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Why this putter is making a GolfWRX member physically sick



To understand why the putter pictured above nauseates GolfWRX member MGPT, some backstory is needed.

These days, Notah Begay makes his bones as an analyst/informant regarding friend Tiger Woods for Golf Channel. In a past life, however, he was a PGA Tour winner and the proprietor of one of the most curious approaches to putting at the professional level.

NB3, if you’ll recall, would putt left or right-handed depending on which way he expected the putt to break. Thus, he employed a tour version of the rubber two-sided mini-golf flatstick we’re all familiar with.

Back in 2013, WRX member R Hagen began a thread with a picture of this putter (he spotted it on Facebook) built for Begay by Nike’s now-defunct Oven facility in Texas.

The “N7” is a unique weapon, to say the least. A couple members commented on this singular putter head, and then forum thread went dark for nearly four years, as most threads do.

But then, this morning, GolfWRX member MGPT wrote

4 years later and still feel physically sick each and every day that I don’t own this putter. Has anyone ever seen one of these surface anywhere?

Thus far, nobody has replied indicating they’d seen the head for sale anywhere. Folks, the man is “physically sick each and every day.” We need to get him some relief. Pester Begay on Twitter! Knock on the door of Studio AP!

We take golf equipment-related illness very seriously here at GolfWRX. Let’s get MGPT some answers!

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  1. Jamie Kenward

    Nov 13, 2017 at 6:01 pm

    I can’t read any of your articles because I can’t press the continue reading button without Google providing support to the words continue or reading.

    Very very poor. Makes you look like you don’t know what you re doing

  2. ag

    Nov 13, 2017 at 12:02 am

    Share your golf club feeeelings with us on Golf WRX where gearheads circle jerk.

  3. SK

    Nov 12, 2017 at 6:08 pm

    Just a squared-off Bullseye and with some dubious face ornamentation. Oh well, it’s something to ‘love’.

    • ag

      Nov 13, 2017 at 12:04 am

      But it’s a ‘Model 90’!!!
      I wonder what Models 89/88/87/86/….. 3/2/1/ must look like!

  4. Matt

    Nov 12, 2017 at 4:54 pm

    7 Reasons GolfWRX is becoming a sham! You won’t believe #5! Please, just spare us.

  5. Paul Wall

    Nov 12, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    “Liked” ^^^

  6. Mario

    Nov 12, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    Nice little click bate headline. Thought there would be some interesting material to this thread.

    Chalk that up as another shank for a golfwrx article.

  7. Cantbelieve Ifellforthis

    Nov 12, 2017 at 2:48 pm

    Holy misleading title…..

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19th Hole

What’s the biggest golf surprise of 2017?



The 2017-2018 PGA Tour and European Tour seasons have already kicked off. The turkey is gone, and Christmas is rapidly approaching. Not surprisingly, the dying embers of 2017 have GolfWRX members in a reflective mood.

MattyO1984 (on his mid-morning tea break, no less), authored a thread dedicated to the biggest shock of 2017. His reflections center around golf’s favorite rolling two-year rating of relative performance.

“I ended up on the OWGR page and seeing some of the positions for guys who were Top 5 (not Patrick Reed) material just a year ago took me by surprise. For example, I am sure that most posters on here will know that Jason Day started the year as world number one and is now down to 12. There is then McIlroy who is just, and only just, holding on to being 10th. Everyone will know that neither won this season and of course that is going to result in them slipping down the rankings but who would have thought that they would have both been winless.”

Matty then goes on to examine the other side of the coin: Jon Rahm, Justin Thomas, Tommy Fleetwood, etc.

WRXers, keen to discuss the topic, point to Justin Thomas’ rapid rise, as well, and plenty didn’t see a Sergio Garcia major victory in the cards.

KirkNo-yes points out

1. Hideki Matsuyama’s virtual fall off the map after ending the last season/starting this season so dominant
2. Lopsided Presidents cup win
3. DJ not winning a major

Less than a week old and already more than 60 replies deep, this is a hot topic that’ll only get hotter as the year continues to wind down.

See what other WRX members think, and add your own biggest surprises  in the thread.


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19th Hole

Who would you most want to trade swings with on Tour?



Equipment expert Brian Knudson and Editor Andrew Tursky cover a wide variety of topics in this episode including golf movies, golf swings, and Jake Owen making his pro tournament debut. Watch and enjoy the video below!

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19th Hole

The great “golfers don’t get paid enough” debate



Do professional golfers stack as much cash as they ought to? Walter Hagen, Ben Hogan, Byron Nelson, and Sam Snead would certainly say so (even allowing for inflation).

Even so, everything is relative, and (on court/course/field) athlete compensation is a function of ad dollars, sponsorships, and television deals, as we all know. In golf, it’s pretty simple tale we’ve heard time and again: Purse sizes swelled during the Tiger Woods era as sponsorship dollars flooded into the sport and more people tuned in.

Today’s PGA Tour pros are the beneficiaries…except they’re still being short-changed, GolfWRX member MaddMaxx suggests in a forum thread he dedicated to the topic.

Jordan Spieth: $34.5 million
Salary/bonuses: $5.5 million
Endorsements: $29 million

So he made 5.5 million. The pay of a 3rd string baseball player, a soccer player who shows up.
A fairly good hockey player…..

Which sport so you think is the lowest/highest paid when considering:

the talent/ability required
hours of practice
pressure situations(stress)
have a life outside the sport
life after the sport

I think golf is the most underpaid.

Your-away argues the opposite

“He will also be making millions much later in life than any other sport, soccer players are generally done by there mid 30’s, he will just be reaching his prime. I think good pro golfers have it pretty good.”

RSinSG offered some perspective.

“It’s all about putting people in stadium seats or in front of a TV.  Ticket sales = more salary. A group of athletes who are even more underpaid are all female athletes. They play just as hard, practice just as long but since the viewership is so small the pay is proportional.”

Seth Pistol called to mind the athletes with arguably the worst lot

“Salary is based on demand, not based on skill.  not only ticket sales but TV contracts, endorsement opportunities, merchandising, etc etc etc.  Golfers get paid pretty well in my opinion.  Think about the hundreds of Olympic athletes who scrape by.  These athletes are no less talented or dedicated but their sport is “unpopular” and therefore $$$ is non-existant.  Those are the guys who really get screwed.”

MattyO1984 writes

“I am of course biased in all of this because Golf is my number one sport but in comparison when you consider that the winner of the tennis US Open received, $3.7 Million this year, compared to the $2.16 Million that Koepka got, I think you can argue that golfers, in the world of sport, are underpaid.”       

Raynorfan1 thinks this is lunacy

“This is crazy talk. In the HISTORY of mens tennis, only 54 guys have made $10M (in aggregate for their career)…compared to 174 in golf. Tiger Woods has made almost exactly the same amount as Roger Federer ($~110M), but Federer has had the more dominant career.

“Then look down to #10 on the career money lists – for golf, it’s Steve Stricker at $43 million. For tennis, its BORIS freaking BECKER. Stricker has won basically nothing (no majors). Becker won 6 slams and made a total of $25M.”

And these are just culled from the first 15 replies. And the thread is only a day old! In other words, the thread is blowing up and the takes are red hot.

How can you not have a strong opinion on the issue of player compensation? Join the discussion!


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