By Brian Chipper

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Fellow Golf WRX’ers, after the golf club carousel I went through this year, I can say I am content and will stick to my current bag for the years to come. Maybe.

While my golf club habits didn’t put me in a dark place of my life, by no means was it a mentally healthy state either.

This spring I had finally ruined my old Mizuno Grad irons.  They served me well for over 10 years and helped me become the golfer I am today (I’m a 2-handicap). However, a few of the clubheads were chipped, there were no grooves, the grips needed to be replaced and a few shafts (which means all the shafts) needed to be replaced.

My old man found me a set of used Mizuno 29s for a steal at a local Play It Again Sports and I parted with the Grads.  In my mind, the 29’s had to better — they were a few years newer, they weren’t completely bald and I only had three grips to replace (Of course, I replaced them all anyways).

My first few rounds of the year with the 29s?  I went low. I went under on three local municipals and put up some solid scores on some nicer, more difficult courses.  The confidence boost was there, but was it the clubs or was it my mind? I’m still not sure.

But then the wheels fell off.  It wasn’t my iron play that was getting me in trouble, it was errant drives, three putts, bad bounces and on some days, apathy.

So what did I do? I did what any logical person would do and tried to find a club to fix my errant drives. I wanted a hybrid to give me a good 250 yard drive and second shot club on some longer par 5s. I bought the Ping i20, but found that the face was too closed for my liking. After about the fourth time truly playing it I traded it in and tried four more hybrids. The Titleist 910H, opened up 2 degrees at 19 degrees was a solid club. It was very straight, but I didn’t know if it was going to go 225 yards or 270 yards. None of the others quite fit me at that point either.

Now, what would you have done?  I could have waited for them to order me something special and tried all the fairway woods, but I didn’t. Instead, I upgraded my gap wedge. I also picked up some golf balls with the leftover money from the trade in.

And then I got a matching sand wedge.

And then I got a new set of irons.

Remember when I said it was my putting and errant drives that were costing me strokes?  Well, I upgraded everything but those clubs. What in the heck is wrong in my brain?

I reevaluated why I was going on Ebay and in local golf stores.  A few weeks ago I wrote about my putter issue (Click here to read about it). Well, as of this week I found a like new version of my old putter with the same toe balance with a new milled face. My find aligned perfectly with the end of fall and some massive rainstorms the days where the temperature has happened to sniff 50 degrees. During one day of misting, I did go out and putt with my new putter, but it was ignorant as all the greens are still showing the last signs of aeration and fall fertilization.

So have I broken an addiction to owning golf clubs? I think so. That or I am just extremely happy with the clubs I’ve replaced this year. Maybe addiction is too strong of a word. Yes, maybe I am just passionate about golf and golf clubs.

Holy Cow!  Look at the end of the year sales on drivers…  And a custom fitting for Bridgestone is in town next weekend. Look out folks, wife, this could get expensive!

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  1. Brian – I also settled this year with Adams CB1 irons with Project X Flighted 6.0 shafts, a Titleist 910 D2 driver set in the B1 postion, and a Cleveland CG15 56 degree (10 bounce), Odyssey 2 ball DFX putter from many years ago – I have found staying with same sticks over the whole season leads to better scores and my lowest handicap ever – 4.