even if you’re monumentally swagger impaired like myself and could never pull the “Js on the fairways” look off, it’s intriguing, no?

With that in mind, and recognizing the demand for the 3s, I thought it’d be interesting to consider what the next Jordan golf shoe ought to be.

Here are my finalists for the next wide release (yes, I know Nike made Ray Allen custom 11s and MJ has had a few customs). Many of these are new colorways of classic (OG) models. I’ve tried for a range of styles and picks from across the Jordan timeline. Images via the excellent catalogue on the Jordan website.

Air Jordan XXXII

Air Jordan VI

Air Jordan VIII

Air Jordan II (low)

Air Jordan XXX

Let me know what you think, GolfWRX Members!

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19th Hole

Looks like Tiger is exploring some innovative solutions to his putting woes…



Tiger Woods was 39th in strokes gained: putting in 2018. Historically an excellent putter, Woods was hot-and-cold with the flatstick, even benching his soulmate Scotty Cameron Newport 2.

It looks like Woods may have an ace in the hole for the upcoming season, however, with respect to his green reading and putt sinking. Check out this video posted to his Instagram from the Tiger Woods Invitational on the Monterey Peninsula earlier this week.

Good thing the USGA is restricting the use of green-reading devices and technologies, because this kid looks close to cracking the eternal mystery of the perfect marriage of line and speed for every putt.

Cool stuff, though, isn’t it? It’s also cool to see Tiger so genuinely excited about his “mentee.”

We all know the story of how, after September 11, Woods re-evaluated his charitable endeavors and began to conceive of the Tiger Woods Learning Center. He’s spoken passionately about the students who have made their way through the various programs in the past, and there’s no doubt he cares deeply about the TGR Foundation’s efforts, but seeing a thin slice of that reality is awesome.

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