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Do you enjoy watching golfers flipping out?



There’s a hot discussion going on in the GolfWRX forums right now. At issue, codyking760’s thread in which he says he enjoys watching pro golfers lose their cool

King writes

“I love seeing players emotional responses during golf tournaments, good or bad. I believe it really reflects how hard these guys work day in and day out to get where they are now. Like Kevin Chappell throwing his putter into the water during the 3rd round of the [Shriners] and then having to putt with his SW for the remainder of the round.”

“Yes it’s a tantrum, but it’s also an act of passion. And that’s what this game is for all of us right? We love it just as much as they do and it’s nice to see they care.”            

Plenty of WRXers disagree.

Londoner says

“So Tiger’s club throwing, spitting and swearing in front of kids was a good thing?  Not in my book it isn’t.”          

Vindog says there’s a line

“My opinion is…Throw a fit, cuss and act like a brat…I don’t really care it’s just a reflection on you. I draw the line a club throwing though. Throw a club and you could hurt someone. I’ll accept those things but I won’t say that they are “good.” It’s nice to see that the care but it would be nicer to see them act like professionals.”            

BlackDiamondPar5 disagrees

“I don’t mind a little emotion and anger. One of my favorites was Charley Hoffman tossing his putter in the pond at the Players after 3 putting from a ridiculous close range. Love the Hoff.”

New2G0lf writes

“Overall, I like when golfers show emotion, it makes them less robotic.  I’m also tired of using kids as the excuse of why they shouldn’t show emotion.  Let’s stop pretending kids all have virgin ears who never heard friends or family members cuss, never use the internet, don’t listen to current music or watch cable television shows.”

Of course, there’s a range of behavior between inhuman robot and unhinged club-snapping lunatic. Few would argue in favor of only one extreme or the other. However, there’s plenty to be said about the area in-between.

What say you, WRXers? Join the discussion in the thread.


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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. SK

    Nov 8, 2017 at 6:19 pm

    Speaking personally, when I feel that rush of adrenaline anger flooding my blood stream I immediately override that feeling with a deep breath, a humorous smile and a relaxing acceptance and quick analysis of my gaff.
    I’ve seen golfer take their anger to the next shot, the next hole, and the parking lot. Pathetic people who tend to blame their equipment rather than themselves, and then go and buy a new set of Super Game Improvement clubs. Good for the golf market economy.

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19th Hole

Fancy a punt? Check out these Tiger Woods British Open prop bets



It wouldn’t be a major featuring Tiger Woods without Tiger Woods prop bets, would it? Bettors, as we know, get off the sidelines to shovel cash behind Woods when he tees it up in major championships. This has been historically true. It was true at the Masters. It was true at the U.S. Open.

Accordingly, the good folks at BetDSI are offering a number of Woods wagers you may be keen to punt on…especially if you want a piece of the TW action but aren’t keen to take Woods at 24-1 to win The Open.

Tiger Woods makes cut

Yes -350
No +250

Tiger Woods wins

Yes +2400
No -2900

Tiger Woods finishes top 5

Yes +600
No -900

Tiger Woods finishes top 10

Yes +270
No -400

Tiger Woods finishes top 20

Yes +140
No -170

Tiger Woods finishing position

Over 25.5 (-115)
Under 25.5 (-115)

Tiger Woods lowest round

Over 69.5 (-110)
Under 69.5 (-120)

Tiger Woods highest round

Over 75.5 (-110)
Under 75.5 (-120)

Tiger Woods highest score on any hole

Over 7 (-110)
Under 7 (-120)

Tiger Woods total double bogeys or worse

Over 3 (-110)
Under 3 (-120)

Tiger Woods within 5 strokes of lead during final round

Yes +225
No -300

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19th Hole

WATCH Phil Mickelson hit a flop shot over a man 2 yards in front of him



On the Gear Dive podcast, Fred Couples told Johnny Wunder that Phil Mickelson is the best judge of a lie (and the shots he can execute from a certain lie) in the game of golf.

This video from Carnoustie yesterday is testament both to that fact and a reminder that Phil Mickelson’s short game is truly singular.

Former European Tour pro Gary Evans was the guinea pig.

Here’s the shot from another angle. That’s gotta be a 64-degree Callaway Mack Daddy PM Grind, no?

Mother of golf gods! Check your trousers, Gary! How crazy is that shot? There’s plenty of puffery when it comes to Phil’s short game, but that shot is simply insane. Would love to see the Trackman data on that flop.

I mean, if Phil doesn’t get the contact he wants and you get hit, you gotta hope to get pelted in the stomach or chest…and not the jewels or the face.

What do you think, GolfWRX members? Would you take Evans place for viral video fame? A few bills from Mickelson’s famed cash wad?

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19th Hole

Want to watch Rickie Fowler drive it 458 yards? Sure you do!



I’m not about to act like Rickie Fowler had some Hulk-meets-Joe Miller moment at the Scottish Open and belted a drive more than 450 yards.

No, Dick Fowler, P.I.,was massively aided by baked out Gullane, the contours of the fairway, and likely a decent tailwind. Obviously. He’d certainly admit that fact, and it’s abundantly clear he smacked his drive down a concrete ski slope.

That said, a 458-yard drive is a 458-yard drive, and it’s a spectacle worth watching.

Check it out.

All credit to the Cobra King F8+ and Aldila NV 2KXV Blue 70X shaft; check out Fowler’s full WITB here.

Fowler finished tied for sixth place at 14-under.

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